I just need the prayers, my head is always hurting now, and I am so dizzy, cant think straight. Also my son in law grandfather is with hospice and organs are shutting down, please pray for a peaceful passing, and comfort to the family, my daughter is pregnant with heath issues and the baby too. I know this stress of my fall and her husband granddads health is stressing her please pray for them. thank you
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My friend Sonia has been battling health issues for ten years, one thing after another.... including stress. I'm praying for healing of both her body and mind. She loves the Lord and is faithful. She is an awesome friend and continues for encourage me in her sickness! Thank you God for your mercy. Thank you for your prayers.....
4 prayers
My daughter got with a new much older group of college friends. Admits to drugs & Alcohol. Her whole personality, attitude & beliefs have done a 360. She broke up with a bf of 2 years, moved out of our home & in with girls & address that we do not know & changed her phone number. She is telling so many lies & has her best friends from HS lying for her to me & their parents. Blasting Social Media. We raised her in church, youth group, church camp, mission trips, baptized her as a child & she gave her life to Jesus herself with complete water baptism as a teen. Volunteered counselor at RFK Camps. She was so faith & family based, taking family trips, calling/visiting her brothers, niece and checking in just to say I love you, now there's nothing. Please pray that our daughter comes back to her faith, off of drugs & with the ones that have unconditional love for her=God & her family. Being very young (19) she is being mislead-even in the word of God, she now reads it different. TY
3 prayers
Please pray for Robert. He has had esophageal cancer for about 2 years and is rapidly dying. His family is really struggling and both his parents are going to have to bury him. Also pray for his sister, as she is very close to him, his son, and the rest of his loved ones. Also pray there would one day very soon be a cure for cancer. It is killing so many and hurting those that are left behind.
5 prayers
Please pray for our oldest son who just started Army boot camp in Missouri and his longtime girlfriend who is having a lot of anxiety in his absence. Our oldest daughter is pregnant with her second child and overwhelmed with all day morning sickness while trying to finish nursing school. Our second daughter is struggling with her purpose in life. Also her boyfriend is a fireman in the Air force reserves and heads to Jordan in July. Our youngest son is having learning, behavioral, and mental health issues, especially with school. My husband and I's marriage and overall health is in dire straits. Pray the blood of Jesus over our loved ones, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, coworkers and everyone else around the world that we don't know, and all their lives, situations, relationships, health and finances. Especially their relationship with the one TRUE living God, Jesus Christ 🙏🙏🙏💕☝

4 prayers
My husband is not a christian and is verbally abusive, along with many other things. He is at the point where he is making fun of me for following Jesus. Saying its a cult and I am a sheep and can not think for myself. I keep praying for us to be saved from him(also that he will be saved) but in 15 years nothing seems to change. I can not leave bc he would get the kids and I cant let them be with him alone. I am feeling so helpless sometimes. Please pray for strength to endure and wise words. Also protection for the heart and mind of my children and I. Thank you.
13 prayers
I'm feeling disconnected. These masks are dehumanizing. Retirement brings with it a loss of purpose. I need some people to talk to and do things with. I don't know where to find a connection.
11 prayers
There are many close relatives and friends that are battling some major illnesses. Because of this, as well as some other situations these days, there is much anxiety for them and for me. I'm struggling how to help and support them, while also having some bad emotional days myself. Please pray for God to intervene, give peace and healing.
9 prayers
Please pray for my friend their 4 year old son was diagnosed with brain cancer.
7 prayers
Heavenly Father, I come and ask you today in the mighty name of Jesus to release a financial breakthrough in my ministry and my life, you are the source of all goodness and all the blessings, I am asking you not asking man, you know all my needs, ambitions and dreams and you always want our success in all aspects of life, bless me and facilitate my way in this area, make miraculous deeds in this area in my life, fill all my needs according to your richness in glory, make a financial mobility into higher level in my life, support me always as you did since my childhood, Send me the finances for my coming marriage and fill all the needs for building a family without any lack, recommend your angels to open all the doors of blessings in my life, give your angels charge over me and over my path to work in the area of finances in my life, you are Jehovah Jireh, simply I ask you fullness of richness for the sake of your covenant with your only beloved son Jesus Christ . Amen , Isaac
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