Please pray that God will heal me and strengthen my faith.
7 prayers
A friend is on a ventilator in St Louis. Complications from COVID. Please keep him and his family in your prayers
9 prayers
Unspoken. It's important
8 prayers
Please pray against a demonic trap/temptation that could cause a great sin if it happens. And for a way of escape if it happens. I cannot let myself just do this sin when I've prepared ahead of time against it.
17 prayers
Lately I have been in a bad place. I know the devil himself is working overtime on me telling me I'm not good enough, making me feel like everyone is out to get me. I have had hard times before but never this bad. I have been praying to our heavenly Father and I can't even feel his presence. I feel so lost and alone right now. I just want to find God's peace again. I want the devil to back off. I have never been this close to giving up before.
19 prayers
Please pray for Africa.
16 prayers
Please join me in prayer for Revival In Our Churches and Community
17 prayers
Hey can pray for nolyn he has asma and his mom took him to the ER last night so he was at school and he told his teacher I don't fell good so he went to the school nurse so he is felling fine now but he has asma
18 prayers
Please pray against a demonic chain reaction/domino effect that came about. I’m not sure how. Maybe by a mistake I made last week. I’m confused how this started. I just want to go home. But it’s dangerous in my hometown.
16 prayers

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