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Father give me the strength and energy to get through tomorrow. In Jesus name I pray you will send me the financial miracle I need. Amen
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Date of Birth Tuesday, February 28th, 2017
Date of Death Friday, June 23rd, 2017
pray what God has your heart
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Please pray for me and my family as we are facing a difficult time. Please pray I am able to keep my job and move past this dificult time. Thanks in advance.
2 prayers
Working in the hospital. Feeling really tired and unable to focus. Please pray for me to have the concentration and energy.
5 prayers
Please pray for God's Devine intervention on life affecting decisions having to be made. Decisions will affect a lot of family members. Pray for direction from God! He is able!!!
8 prayers
Julie is awaiting social security disability benefits and relying on her mother and father while she waits. They have a strained relationship and are holding financial help over her head. Please pray that God can speak to Julie's parents to provide for Julie while she waits for her disability benefits and that Julie may remain in her apartment, that God will provide for Julie through them.
5 prayers
Please pray for Jennifer and ex husband David that God can turn them into loving and forgiving people toward everyone
6 prayers
Pray for God to forgive Nate and soften Nate's hardened heart to a heart of compassion and forgiveness
6 prayers
Please pray that my 78 yo father would seek the love/forgiveness of Jesus, so he can finally love/forgive others. He is a miserable, depressed, anti-social man who didn't receive love growing up and has never been able to show love (except to Mom). It's getting worse with the onset of dementia, and a recent situation revealed that he is now making enemies of my sister and me. It's hard to have hope since he's been this way so long. Please pray for stress relief for my ailing mother, and that my sister and I would seek God's wisdom in showing unconditional love to Dad and dealing with the pain rejection (again). Thank you.
6 prayers
Please pray my 20 week scan goes well and everything is as it should be. This pregnancy started out rough and this baby was concieved 6 months after a loss. I have been so full of anxiety, please pray that I will have more peace. Thank you so much and God bless!
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