In Jesus Name
Lord heal GV of fever and restore her blood levels in Jesus Name
Lord heal Sarah of hives restore her immune system
Lord heal Ashley, MLR and me, (B.), and CS and BW , and all of my family, in Jesus Name
Lord keep us all healthy and safe and protected by Your Grace and Mercy, no weapon formed against us shall prosper, no harm shall befall us, no disaster shall come near us, deliver us from evil and lead us not into temptation in Jesus Mighty Name Amen and Hallelujah!
13 prayers
Praying for protection of Ashley's job in Jesus Name Amen
13 prayers
No more attacks dear Lord, God Almighty , I praise You,

Help CS get into his car, he is locked out the handle broke. No weapon formed against us shall prosper, Lord Jesus I petition to You YHWH, no more attacks against us, PLEASE!

18 prayers
B families
How embarrassing, please pray that me and my family and C&B are immediately and permanently delivered from perverse thoughts and ways and that God shows us how to take our thoughts, souls, hearts and minds captive to Jesus, Lord forgive us when we fail, strengthen us in all of these areas deliver us from sin and temptation and in Jesus Name Amen.
15 prayers
Isaac Abraham
Stand in agreement with me about my relationship with Doris , Pray That God gather me and her together and remove all the challenges and obstacles , Pray that God open the communications between us again and remove any misunderstanding and strenghthen our relationship , Pray also for my communication with her mom to be resumed again , i am waiting the Lord from all my heart , i need a miracle from the Lord in this area , God can do anything , in the mighty name of Jesus , Amen , Isaac
12 prayers
We are traveling from Missouri to John 3:16 ministries to participate in their festivities today. Asking for prayers for traveling mercies and for all of the leaders of our small groups and for the body of Christ as a whole. Let us have His peace and lift up the name of Jesus as we praise with Zach Williams tonight.
17 prayers
Please pray for my mom she’s been in the hospital since last Friday and still isn’t doing well. If we could please lift her up in prayer, I would greatly appreciate it!
26 prayers
Please pray my youngest daughters liver is restored, healed, rejuvenated and protected in Jesus Name,
Pray my oldest child cycle is normal and protected, and that her transportation is restored in Jesus Name Amen.
Get behind us satan in Jesus Name Amen and Hallelujah
24 prayers
Pray Sarah's hives are nothing serious and that she fully, immediately and permanently recovers from hives, I decree her bloodwork is NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL in Jesus Name,
Pray Ashley's car isnt totaled, the adjuster is going to look now, pray it IS going to be fully repaired,
No weapon formed against us shall prosper, deliver us from evil, Lord send all attacks to the ground and let them be trampled, deemed powerless and turned to dust, Lord block all attacks coming against us and our loved ones, even our pets, Lord block them before they can even make a ripple, Lord protect us and our bloodlines and extended family and friends, Lord enlarge our territories, please help and intercede quickly, who else can I turn to except You, the One True God? There is no one else but You God of Jacob! Help us, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.
28 prayers
Please pray for my family, God knows. Thank you!
31 prayers

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