Welcome to a place for the My Bridge Radio family to connect through prayer! Whether you're needing someone to pray for you or you're ready to pray for others, you've come to the right place! As you use this online tool, we have a favor to ask. Please remain discreet in the details of your requests (God knows the specifics). Thank you! Now, let's pray...
I am really struggling with life right now. I am not wavering in my faith. But, I am facing many challenges: My health - unanswered concerns. This is also giving the enemy a foothold with my dating relationship , our relationship just needs a special covering. Strength and right here, right now support is needed for me. As I walk through this season of rotten health, rocky, hurting relationship. The wisdom and courage to step back, away. So God can reveal his purpose for us Courage and wisdom if its time to move back to Kansas where family and support are awaiting.
2 prayers
My branch bank was robbed for the second time since March yesterday. Asking for the people who have done it to be caught. 2 fled in a silver car. Asking that the branch will become safer and it will stay in our neighborhood.
3 prayers
Asking God will show himself very gracious to me and reveal himself to Jeremy. I have told Jeremy that God helps those who come to him in prayer, who read his word, those who have a personal relationship with Christ. God right now help with my repairs, make the repairs not be difficult, time consuming in man hours, in other words keep the cost down in, asking for you to bless me. God help me to be treated honestly, fairly. Jeremy says he was raised Catholic but does not have a personal relationship with Christ. God you say in your word nothing is too hard for me, please make my repairs go very well and not be very expensive, at the same time use this to bring Jeremy and his wife to Christ blessing them with eternal life.
7 prayers
Pray for our ministry in Cairo , Egypt , pray that the ministry meeting today be blessed from the Holy Spirit , Pray for growth in ministry and God release powers and give us fruits , in Jesus mighty name , our Ministry Meetings are every Wednesday and every Monday , THE MINISTRY NAME IS ( FAMILY OF GOD )
5 prayers
Pray for Healing for my friend Nasr from prostate cancer , in Jesus mighty name
7 prayers
My X-spouse Is seeking to have me no longer be allowed to see our children. I am asking for prayers against that.
10 prayers
Prayers needed for chronic back pain and emotional health. I have been dealing with post surgery pain for 2 years and depression has arise and taken over my physical and emotional recovery/health. Starting to believe I'll never feel good again and will forever be in pain. Can't function and go about a daily routine. I pray God will take mercy on me. Many prayers needed!
11 prayers
Just asking for prayers as my due date is this week to look over me and my baby and to help us with a safe delivery and a healthy baby. May God watch over us and protect us
12 prayers
Please pray God will lead and guide my fiancé and I through a legal situation as well as our upcoming wedding. That Satan will not confuse or mess up the good things God is doing, that my fiancé and I will be united and trust each other and lean on each other with God's help, that fear and lies will not mislead us in the situations we face, and that God will make it all work together for our good so that we have joyful celebrations, all traveling are safe, legal concerns are handled and put behind us, and we have peace and joy as we embark on our new life together surrounded with support from family and friends. In Jesus' name, Amen!
9 prayers
Daughter slammed her finger in the car door. Not sure what to do. Asking for guidance. She can bend it. Please pray for no permanent damage and relief from the pain. Return to complete function.
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Phillipians 4:6 - "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."
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