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So I lost my grandmother to cancer last year. My boyfriend cheated on me. We got evicted from our home. I’m a 19 year old girl who is studying and working to support my family. I fell into depression and have thought of suicide many times. I stopped going to church and my life fell apart. I started listening to horrible sad music but then I came back to my roots and forced myself to listen to Christian music only. I learned that we might not understand what Gods plans our but their is hope. He breaks us with grace not to hurt us. Sometimes things are they way they are to teach us a lesson. God is good. I have been going back to church and I know my God will provide. I prayed for him to touch me again and for our new home. After many months of living in a small room with four people. We hopefully we be moving into a home on March 13. God is good. Remember he breaks us for us to grow 💕 I’m not going back lord. I am here to stay. To serve and to make my grandmother proud! Lord is good
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