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Please help me pray for forgiveness to happen in a relationship. Help us rebuild and renew our relationship and be better and more honest than before and help us to change. Please let it happen soon. 

I've had a few dreams about this person recently and I don't know why. Please work this out soon God.

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Praying for emotional healing my daughter Kelsey as she lets go of past hurts and pain and forgives others so she can be healed. Praying for mental peace strength and encouragement daily. Praying for clear mind, positive thoughts, joyful spirit, inner peace. Praying she can have nightly peaceful sleep and rest. And the joy of the Lord be her peace and strength. Praying she is surrounded by caring friends who will reach out to her and extend live. Praying for restoration and wholeness In Jesus name, Amen!

"God is Able!"
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Please pray for Raymond and that I run into him on my town because I just wanna talk to him and see what’s going on with him and if he still cares for me or not. This man used to tell me we’re a team and he flirted with me all the time and I flirted back. I miss him so much and I wish some how he would get in contact with me. He was such a sweetheart. He used to work here where I live and we both got so close and now it’s been about five weeks since he left here or got fired I don’t know and I don’t know why he would have gotten fired, he was a hard worker. I miss him dearly and wish he’d answer my mail or my emails to him. Please God intervene. Please pray for us Raymond and Jeanie. God bless you abundantly saints.
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Prayers for a sweet and handsome man to come into my life. Thank You Lord for what your gonna do in my life amen.
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I have been spending $ like crazy and just found out all the medical bills I owe. Please pray for God to forgive me, me not to stress over it, have great health and God to provide.
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I do not have access to my medication and my sugar levels are off the charts. I am upset because I need my medication and I have to wait for paper work to get to the prescription manufacturer and that the paperwork was filled out by my provider correctly or the whole process starts over. I've been given substitute medications but they are not working. I am also experiencing neuropathy pain throughout my body. Please completely stop the pain Father. Father, please in Jesus name help get the situation with my medication under control. In Jesus name. Amen
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Dear Jesus remove all the evil spirits from my home and around me. In Jesus name wrap me in your protection and favor. Jesus help me sleep. In Jesus name rescue me father. Amen
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He has cancer, he said his faith is gone. Help...
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My house warming party is this Sunday and I'm nervous and worried. One person has bought me something off my registry and it's not like everyone else doesn't have it. I'm just worried everyone is coming to be nosey, judge and get free drinks and food. Maybe I'm paranoid but even one of my longest friends isn't going to be there and I think a lot of people who changed their mind about coming did so so they wouldn't have to drive far and so they wouldn't have to get a gift.

Maybe I sound selfish but please pray that I'll get all the things I need on my registry and even a few things I want or gift cards even.
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Thank you all for the prayers that I'd pass my tests for work. I did pass and got my certification. Thank God

Please keep praying that I'll be knowledgeable in it and do well.
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