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My cousin finally got the call he has a kidney after waiting his whole life and being on dialysis! Please keep him, his wife and daughter in your prayers as he undergoes surgery either tonight or tomorrow! God will keep him safe and work through the surgeon to give him a longer life!
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We just found out last night that our 16 yr old son has been looking at porn. Please pray the temptations go away and he will talk to us. He has been and is being rude and disrespectful to us. Please pray for our relationship and that we can sit down and talk to him. Please pray for God to pierce his heart. He has pulled away from youth group and Bible study. He told us this morning he wants no part of any of this. We are broken as parents. Please pray for us.
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My dad owns a company that drives disabled people for a city contract. He needs a small raise from the city. My dad will not be able to continue working this contract if he doesn't get one. The riders will be the ones to suffer if he ends it. I believe God wants me to ask for a bigger raise. We are a Christian company trying to expand His kingdom. Getting a bigger raise would be a miracle, as they are reluctant to give any raise. Please stand in agreement with me and pray. Thanks!
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My cousin was in a car wreck last week. Last night she took a turn for the worst, the doctors says she not gonna make it. Please help me pray for a miracle or comfort for her family. Im not ready to lose my cousin but god calls all his children home. Thank you and god bless.
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Please pray for my marriage. As we've grown our family and had more children our marriage has been kind of left behind and it's lonely and not what God would want for a marriage. Pray both of our eyes would be opened more to one another and help us to make us a priority so we can raise our girls to see what a good Godly marriage looks like and help us to find the fun we used to have with one another. Please pray also that I would be healed from insomnia and be able to give my cares to God and trust in him and find peace that only he can give each night.
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Please pray for me to reconcile relationship with BKM and find closure. I been praying for this for years. God has blessed me tremendously and guided me daily while I was rebuilding my life, especially in last 3 years. I know He will help me when time and circumstances are right. God helped me make better choices in life by making me more patient, persistent and trusting in Him. Amen
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Please pray for our team of six as we prepare for our sixth annual mission trip to Zimbabwe Africa. We know God is called us and we know he will provide. We have struggled this year to raise the funds needed, and asking for God's provision to come through in order to complete the community building we have started and to provide supplies for those we will serve when we're there. We also ask for traveling Mercies December 1 through December 17. We will be touching the lives of thousands of children telling them the good news through fun games , Learning the word of God, and providing a warm meal. We pray that hearts will be open to receive and many will come to know their Savior.
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Please pray that the Lord will be with Carson and I as we get deeper in our relationship. I pray for clarity with the Lord and that we will both work on each others tone and temper.
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Our youngest son and our relationship has been strained and we are not as close as it use to be. Please pray for God to rebuild it. Please pray for communication and respect.
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My brother suffered a back injury years ago and has suffered chronic pain every since. He also had kidney cancer and had part of a kidney removed about nine months ago. He was refused disability a couple times. He had a job but was let go due to a shortage of clients recently. He is now looking for a job to help make ends meet. Please pray for an end to the chronic back pain and health issues. He applied for numerous jobs please pray he gets one he can do and will thrive at (the one God wants him to serve at) . Thank you in advance!
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