Please pray for my friends brother. Critical brain injuries from car accident. And pray for her too. Thank you
2 prayers
I work at a plant,,I’ve been moved to different cells, to run a jig, I just need won to run that’s right for me
7 prayers
My daughter, Jenny, is 40 with four children, leads praise and worship and she has a mass on her lung. She should get biopsy results Friday. Please pray!
8 prayers
I am a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed April, 2022, at 41 years old. I have undergone a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery and I truly have never been afraid.
Tonight I felt something wrong on my “cancer side” and I am afraid. Pray my cancer is not back. Pray that whatever the outcome, God will be glorified.
14 prayers
Needing prayers! I'm stressing about finances for Christmas and our oldest birthday! We've had car issues for months, no dryer for a while and recently had to spend money to get one. Now I've been off work for a week unpaid due to being sick. Trying to stay strong in faith but it's like we need a miracle.
19 prayers
I want to thank each one of you who have prayed for my nephew, Preston. THIS A PRAISE TO GOD! The DA and his attorney are going to work out a deal on or before February 8. Please pray the Lord's will be done. Also continue to pray for God to take away his craving for drugs and alcohol. Pray the Lord will work in his life to seek God.
May God Bless You All.
15 prayers
Praying complete healing over Julia who was diagnosis with breast cancer. I pray for every cell to be clear from cancer in the mighty name of Jesus

Thank you Father God for clear scans
25 prayers
Praying Alexis breast milk supply would continue to supply her baby with enough nutrition. I pray Alexis milk come in.

Praying Alexis baby rash on face clears in the mighty name of Jesus
22 prayers
Please pray for me and my husband,that God will lead us to the place he needs us to be.
17 prayers
Please pray for this member of my family. That the Lord will give him strength to overcome his urges to drink.
21 prayers

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