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God please help I’m trying to get my husband to forgive me not sure how well it’s going to go I’m sure he’s never going to come around. God I feel very sad last few days like not myself feel I’m in a void somewhere. God I’m just praying he is home when I come home tonight so I can at least talk to him. I don’t know what to do I’m in type of situation God. I do love him very much but not sure how to fix things I mean it took a lot in the beginning we’ve been through a lot together 8 years God. I do t want to to lose him but please help figure things out. I’m praying you can talk to him maybe God I have been with him through thick and thin I mean I said some things I didn’t mean in rants I feel so horrible and he saw them. God I really love him and don’t want to lose him God I mean I do get upset but I never stay mad at him that’s how I know I love him God. I don’t know what to do please let him be home so we can talk tonight God please give me wisdom please hear my prayer amen
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