Stella Hartman
My 18-year-old son has mental issues his his memory is not good his grandma said that he forgets a lot both. His name is Justin he's 18 He is a lot of problems with behavior and the other stuff I'm going to but I asked her prayer that somebody pray with me that he be healed. I don't have custody of them but he stays with his grandma and Sheridan Illinois and she just notified me today that his his learning potassium put learning part of his memory is going and he can't remember anything and it hurts me as a mom because I can't do nothing for him only God can. I know I made mistakes in my past and didn't do the best thing as a mom but I love him and I want to see him get better he was going to drop out of high school and I told him I was like don't be like your dad I'm finished high school praise the Lord he finished high school.
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My granddaughter is in the St Francis NICU. She was very premature. Please pray for God's will over this beautiful gift from God and for the strength of her parents.
11 prayers
I have an incredible opportunity, but God needs to open the door. Please pray that His will is done and that He will be glorified. Thank you in advance!
10 prayers
May you please pray for my Middle School. Everyone is saying bad words there and this is the only place I can run away and listen to clean music.
17 prayers
Please pray for my brother who is awaiting a lung transplant and also for my son that he finds confidence in himself.
31 prayers
For my sister to stop her un godly job and get a better job and to realize that it is messing with her relationship with us and God so please pray that she doesn't do that job and gets right with God.
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Pls pray for my friend G as she has been in a very hard tough relationship for years and needs healing physically, spiritually, and mentally.
She needs God’s total redemptive touch
And pls pray for all involved for redemption, truth and God’s healing touch. Tks
19 prayers
Please pray for my family and I. I brought on some struggles and also don’t have a vehicle right now. I feel as if I’ve failed them but I know He can work all things for the greater good!
17 prayers
Please pray for Deb that her she’s having a new kidney and liver transplant today.
Please pray for Paul K he has blood clots in arm and shoulders and is recovering from foot surgery
Please pray for Bridget S she had a liver transplant a few months ago and her counts need to go up please pray her liver agrees with her body thank you all in Jesus name
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