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I am attending a Police interview at 17.00 GMT. I live in London, UK. This is in relation to a previous prayer request. Giving God thanks and praise. My employment Union has arranged legal support for this appointment. The allegation has led to my employer dismissing me from my job unfairly and had witheld the main evidence of the CCTV footage of the incident. It has been alleged that I assaulted a 13 yr old child in my care at a mental health facilty where the child was an inpatient. She had history of attacking another member of staff that same week which I was not aware of. I was attacked by the child. There was no witnesses when the attack started. I was unable to walk away from the situation as the child held me in the neck of my clothes and I could not walk away or-escape. She had prior been verbally abusive with profanity and threatened to tear off my clothes and tear out my hair. Please pray that the truth will be revealed and my statement understood.
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