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Our renters are moving out a month early. I pray that they leave the house in as good condition as we gave it to them and that they will honor their commitment to pay rent through May.
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My son recently came home from children's hospital after finding out he was aspirating with every swallow. A g tube was placed. He is now able to get his nutrients and I thank God he is feeling better. I'm asking for prayers to heal him to be able to eat normal and not have a feeding tube for long. Please heal his aspiration.
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Father I am very lonesome. Please send me a wonderful loving kind educated hardworking attractive boyfriend who will genuinely love and cherish me. Please let this be someone that there is a foundation of mutual trust, respect, a genuine feeling of safety, and is able to communicate in a healthy way by listening and trying to understand, even when its hard to relate to. Father, let this be a man whom I can make happy and whom can make me happy. In Jesus name. Amen.
3 prayers
Hi! Please pray that I am blessed with a great job soon! A job that I love, where I will succeed and thrive in my role, where I earn great money and have an easy commute or work remotely. Thank you, -Pete
8 prayers
Please pray for me to overcome my fear
9 prayers
My family is in desperate need of prayer today. Please pray for us. Thank you.
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Dear Lord..
my exams are over.. please bless me with good grades
and reward my efforts..
Lord. help me get through the this coming session in school...
Surround me with good people.. Please Lord.. take care of me.
in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Lord i am praying that I graduate by december with good marks.
Lord I am praying that you bless me with good grades
Lord I am praying for a fruitful marriage with A
Lord I am praying for my future job.
Lord you know my needs i need a car and living expense
Lord protect my parents all the time.
Let our parents welcome me and A.
protect us from the evil and the harms.. send angels..
in Jesus name i pray Amen.
6 prayers
Just found out I have Stage 3 Esophageal cancer. Pray that God would use this for His Glory - somehow.
10 prayers
It is 3:45 am. I am scared.
Divorcing, living seperately, and feeling the pain of it, but also this weekend I am caring for my son for the first time over 3 days-- well first time since marriage blew up last Nov.
I am afraid of this whole thing. I am heartsick over my wife's derision and contempt and the way she has become controlling., I am fearful about being alone and betrayed, and fearful about being inadequate about caring for my son. I hate this divorce. I wish i could be able to be in presence of you guys and describe this, cause I would love to hear your voices praying over me and feel your hands on my head/shoulders. Feel hopeless.
8 prayers
I need prayer to complete a project that I took on. I need to complete it in a timely manner and I need for it to come out close to perfect. Father God I thsnk you for the talent you gave him. I need you guiding hands and confidence to finish this and that the results are close to perfect. Thank you God. In Jesus name Amen!!!
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