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Please pray regarding my wayward wife.
Please pray regarding our marital split.
Please pray regarding our child.
Please pray for repentence from adultery and drinking and wanting to be a 20 yr old party girl at 40.
Please pray Christ saves this situation.
I hate going to sleep because
I wake up in fear every morning.
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Dear God, thank you for this wonderful day you gave me, my sister, and cousin. It was truly a blessing.
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Dear God, Thank you that Ashley is working today, Sunday, and that she's able to accommodate me. Thank you and Amen!
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My Lord and God please Protect Israel and hold her safe in your mighty hand, please give the USA guidance for the souls that are hurting, sick, lost and lonely, please guide us ALL in your ways.
Could you please Holy Spirit guide my family to a new home where we will be safe and will be able to glorify your Holy Precious name Lord Jesus Thank you so much for always holding me safe within your arms. I only have until may 1st to be out of my current home please Father so me the right home. Thank you Lord Jesus in you Mighty Precious name I pray Amen, Amen.
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Please pray for me. I'm not trusting God and am truly struggling. I got a write-up at work last week. I disobeyed God about marrying my husband and have been paying for it for the last 10 years. He never wants to go to church and brought me to a rural area of Mississippi and the nearest Messianic Jewish church is an hour away and who knows how far away the other denomination is that I used to go to after I got saved in 2003. I have a lousy food service job where all the pagan management treats us so punitively as if slavery was never outlawed in this state and I'm usually on the schedule which is out of my control each Sunday anyway so I can't get to a church. It was discovered that I have a growing cyst on my thyroid, pre-cancerous cells on my cervix, adenomyosis in my uterus and cysts on my cervix. My mother is putting all kinds of pressure on me to go to doctors...I'm cracking and I need God's people and God and I don't want to be so miserable like I am...I feel like a prisoner.
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Dear lord, Abba Father, please hear my cries. My heart hurts so bad I can't stand it anymore. Forgive me father for everything I ever did wrong. Please ease the pain in my heart. In Jesus name end this financial struggle for me now. I am so tired. I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Give me the strength and energy to get through tomorrow. Father ease this pain. The pain is so great, physicall mental and emotional. Abba father in Jesus name restore my life now. I'm so sorry for everything I ever did wrong. Jesus be with me. You are all I have lord. I need you Jesus. Father please end this struggle and pain. Amen
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Can you please have God allow me to perform well
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Please Pray for a safe trip for me ,And that I stay safe and am blessed with a beautiful bird this Sunday before church
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Hi! Please pray that I am blessed with a great new job soon! A job that I love, where I will succeed and thrive in my role, where I earn great money and have an easy commute or work remotely. Thank you, -Pete
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My mom was admitted in hospital today with a very nasty UTI infection and diverticulitis. Please pray for speedy recovery and for the medical team taking care of her. She will be 78 and also has dementia.
Thank you ahead of times for your prayers
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