Welcome to a place for the My Bridge Radio family to connect through prayer! Whether you're needing someone to pray for you or you're ready to pray for others, you've come to the right place! As you use this online tool, we have a favor to ask. Please remain discreet in the details of your requests (God knows the specifics). Thank you! Now, let's pray...
I continue to ask for a position that would be workable for me. Asking God open doors for me. Coming to a situation soon when my insurance will run out. Pray that this will not happen. Asking for the HR person to be helpful, positive about me, she is supposed to represent me.
3 prayers
Please pray for healing of past hurts and for physical health
6 prayers
Please pray for a friend who is in the hospital with only half a brain from a stroke and brain damage from a fall down the stairs.
5 prayers
My Daughter Sarah has applied to UNMC the BSN program. Prayers that this is God's will for her and that she will be accepted, I have seen God's love shown through her as a CNA and am so amazed and feel so blessed with this blessing God gave to me. If she is not accepted may she see and understand what God's plan is for her life.
8 prayers
Please pray for my mother in law, not feeling well, needs healing. Family issues, God knows. I pray for her to be well cared for Lord until such time as you take her home. Help her have a sense of purpose, still very talented at crocheting. Help her feel my love, God send it her way.
7 prayers
My fiance Charles lost his job several weeks ago after a back injury prevented him from performing all the functions of his position. Please pray for the pain he continues to experience to lessen, and please pray that God would soon provide him with a good job. Thank you.
7 prayers
July 20, 2017 is the date for the surgery. Pray for successful surgery and speedy recovery.
11 prayers
Praying for healing, forgiveness, restoration and reconciliation of the broken relationship between my son Leland and his father Dearin. Praying for God to convict Dearin to go see his son and forgive him and to help him get his life back on track. Praying for healing and forgiveness amongst Lelands siblings from past hurts and for positive restoration and reconciliation to bring peace love and joy back to our family. Praying for GOds Favor and intervention during this difficult time in Lelands life and for Godly resources and mentors to be made available so he can get his life back on track and he can live a life pleasing unto the Lord. Praying Leland will stay encouraged.

"God is Able!"
13 prayers
Please pray for my husband and me. Please make our marriage be unbreakable and keep satan's attacks on our hearts and minds away. Please don't let divorce be an option. Please make us be united and get through everything together. Help us to argue in a more healthy way and reach resolutions and happiness and never give up. In Jesus' mighty name, Amen.
15 prayers
Asking there will be a need for a morning 3.5-4 hour library or general para at a school close to my home. Asking for good people that I will work well with. Asking that I will chosen for the position. It will be the right fit for both the school and for me. Asking also for my Dad's health: eyesight, and breathing. God direct his care, give needed guidance.
14 prayers

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Phillipians 4:6 - "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."
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