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Praise God Who has been faithful and good. He is Sovereign and in control. He has taken me through difficult times and has blessed me so much undeserved.

Please continue to pray for me and all the things that concern my heart: my situation on my job that the Lord will intervene and show Himself mightily for His glory; the restoration of my relationship with my ex-fiancé- that he would not only cleave himself to me alone but most importantly, accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour; my finances that I would be more responsible with the gifts God has given me, and lastly, that God would open up the doors for me to advance in the career of my choice and my new business venture if they are His will for me.
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Prayers please to receive good news that I got the new job I was interviewed for 5 weeks ago. Prayers please that I got the job. Prayers also for someone deserving to be blessed and hired for the job I am currently doing after I leave for the new job elsewhere. Amen.
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Pray my manager does not scold me for walking out. He said I could go on break so pray he is alright with it.
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Please pray for my marriage. My husband is being abusive and he is blind to it. He comes from a family of abuse and believe that is normal, he is emotionally tearing me apart. I need God direction in what I need to do, I don't want to leave if I don't have to, but at the same time I will not be treated this way. Lord please give me the strength I need to do the right thing for both me and our unborn baby. I want what is best for all of us Lord please either give my husband eyes to see what he can't or give me the strength to let go. In Jesus name Please hear my prayer. Amen
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I’m supposed be going to a Halloween parade today! But I’m hoping it gets canceled because of weather it’s cold and windy today! Please pray for it to get canceled! Because it would be no fun and people could catch colds! Please pray that’ it gets canceled thank!
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My family needs prayer today please
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Please pray the Lord will make it possible for us to get married soon. Also pray God forgives and pours out his grace and mercy on us because I struggle with impurity.
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I am asking for prayers for Frank, the father of my unborn baby daughter. I ask that God heal his depression, show him direction, and open his heart to find love. Remind him of his purpose in life and lead him down the path of God's Will. Give him the desire to do what's right. Show him the way to Jesus and accept His forgiveness.
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My Lord,
My wife of 20 years October 10th, filled "D" papers and has kicked me out for the same thing she did and I forgave her and didn't try to divorce her.

Father I have asked for forgiveness and repented. Please Lord only You can soften her heart towards me.
Father let her be reminded of the good and the Love we share. 

Cleanse and heal her mind and emotions of my sin against her. Protect her from lying suducing spirits, the spirit of divorce and division.

Put a desire and passion for me once again. Rekindle the Love that we share, and a desire for restoration and redemption help her want me to go back home, for the two are one flesh. What God has joined together. Two are better than one.

She is a virtueous woman and a Godly woman. Please let me go back Home my Lord, My God, My Rock and Mighty Fortress, Redeemer and Friend Jesus Christ Name Amen

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My family and I need prayer for strength and grace right now. An uncle had just passed away and a few other difficult things. I’m looking towards God for guidance.
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