Welcome to a place for the My Bridge Radio family to connect through prayer! Whether you're needing someone to pray for you or you're ready to pray for others, you've come to the right place! As you use this online tool, we have a favor to ask. Please remain discreet in the details of your requests (God knows the specifics). Thank you! Now, let's pray...
Prayers needed for full custody of my son. Assistance paying first month rent and deposit.
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Our family member has a very dangerous lung cancer situation. Super aggressive. The treatment will be brutal and there are no guarantees. Pray for courage, strength, peace, stamina, comfort. Ultimately because she is still young we plead for the full healing in her body so that she may carry on as wife, mother, grandmother. Finances are also needing prayed for as she will not be physically able to work for some time. Her husband is using Family Medical Leave Act in order to provide care during treatment. May God shower them with provisions. May the Lord God draw our entire family and even her circle of influence closer to God and the Good News of the Gospel through the power of testimony now, during and after this ordeal. May Jesus be glorified on all fronts. We appreciate your prayer support.
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Please pray for Robin. He's struggling and needs God's presence.
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Please pray for my husband and me. He has been struggling with alcoholism and some drugs for many years. This past week we attended a marriage encounter and I thought we had made great strides,however as it turns out it didn't last. Please pray that we make our relationship priority and treat each other as God intended-with honor and respect and love.
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Prayer for my lab work to be OK. Asking for God to bless the application that I made yesterday that they would soon contact me for an interview. Insurance running out soon. For daughter as she begins working directly with the children. Bless her with great relationships with them. Help them to want to work with her and please her.
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Please pray for my daughter who was recently diagnosed with a condition that is causing weight gain, acne and issues with getting pregnant. She wants nothing more than to be a mommy and I pray that this does not prevent her from being one!!
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Waiting on a job
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My Dad and Mr R both having some issues with balance. Please pray for their issues. Keep both from falling.
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Please pray I will have peace in the storm!
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My daughter has applied for a job and could really use a positive change in her life. Please pray for her to get this job she applied today and will know by Friday.
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Phillipians 4:6 - "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."
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