Will you please pray for my husband and son. They are going on a trip with the men of the church and I want them both to have breakthrough and grow close to tbe Lord. My husband never takes ownership for anything and if I try and discuss it he will bring up something that happened months ago that he wasn't mad about but now suddenly he is. I can't fix anyone or control them but I can pray. So pray with me that God will minister to him in a mighty way. Pray that many or saved and delivered and set free
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Today, in six hours, 38 years of marriage was divided and ended. I am shattered even thigh I chose this. Emotive abuse is real and it kills very slowly. I'm left with a long journey of healing and starting over, alone. Jesus has been so close to me, so close. I just want to stop hurting and I want to have hope for my future again. I just my heart to fall out of my chest so it will all stop. I just need to be held. Thank you for praying for peace and comfort and direction.
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Please pray for my sweet girl. She is under a lot of stress and pressure with school and activities right now and she is also having unexplained joint pain. Tonight her jaw locked in place and she couldn't breath which I believe set off what I believe was a panic attack and caused her to nearly pass out. Please pray for relief and healing.
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6 weeks ago the electric company came out and shut off my electricity b/c a previous owner of my house did some re-wiring and did it incorrectly so my electric box was over heating. They also cut the lines to my box after shutting it off. I have had 4-5 electric companies out & the lowest estimate I have had is 3800-4000 to repair. I'm single and cannot afford to pay for the repairs & am unable to do a finance option. I reached out to every person/organization I know of for any help but no one can help me. Pls pray God provides the money to get my electricity repaired and makes a way where there is no way. Just show me the next step and I will do it oh Lord
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need prayer, i posted before - but i've having breathing problems and last night i could not get oxygen enough. I'm very worried it will happen again tonight. I have prayed to Jesus for long time, and just hoping he would hear my prayers. I've had breathing problems, with shortness of breathe. Then during sleep lungs are not working fully, and they don't get enough oxygen. I don't want to go on oxygen, pleases pray because I've been afraid about this all day. Please pray the lungs would work properly
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Jesus please help me, I'm so overwhelmed with anxiety and depression and illness. The house I was looking to buy fell through. My son has been treating me terrible for about 18 years he's not keeping in touch with me he doesn't really talk to me, he has some mental issues, he has no empathy. I've tried for so long Lord, you know this to get through to him. Yes, I've made mistakes, every parent does. However he can't forgive and the pain has been going on too long from him. Please Lord you're the only one that can change him. I hand him over to you, I can't take it anymore he's broken my heart too many times. He does and says things to purposely hurt me. Please I live in a different state and he's never visited me in 12 years. Lord you know I'm trying. I don't want to give up on him, he's my only child and I have a grandson now that doesn't even know me, and that hurts. I'm begging for your help please intervene, and make him realize how much I love him and I want to be there for him. I raised him alone and I did the best I could. Jesus please help. In your Holy Name I ask. Amen.
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I'm so utterly devastated & overwhelmed with depression. I pray for deliverance & protection from evil, & reconciliation with Jim & for his infidelity to cease & he will immediately come home to me today & realize how special our marriage was & he will start trying to repair our marriage & he will brake up with Linda. She used to be one of my good friends. I pray that he finally sees how wrong this is to do to me & our marriage & their relationship finally comes to an end. in Jesus' name
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Please ask ELOHIM'S to bring the girl that died for me on aug 31 she was an angel to me.
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Please pray for my 11 month old grandson. He’s been sick for 10 days and is not getting better. He’s been to the doctor twice
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Lord, I've been under the weather with infections,ear, sinus , asthma. I have a cracked tooth that's hurting now on top of everything. I'm praying that it can be saved and not be pulled. I can't afford to lose another tooth and implants are so expensive. Please clear all these infections from my body, and let me be able to get a appointment a dentist tomorrow, please lead me to the right one so they can fix it then. Please calm my nerves as all this sickness has created more stress and anxiety. Thank you Lord my trust is in you. IJNIPA
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