Our family friend has battled many different cancers over the years and now was told her liver is failing.. she was told she has 2 to six months more.. I pray for God to do a miracle in her life and put his hands on her.. I pray for her body to be able to keep fighting and be strong.. also my niece has been having a lot of pain on her side and was taken to the ER. They found her lymph node was swollen in that area. Please pray it goes away on its own. Thank you..
2 prayers
Please pray that I receive a financial miracle to help me through the hardship I am going through right now. It is taking everything I have to keep my head above water and I am so afraid I am going to lose everything. In the matter of one year so much has changed and I have lost so much and so many. I'm not sure how much I can take.
5 prayers
Praying Rylee knows every subject on ACT testing today. Clarity over Rylees mind. Rylee successfully completes ACT testing today with ease.

Thank you Father GOD
5 prayers
I'm praying for a way to meet my financial obligations today.. The pressures on my mind and body are never ceasing I truly need a miracle. I'm praying for Peace and Joy for my family.. I pray everyone on the Prayer Wall has Peace and Joy today!
5 prayers
I have friends at the hospital in Ntown fighting CA and now doing stem cell treatment they’re having a really bad week, please lift them up tonight=ght and thr rest of the week. Thank you and God Bless
7 prayers
Pray for my daughter, Jessica, who is going through a lot right now.
9 prayers
Health, family, friends need prayer and showers of love
13 prayers
Praying for a hedge of protection around Rylee and John at all times as they travel today. Angels surround their car

Praying Rylee and John to have a fun safe weekend together.
20 prayers
Praying that Father GOD would break off toxic relationships from Alexis.
I pray Alexis will not go back to toxic relationship.
Close the door Father GOD.
Open new doors to new beginnings for Alexis.
17 prayers

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