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For 10 years now, my son whom is 29 years old today continues to lives pretty much "homeless". He also suffers from drug addiction and not sure if on top of his addictions, he also seems to suffer from some type of mental illness. The family all around has tried many attempts to try to help him, but he refuses help and claims he can do it himself.

As the years have passed, he seems to be playing more of a victim mentality in stating that he was not as loved or favored as his older brother whom is now 30 years old. Which is NOT true at all. Since he was born, we took more care of him because of constant illnesses.

He lives in a world in Fort Myers Beach, Florida where the job that he does (shrimp boats), brings in the drugs. I am highly concerned as the days and years go by and I pray for a miracle that maybe some church or missionaries go visit these homeless who have great addictions in this area and speak to them about the Love of God.

Desperate mom. Please pray!
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