Summer, was involved in a horrible car accident and fighting for her life in ICU. The other one in the car has died. Plwase pray for Summer, a beautiful young woman who is the daughter of one of my bosses. Pray for healing and doctors t
o have wisdom.
1 prayers
Praying for healing for my daughter.
She has been suffering from extreme pain for 2 months. She has seen doctors and had tests with no diagnosis. Please pray for her as this has
stopped her life.
0 prayers
Praying for some lost souls i encounter.
1 prayers
I am asking for prayer over this night and the rest of the weekend. I am a nurse and I work in a very negative environment, it is hard every night I work. Please pray that our group takes care of the patient first and foremost. Then pray me to have strength to do this job and not get caught up in the gossip. Thank you for all prayers.
1 prayers
My twin brother is making a life change. We are 64, he is disabled, and he has been studying very hard to pass an insurance exam tomorrow at 10am. Please pray for good health, good sleep, and for God to bring to Jerry's remembrance everything he has studied! Thank You Lord for giving Jerry the desire to carry on and make a difference not only in his life, but in the lives he will help in his business! In Jesus Name, amen.
3 prayers
Help. I’m about to give up. I got nothing left other than faith and that is thin. I need a place to live or a way out of this situation. My apartment is in my name. My credit is HORRIBLE, I’m about to be evicted because my roommate/son in his late 20’s) got fired and drinks and does drugs, is verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive. Don’t judge please. I can’t “just” kick him out because he legally lives here. (Police have been called). I’m in this position because I stopped enabling him in anyway, including paying his rent. I have no savings, and am on disability and food stamps now. That’s it. I do side gigs that work with my disability, so I am NOT lazy NOR looking for a handout. (Though Im not too proud to accept help. Just saying it’s not why I’m here.)I am educated and have a college degree. I just need God to move, Please Lord! I am so weary. So alone. I have no family for support and have been searching for a Spirit filled church ever since I left The City church in Seattle years ago. (Moved for a job).
Long, whiny story, I know. But thank you for reading and praying. Just realized this is the first time I’ve told that much of it since this whole mess began. Also, please pray against lies,’strife, chaos etc. I believe in prayer but mine don’t seem to doing much other than keeping me alive day by day, and that won’t last forever. Help.
3 prayers
Will you please Pray for my son and daughter-in-law for their continued faith in Jesus and their continued sobriety
Also can you please pray for my husband David and I for us to get clean an sober
The well being and health of us and outr 2 cats Gracie and Kitterz and our home and our jobs
Thank you so much!
3 prayers
Please pray for more intercessors. There are many issues right now in the US and the world
3 prayers
Please pray for my mom who is having a procedure on her thyroid today. Pray for wisdom and it to be successful.
5 prayers
Please say a prayer for my family, we have been sick nonstop, right now we are congested and dealing with fluid and ear infections, and fluid behind our ears to where its hard to hear and very uncomfortable please pray God heals us completely, no more sickness, and thank you all so much
3 prayers

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