Please pray unspoken.
2 prayers
I almost died and I could have chose to die but I kept living. I took a job then I did a sin which had severe consequences. I say severe because of the punishment and because I changed the US for the worst without realizing it. I could try to go back to this job now. It’s been a year since I quit.
9 prayers
My wife recently lost her sister and brother-in-law in the span of only 3 weeks. She has been under tremendous amount of stress trying to take care of everything.
5 prayers
Please join me in praying for healing for myself. I have recently been diagnosed with Bell's palsy. Recovery time can take up to 6 months and sometimes you may have loss of muscle function on your face that is affected by Bell's palsy. Please pray with me that healing and recovery will be sooner than later and that I will regain all muscle control of my face. We have a mighty God who is a great physician and I believe that a miracle can happen and recover will be quick. Thank you for praying with me.
15 prayers
Please pray for a friend Lindsay and her husband Tyler and girls Aviana and Scarlett.. Lindsay just had another miscarriage and has to go through this hard time again..thankyou
12 prayers
Please pray for my grandson Grayson, he 2.5 months old. He was a premie and is now in ICU with RSV. He is very sick but I have a God that promises to take care of the littlest of these and I know that He has Grayson in his hands. I also believe in the power of prayer and know that where two or more are gathered in his name there He will be. Thank you for praying for him. Please remember his mommy and daddy and his Nonni that is about to go crazy not being able to see him. I love your station. It starts my day off just right every morning and a great ending to my work day.
16 prayers
I was in an accident and now I need a total knee replacement. I live alone with my animals and have 2 jobs just to make ends meet and am on my feet 16 hours a day 5 days a week. I'm in a great deal of pain right now because my knee is bone on bone and the accident caused bone spurs and other damage. I know I need the surgery, but I wont have an income while I'm off work recovering. The surgery is July 12 at St Francis. I had money set aside but had to use it to fix my van. I do have Aflac so I'm praying this is a covered accident so I can relax about the money and concentrate on the healing. I will figure out rides to and from therapy later. I live 25 minutes away from the hospital. I dont have family. Thank you.
14 prayers
Please keep my nephew Grant in your prayers. God knows the heeling he needs. He just started a new medicine today. Hope and pray for some relief for Grant but also for their whole family. Many thanks 🙏 😊 ❤️
13 prayers
Please pray for our upcoming TCA Save Our School Praise a Thon and Pledge Drive on June12th. May GOD richly Bless this mission as only HE can by sending families to enroll into this wonderful school for the upcoming school year as well as lead others to generously donate to this little Christian school so that it thrives for years and years to come ❤️❤️❤️❤️
9 prayers
First I want to thank God for the blessings the past couple weeks. Please continue to pray for all involved in helping to keep TCA open But a specific prayer for this week is that enrollment doubles. I ask everyone to pray this specific prayer.
9 prayers

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