blood of Jesus Christ prayer request

Powerful prayer protection for 2023 and beyond
And for god to use me to spread his word to millions and exstend my life for that purpose for many more years.

I’m believing god for:

Salvation for me and whole family & those lost
& don’t know Jesus Christ.
Repentance to god and all I may have misled unwaringly.
Protection & God keep his warrior angels round me consistently through 2023 and beyond.
Stop smoking and drinking
For god to move me so he can use me.
New friends
Be placed in the right ministry
Good success
Good health
Against enemies
Obedience to gods word
Stop being mistreated
Deliverance from my will to do the will of Jesus christ.

I need strong powerful prayer because the enemy has been trying to destroy my character and try to take my life from god using me. I need gods covering over my life stronger than ever before for 2023 and beyond.

Prayer against enemies and the spirit of witchcraft, and it’s attachment from my life and family life and lineage. I need god to destroy these works of the enemy and darkness through prayer. In Jesus Christ name.

Exceedingly abundantly above all can ask or think.

Thank you in Jesus Christ name.

Saferty and protection from those trying to take my life and plot against me.

I need to move and get out of my FL area right now because some one is plotting against me and my demise and performing witchcraft.

I need powerful covering at night and day with powerful god's angels.

People are plotting my demise.

Also I need a car to get away and place to stay.

I need powerful angelic covering.
1 prayers
Please pray about the cursed objects in the house. I know we will another house soon but we have to deal with this one until then There seems to be charms on the ground or something in my/our feet. Matthew 12:44.
1 prayers
I am currently stuck in Maui, I know it sounds fun but it’s not. I’m with my 10 year old daughter. Our flight was cancelled and due to the weather in TX not sure when we will be able to fly back. I’ve been trying to leave since Saturday night and it just seems impossible. I’m really anxious and feel like I’m going to have a panic attack. I hate for my daughter to see me like this. Please pray God will open up the doors and that we will be able to fly back home tomorrow or for him to give me the peace that all will be ok. Thank you.
2 prayers
Prayer needed
Please pray for me . Pray for my blood test results to come back negative. I feel like I can’t breathe right now . My hands and feet are sweating. I don’t know what to do . All I’m been doing is praying but I don’t feel peace . I do. I feel scared, ashamed and I’m afraid of my choices affecting my family. Lord in the name of your sons Jesus Christ! Protect me from any sickness and disease. Forgive me for my sins . I’m on my knees and I don’t even know we’re to start .
2 prayers
Please pray about the cursed objects in the house. I know we will another house soon but we have to deal with this one until then. Please pray against Jezebel in the house
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Please, God. Help me not give into temptation. I want to remain pure and faithful.

Help me in my battle with lust.
5 prayers
Please can you pray unspoken.
2 prayers
God please take away my husband's pride. Help him understand we have nothing without you. You are the one that blesses us. You can also take it all away. Fill him with the spirit of Humility and Obedience.
3 prayers
My husband is going to the doctor Monday at 1:30, for test results, regarding stomach cancer. We just found out
My family desperately needs prayers, please please please! 🙏🏻
5 prayers
Please can you pray against Leviathan.
3 prayers

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