Please pray for my son test he will be taking tomorrow for his new job. Please pray he does well and builds confidence in himself.
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Please pray for my son Mark. We lost his only sister 4 years ago and he has not been having an easy time dealing with it. He sometimes drinks a lot to ease the pain. He has been drinking for the last 2 days and nobody can find him. Please pray that he's ok and that he gets help with his drinking and grief. I cannot bare to lose another child. Thank you and God bless.
1 prayers
Stand in agreement with me for my relationship with Andrea , Pray that the Lord bless our acquaintance and lead it to be holy consecrated marriage glorify the Lord , Pray for our ministry together to be reason for Glory of the Lord , Pray that God give me grace in her eyes , pray that the Lord strengthen our connection together and make our hearts more close to each other in Holy blessed way , I pray that our future marriage be successful christian marriage , Pray that the Lord open all the communications ways between us without any hindrances , Pray that the Lord protect our relationship from the enemy , In the mighty name of Jesus , Isaac
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Please pray that I will conquer my depression, anxiety, and my broken heart. Also, please pray for me to know what to do about the situation I’m in with two guys. Plus, My friend finding a safe place to stay.
2 prayers
Pray for our ministry in Cairo, Egypt. Pray that God blesses our ministry and restores all the losing. Pray that God help us to find a Hall for our weekly meeting in Heliopolis, Cairo every Sunday since the place we used to get for our meeting is no longer available for us. Pray for compensation from the Lord for our ministry since we confront a lot of spiritual warfare and obstacle and hindrances from the enemy. Pray that God bless our pastor since he is subjected to resistance from people against our ministry. Stand in agreement with us for miracles and wonders from the Lord to be in our ministry path. In Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.
5 prayers
Please pray for my friend. Her husband is having a very difficult time with his job due to night shift, and having a bit of a crisis with things. She is 5 months pregnant and very concerned how this is affecting their relationship. He is a quiet person and holds things inside and then the dam breaks when he can't take it any more. She is upset now about having this child and what is happening with him. I don't know what to do for her, except listen and be there for her. She is not a believer.
5 prayers
Please pray with me that God will work in my husband's heart and he will be open to what God has for him. He struggles with his temper and is very unhappy with his life, and this takes a toll on our marriage relationship. He gets angry over unimportant things and I am tired of the negativity all the time. I want to see him turn back to God.
5 prayers
Please pray for my son in his new job. On Friday he will be taking a test. Please keep him in your prayers that he does well and continues to grows in positive direction in his new job and his life.
Thank you for all your prayers.
5 prayers
If you would please pray for Warren's salvation and that The LORD would provide all his material and spiritual needs. Also, if you would pray for me and for The LORD to heal my backsliding, for His help, grace and mercy for the trails I am going through, and that He delivers me from all of my enemies (spiritual and earthly), and that The LORD provides me for all my spiritual and material needs and tha He heal's my body, mind, spirit and soul. Please pray for my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ and that The LORD gives me the victory over all of my enemies and restores me unto Himself and that whatever stronghold and bondages that I am under are destroyed. Thank you all and God bless you. #1Cor15v57 #1Sam7 #Job42v10 #KJV
4 prayers
I'm asking for prayers of help and rescue and justice. I am having problems with two older women who are "roommates" . These two women are hateful, spiteful and cruel. They participate in gossip and slander and exact their own unjust punishments. The strange thing is they should be more worried about the abomination that is their unnatural relasonship and not trying to cause harm to innocent people who have never caused harm to them. I have turned the other cheek but they continue to persist in their efforts. Although I hardly come into contact with them, they have a strange obsession. I fear for the safety of my family. Please pray.
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