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I had a dream. I was sitting in a chair going through a bunch of papers and envelopes. Among this bunch was a $5000 check written to me for the purpose of money for school. I was happy to have it and knew I would use it. I set the papers down and walked away from them for a moment. When I returned, I sat down to look through them again. I found all except the envelope with my $5000 check. The spot it was in was empty. It was missing! I searched through the stack two times and could not find it! I knew I had it. I just saw it a minute ago. Where did it go?
The enemy tried to take my $5000 scholarship so that I would not graduate, and God went right in and snatched it back from them. “This is not yours,” He said, “I wrote this check for My daughter and she is going to have it.” And He returned it to me. In Jesus’ name, let this testimony encourage someone.

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