The furnace has been repaired. That was a wonderful way that it all worked out. Then when it quit working the 2nd time. It was dealt with, without us being charged. We were blessed with a battery and brand new battery terminals for the jeep. It is now running faithfully. The tire issues-was able to locate 4 used, in that size. And be able to afford them. Even with all of these happening, and the reduced work/ smaller paycheck. It just worked out that all the bills are still being paid in full and on time. My other family members have had their problems resolved or in the process. And it's looking up.
Then. It has been found that my gallbladder is not working. Surgery is scheduled for the 18th. But. These aren't the praise report. This is: during all of this. There hasn't been any depression. No fear. No feelings of abandonment. Wondering where God is. Instead. We have had joy, peace. Contentment. We have been secure and stable in God's love. His provision. This has been freeing!
Wow! God is AMAZING! The night of 13th, I had a dream where answered prayer/blessings had shown up, and it was connected to MyBridge Radio. So, that is why I submitted the prayer request. We moved out of Neb. almost 2 years ago. So it has been a long time since listening to your station. (We do not have internet/data)
In the last month; horrible flea infestation. None of the treatments were working. Dog developed a severe allergic reaction. Fridge constantly leaking. Furnace quit working twice. Vehicle issues. Tire issues. Employer not having enough work, resulting in roughly $400 less in the budget. Different family members going through rough times, a well as physical problems. But the biggest issue was the constant and horrible pain in my abdomen. Started on the 9th.
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! The fleas are no longer an issue. Our dog is healing very nicely. The new treatments are working great. {Please reference "Everything part 2" for the rest of the praise report}.
My sister was 2 weeks overdue and had been induced once and nothing happened. She was going in to be induced again and there was talk of a possible csection. Once she got to the hospital they said the baby had finally dropped and she was dilated and in labor! They did not need to induce or do a csection. A beautiful 9lb 21 3/4 inch baby girl was born a 5 hours later. Everyone is safe and healthy. Thank you for your prayers!

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