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Please pray for me as I am having complications after my surgery. I have a fever and high blood pressure. Pray for it to subside and for me to recover quickly. Thank you.
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prayer warriors.. i have an exam on tuesday..
please pray for this.. thank you.
Lord i am laying my requests once again as usual.
Lord i am praying that I graduate by december with good marks.
Lord I am praying that you bless me with good grades
Lord I am praying for a fruitful marriage with A
Lord I am praying for my future job.
Lord you know my needs i need a car and living expense
Lord protect my parents all the time.
Let our parents welcome me and A.
in Jesus name i pray Amen.
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Please pray for me today. I'm really struggling.
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Can you please pray for me to overcome my fears through God?
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I ask that you please pray for my daughter who is in the process of leaving a man who is abusive, she has 3 boys who depend on her, she is looking for housing and unable to find with her credit. We do have a possibility a few, we pray for the Lord to guide her at the right location for her. He has a plan for her, we have to continue to have faith, continue to pray for her and keep her strong and faithful with the Lord.
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I just need to continue asking you to pray for me and my friend Mehmet. We are completely frustrated. It's too much. I don't know what to do. I really want him to meet two friend of mine from church. And may God help Mehmet and work on his heart. He needs a male friend whom he can talk to. I fear he doesn't want me to be with him because I am always so anxious and not in a good mood. May God free him from depression. I am overwhelmed by my sins, my past, my guilt, the pain I feel because of him. I fear that I am responsible for Mehmet's condition. I fear I am responsible for ANYTHING! I don't know who I am. I have real issues with myself. I am not good enough, not lovely or beautiful enough to be loved, loved b him. This is crazy! Satan ensnared my thoughts and feelings like never before! And I can't help myself. Oh please please have mercy and pray...
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Please pray regarding my wayward wife.
Please pray regarding our marital split.
Please pray regarding our child.
Please pray for repentence from adultery and drinking and wanting to be a 20 yr old party girl at 40.
Please pray Christ saves this situation.
I hate going to sleep because
I wake up in fear every morning.
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Dear God, thank you for this wonderful day you gave me, my sister, and cousin. It was truly a blessing.
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Dear God, Thank you that Ashley is working today, Sunday, and that she's able to accommodate me. Thank you and Amen!
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My Lord and God please Protect Israel and hold her safe in your mighty hand, please give the USA guidance for the souls that are hurting, sick, lost and lonely, please guide us ALL in your ways.
Could you please Holy Spirit guide my family to a new home where we will be safe and will be able to glorify your Holy Precious name Lord Jesus Thank you so much for always holding me safe within your arms. I only have until may 1st to be out of my current home please Father so me the right home. Thank you Lord Jesus in you Mighty Precious name I pray Amen, Amen.
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