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Hello, My name is Diana, and my daughter and I have had a lot of medical procedures and surgeries and we were abandoned by my husband and daughter's father. We are being taken to court by our abusive, rich landlords (I just found out that the son had had an anti-harassment protective order expire only 2 mths before we became his and his parents' tenants) so that the court can force us to sign a contract that states we won't sue them for wrongful eviction and injuring us. We don't have money for an attorney. Next Friday I have to go against their attorney in court as our own attorney. I don't know what I am doing. I am seeking God's protection, guidance, and favor and that the judge will look for truth and at our dated and timed evidence and won't make us sign such an unconscionable, illegal contract, and that God will provide a home for us so we won't be homeless, and people to help us move; when I think of being in court next Friday_I feel SO fearful_I need God's boldness_Thank you!
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