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Please pray as I am really struggling with my relationship with God as seeing Him as being good, loving, caring and valuing me. I look at Luke 11:11-13 and feel like my whole life I am have asked for blessing and direction (not monetarily but just out of basic provision for my family) and all I ever receive are scorpions and snakes.

I am unemployed since before Thanksgiving for the third time in five years and I am at my wit's end. My wife has had to be our family's provider for the past 12 years and it is destroying me as a man, as a husband as a father. Marriage is very strained, too.

Going crazy and we no longer have a home church to plug into, I am isolated no men to really speak to, I have no solid job prospects with only 8 weeks left of unemployment benefits and we are living paycheck to paycheck with what I am barely receiving now. Looking to God for anything!
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