I am struggling mentally right now, I am dealing with childhood trauma and my husband and God are the two that have helped me the most and they're also the two I've hurt and betrayed the most. I am trying to stay faithful to God and my husband but it's hard. Bc I just want to give into ky sins and fall off the deep end.
20 prayers
I need prayer. My health is not the best, trying to get it all figured out, but no answers yet. Please pray that I get answer very soon and that it is something that I can handle. Satan has been trying every single way possible to steal my joy. From a major flood in our house, deaths, now this morning my brand-new car has transmission issues. It just seems that everything is piling on. Please pray that God works everything out in my favor, especially my health! Pray that he continues to give me strength, grace, compassion, humility, and joy! I can't allow myself to break.
13 prayers
I need healing from getting hurt, pray there is no damage and everything will be okay in Jesus name
16 prayers
Please join me in prayer for 9 yo Lily as she continues her all encompassing but courageous battle against leukemia. While there have been many miracles to praise the Lord for this storm has been difficult for both Lily and her family. Thank you and God bless!
23 prayers
Hello all. I just wanted to say thank you all so much for praying for my nephew. He is recovering well from his surgery with the skin graft. He has a follow up appointment tomorrow at Mercy in St Louis to see if the skin graft is taking. Please pray for safe travels and healing!
15 prayers
victor gauna
please pray for my grandma and that her heart surgery goes really well thank you

god is good all the time and all the time god is good
22 prayers
Wanted to provide a follow about my nephew that was burned. This Monday 1-29-24 Waylon (9 months) will be having a skin graft done on his back from his burn injuries. Please pray that the surgery goes well, the burn/surgical team, family and traveling there
14 prayers
Please pray that whatever schemes the devil and my enemies are up to are exposed and confounded. Please pray that The LORD protects me. Thanks.
11 prayers
Please pray for me 🙏 that God will forgive my sins I have sinned against God I feel very guilt conscience and shame of my sins please pray 🙏 God will have mercy on all my passengers please pray I don't lose my house my house is in Christ my family would fight for me to keep my house and that it will support me I'm having problems in crisis in the group of my house is at Jeopardy please pray we have a staff that is mentally and restless please pray that she will discharge from that dished from the group home please pay that they will be peace in this group I have lots of enemies in the group home please pray that I could be at peace with them and we get all get along in the group homes the owner that runs the group she is trying to kick me out please pray that my conservative my family will fight for me that she the owner that don't kick me out for the group for no reason at all please pray for my pet mouse their life is that Jeopardy some of them has been killed they are God's creatures please pray for your safety and their protection that God will look out for them that none of no more than one please pray that they stay healthy please pray the rest of them do not get killed they are God's creatures and I love all God's creatures they are innocent creatures they don't deserve to die they won't live and eat and drink like we do they're trying to survive to give you water people are so cruel I don't understand why people are so cruel in this world to God's creatures amen 😭🏠❤️
10 prayers
I am in college to be a psychologist, and I’m in an internship at my church for ministry. I have a lot of dreams in my head of what I want to do, but I only want to do what God has for me. Please pray that God gives me the wisdom and strength to excel in His calling, and I don’t choose the career I want to do (whatever that may be). I ask that in whatever path He leads me down, I will be able to touch many lives and be a mini Christ wherever I am at.
16 prayers

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