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I need a favor and I know I shouldn't ask for this, but will you pray for me? I don't think my boyfriend is who I'm suppose to be with. I make it my priority to read my One Year Bible along with my other Bible on daily basis. I read my bibles at work so I can have alone time with God. I pray every morning and night and I feel as though I'm struggling to have a relationship with God. My boyfriend makes fun of me or dismisses the encouraging words of God or my love for Jesus Christ. I don't know what my purpose is in life and I pray to God every day, in fact at least 3 times a day asking Him to send the Holy Spirit to me to use me to help others. I feel as if He is not answering me or as if I'm being tested and if so, I feel as if I'm failing God. I pray to Jesus Christ and in my prayers, I accept and thank Him for giving up is His life for my sins and I ask for forgiveness every day and I ask Him to accept my heart, soul, mind and strength.
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