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Please pray for The LORD to protect me from the devil and my enemies ( psalm 3, 64 &143). Thank you.
2 prayers
I recently found out that my 13 year old has been watching extremely inappropriate videos on the house computer, iPad, and my mother's phone. My other younger siblings may be exposed to this and I don't want them to learn things he has seen. I need that theses things will be revealed to my parents. I want to live in a comfortable environment without my other siblings to have an environment of filth. Pray that things will become better.
2 prayers
Father, I speak life and love into my mother's body. I renounce all sickness and heart problems. Father, I pray that you would completely heal my mother's heart. Please father, comfort her, give her peace of mind and alleviate her from all pain. Father, I pray for a miracle that you would touch my mother's heart and heal it completely. Please guide the doctors tomorrow. Please let there be zero errors and zero complications. Please let the doctors find exactly what is wrong and be able to correct it. Father, please let my mom have a complete and full recovery. Father, please grant me and my family peace of mind and comfort during this difficult time. Father, I need someone to be there for me during this difficult time. I've got text messages from friends and loved ones but at this time, I would really appreciate it if you would send a good person to bring me support. In Jesus name. Amen.
3 prayers
I fill so overwhelmed after losing my mom to cancer. Then I loss my job back in mid April. I have been on countless interviews but no luck nailing a job. I have some more interviews this week and need prayers. I keep asking the Lord to guide to a job that he wants me to do, but I feel he doesn't hear me.
3 prayers
I will be going thru a custody battle in the near future. I felt deep down in me i know im doing this for the right reasons but My emotions are everywhere. Im a mother who just wants what's best for her son. I have faith and hope that gods got a plan but the devil is working thru his father which is planting fear and doubt into me, we are not evenly yoked. So he uses my relationship with Christ and me being a Christian against me. Which breaks me down to weakest state. Please I need help strength, and reassurance and guidance.
7 prayers
I met a brother in Christ (Louis), who had just been given a few months to live by his doctor. He said that he no problem being in God's presence but he was broken up emotionally about telling his children. I ask for healing prayers for our brother in Christ and that the Lord will lift he and his family up.
Thank you so much!
6 prayers
I have an elderly Aunt & Uncle in poor health. Satan is causing division among their children, everyone seems to be very discouraged, depressed, stressed out, please pray for peace, strength, reconciliation, wisdom for decisions.
8 prayers
Please pray for Debbie & family as she undergoes possible heart stint placement tomorrow. God's will be done and strength to handle what God has planned.
7 prayers
Lord I'm asking for you to intervene and let everything go well so I can move in my new apt on Friday!!!
5 prayers
I believe my daughter is being attacked mentally by demons since her father has passed away. My son who was head injured when he was sixteen is sad and depressed since his father passed away. I'm so worried about both of them and I pray for them all the time but I feel I need more people praying for them. They are both grown, my daughter, Sherry, is 50 and my son, Allan is 44. I have prayed to God that I can't do this myself and I have turned them over to him. I don't know what else to do. I also told my daughter to rebuke the voices in Jesus name, that are telling her its her Dad and that she should kill herself.
10 prayers

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