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My husband isn't a believer in Christ and I'm starting to suspect that he is cheating. I've found myself going through his emails and and his phone. In the past he has contacted girls off Craigslist and Facebook. I have prayed that God give me guidance and the words to say to talk to him and tell him how I feel but I still feel lost. I pray that he find god and that his heart be softened to talk with me calmly. I pray that God give me the guidance I need and the words to speak to him respectfully although I don't feel respected. I ask God for his strength and most of all I thank him for his mercy, his love and the sacrificed for me. In Jesus name I pray amen Amen?
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My daughter is taking a test right now. Please pray that God will keep her focus and the anxiety that is trying to attack her will flee in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Pray that she finishes on time and receives a good grade.
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Thank you lord for the email I received letting me know after much delays that I get to finally move in my apartment this coming weekend!! Praise your name!!!
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United not knighted
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Please pray that my New husband of a little over a month from Ghana Africa will have his immigration papers be here in the knighted states very soon . I miss him so much !!! Thank U Jesus name amen ❤️💛💚✝️🇺🇸❤️🇬🇭
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Lord please heal the ringing in my ears and the depression. Please give me hope.
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Lord, You are or Healer. Please bless all the requests coming before You today and be glorified. Please bring complete healing and grace to my parents. Thank You for all You have done for them and me. Please bring peace to Jerusalem. In Jesus's Name, Amen.
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Please pray that God's will be done in our church meeting today.
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Come get up and pray eith me for my griend Maria that she will find favor in God and in her Boss too and she will granted her wish Lets all pray for the unbelievers that they will find God and quit abusing our Goodly ones Lets pray fo rd better jobs understanding willing to do the will of God I'm in his hands pray for my girls to that they will find God Amanda move out cause she wants to do her things so pray for her that my Father will save ger soul in Jesus name Amen thanks Father
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Prayer that Daniel and I will get married and we will have a good day tomorrow . Praying for a good weekend and that my weekend goes as planned. Praying that my mom will be healed as well as my aunt . In Jesus name amen I pray I love You we l
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