Please God help my daughter as she goes through this unbearable physical and emotional pain. She is such a wonderful, beautiful and kind hearted human being. She does not deserve this and it is unfair. ❤️🙏
0 prayers
Please pray for God to help me make it thru Christmas parties and events. I have PTSD and it causes me to have a lot of anxiety when in large groups or new places. If I don’t manage my anxiety, it makes it harder for me to stay sober. I love Christmas though and celebrating Jesus birth though. Thank you for your prayers!
2 prayers
I am in desperate need of prayers for my life, just for peace and hope. I feel so lost and restless right now and I am just praying for God's direction in where my life should be headed and that I'd have patience in the meantime while I wait for just the right answers. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
6 prayers
My son doesn’t seem to be motivated by much these days and wants to prioritize socializing vs studying. He his shutting down so many opportunities for his future and I am so worried for him. Please pray that he gets back to finding his north star and motivation.
5 prayers
My brother Quinn is talking about ending his life. I do not believe that he is saved. He downloaded a bible onto his kindle. I pray that God will meet him where he is at and change his heart and mind. I pray that he gets saved and is healed from mental illness.
12 prayers
The man I love (robert) just told me (sarah) 2 weeks ago that he wants a break from us. We had plans of getting married and have been together for so many years. We have a daughter together as well. Please pray that God will give him a change of heart towards me. That whatever he's holding against me, any fears controlling his thoughts and actions against me will be cast out by the love of God and that God will soften His Heart toward me and give him a willingness and desire to stay with me and unconditional love for me and keep us together as a family. Please pray that no weapon the enemy has formed against my relationship with the man I love Will prosper but that God will redeem our relationship, restore it and mend what has been broken. I pray that God gives him the desire in his heart to work through our problems. Please pray for a complete reconciliation and that we will marry each other eventually. In Jesus name I pray, Amen
8 prayers
Please pray for my sister boyfriend Terry who is having his prostrate removed Monday Nov 19th. He has stage 4 cancer. Please pray for my sister Connie for strength to help him during this time. Terry also has COPD and lung issues and is not a good candidate for surgery.. I will be traveling to PA to be with both of them, so prayers for traveling mercies...
9 prayers
I need a job and money to pay the bills. I know that God will provide. I just need to trust and have faith. Thank you for praying. I need it.
7 prayers
Can you please pray for me to have availability in my every day Life for me to volunteer at different places?
4 prayers
Please pray that God will bring Robert back to me(sarah). He has been wanting space. Please pray that God will soften His Heart toward me and put it in his heart to love me back unconditionally and miss me more each day. I pray that God will give him the desire to work things out that are bothering him with me and communicate with me rather than shutting me out. I love him so much and I believe what God has done for so many couples out there, restore and redeem and mend what seemed hopeless, He can do for me and Robert. Please pray for a complete reconciliation and mending of our relationship. It's my prayer that Robert will see me again with the love he once had for me and that God will help us to reconnect. In Jesus name I pray, Amen
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