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I have a prayer wall at my church; both of my friends have prayer boxes at their respective churches; I have a vast prayer "anonymous" prayer network that I engage with--at least one from your list is in or on the aforementioned. Here is the other: Salvation for family--God would speak to them, love on them, touch them, reveal himself to them, and trouble them until they find rest and peace at the cross of Christ. The same goes for the following I have been witnessing to: Mia, Jamia, Angie, the woman at the store whom I talked with briefly, How, Tony, Ivan, Marcos, Aaron, Karen,Tom B., Jackie, Ron,Tom, Allan, Nila, Amy,Gus, Donna, and all those at the China Buffet. Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for more faith, hope, love, peace, protection, power, hope, joy, healing, and prosperity. Deeper faith for all the following: Alex, Keith, David P, Vance, Nadia, Judy and her family, Denise, Julio, James, NANCY, Jack, George, Rosie, Fern, Sorge, Freddie, Dan, Van, Ann, M
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