I keep praying that my daughter will realize what she is doing to me and family by not talking to us for over 3 years. It just tears my heart out, what could I of done that was so bad?? I pray everyday and night, please lord help to ease my heart and mind!!!
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My husband injured his back nearly 2 years ago and has been on disability since. Many treatments have been tried and failed and now we are waiting, once again, for clearance on a procedure. He is in so much pain and my heart just breaks for him. Please pray for healing, wisdom for those treating him and a respite from his pain. Thank you and God bless you.
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Please pray for my dad. He is having a cardiac ablation done 2/29. Pray that everything goes as planned and that it helps his heart to feel better. I had another relative two years ago that had a similar procedure, and their heart was punctured and they died, so just pray that nothing like that happens to my dad and that the procedure goes well.
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I am in a lot of pain and it is starting to make life difficult. Please pray that either God will take it away or give me more strength to endure it.
2 prayers
My daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She is having another biopsy of her lymph nodes. Please pray for her. She has young children.
2 prayers
Mental health stability and healing for son. Deliverance from addiction, peace for him and our home. Godly friends and support.
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Please pray for Daniel Lawlor Garcia. A young man who experiences severe mental illness. May the Lord have mercy on him and his family.
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Please pray that God guides my future as I begin to think about retirement. Please pray for my family, especially my nephew. The enemy is present and is trying to divide us. I know and believe with God on our side we WILL WIN! Thank you!
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I'm going though a lot of med changes Please Pray For me
5 prayers
Please pray for my mom as we await biopsy results. Please pray for health, healing and positive outcomes.
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