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R&S&W &ogden/ellenwood
I pray God puts Armor on and around Ashley and me and my family, and CS and BW, and doesn't allow attacks nor possession, nor any evil, near, on, or around any of us, in Jesus Name,
Please pray God protects us, lifting up Ashley that all ungodly contracts on her and us are cancelled and broken now, in Jesus Name, I decree and declare Ashley will no longer be a vessel for: evil, anxiety, sickness, trauma, poverty, disease, nor anything ungodly, I decree and declare none of our loved ones, my family nor I, will ever be vessels for evil ever again, either,I cover us all in the Blood of Jesus, Lord send winds of health,prosperity, blessings, joy, deliverance, protection , and love, over,in and on: Ashley, Sarah, CS, BW, Me (BR), Mitch and all of our families now, please have mercy on us, break and block all curses from every one of us, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Hallelujah!!!
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