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Dear Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior
Please protect me from the place I live because there is no privacy and the surveillance of my enemies are watching me taking a shower, undressing. It is a pervert, crooked generation now, I am sick and tired of people watching me through the surveillance of my enemies whether their Christian or other religion. They know its very wrong. Please convict their hearts to stop the perversion, pornography (watch live on surveillance camera in all apartments, dorms and recreational with showers etc. There is many people from every tongue, tribe and nation here watching full of lust and I ask You Jesus to push down adversaries. Your Word is True: "God keeps records of wrong and He knows their names.' If they continue to sin in lust through the eyes and ears then God You said You would blot-their-names-out-of Lambs Book of Life. They will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven!!! That is a promise of Almighty God. Everyone is reading and I glad. Love in Jesus Name!
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