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Hi Pop-we team have I got a praise report to be TRUTH BE TOLD. You may remember I have been through a servere and upsetting anxious time at work and all the time over the last few months, members of the team and Joe and Matthew of course have been praying for my situation to be taken care of by God and guess what. God has done just THAT. I can't go into too much detail but suddenly God has spoken and events have turned around, even my manager has a change of heart and is supporting me. Hopefully I will be deployed to a different department but guaranteed an interview. Only God knows the results of this and I have applied to work in schools also. I will keep you posted with events as they happen but you know Matthew and Joe, the almighty power and strength of the pop we prayers is incredible and to think there are people around the world praying for you that you don't even know. You know what Guys this calls to call on God for some reunion with the team to meet up again, maybe on zoom

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