I am a 52 year old woman with medical issues and require a good night’s sleep to function. I live in an apartment complex where people talk all night and sometimes have music and parties. This is a regular complex with adults, not students. I am too young to move to senior housing and can’t afford a house. I am doing all I can to sleep including taking a prescribed medication and having fans and AC run. Please pray for guidance on how to handle this. My lease is up in September. I would like to find out what apartments the noise is coming from and see if they can keep it down. Thanks
11 prayers
This year has just been such a downhill since the coronavirus issue. May God restore our lives in this season, because I am exhausted.
10 prayers
I asked for prayer a couple weeks ago to let us move into our home before the end of the month and yesterday I got a call from Habitat for Humanity that said we can move in on Friday, cutting it close but the good Lord answered our prayers and we get to move in and we don’t have to live with someone until the home is finished. Thank you for praying with us God is good
11 prayers
Please pray for a 9th grader Lydia who was in a serious car accident with her dad. She remains in the hospital after head trauma. Please thank God for getting her out of ICU yesterday after 13 days and pray for a full recovery.
14 prayers
My best friend Leslie and her husband Chris, have suffered a terrible loss. On Sunday 5/24 their newborn son Nathan Samuel went home to be with the Lord. They are lost and are in so much pain. Please pray for my friends. Thank you and God Bless.
16 prayers
I have had to tell him that I cannot see him because of the Coronavirus. I am really hoping and praying to hear from him soon. I pray that he will forgive me for not being able to see him at this time. I miss him dearly. I hope he will believe me when I tell him this. Please pray for our hearts and minds at this time. May we learn to love and appreciate each other more at this time and have more respect for our relationship in the future. May absence make the heart grow fonder.
13 prayers
Today I have another HVAC person coming to give me a quote. The first one came in much higher than I was expecting. Please Lord Jesus let this quote come in at $1200 or less. Thank you. Amen
18 prayers
Please pray that my faith is restored and that my body is healed from my sickness.
19 prayers
Please bring my soulmate home quickly. I miss him so very much. Watch over him and keep him safe til we can be together.
19 prayers
I am facing losing my guardianship due to multiple severe illnesses. I am only in my early 20’s and have so much more of life to live. I go to court in June and I have no clue how to prepare. If I lose my guardianship, I may lose my dog who means everything to me. I may also have to live in a group home in which I will never be able to make my own choices again. I am also having a lot of family and financial stress.
I need a miracle to happen!
Thank you!
18 prayers

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