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I live in a group home please pray for me to supervise his punishing me he's tough spreads lies and gossip against me to my family to make me look bad towards my family my family's believe in every lion and gossiping he's saying against me he's very prejudice towards me he's not very nice towards me I'm 48 years old he punishes me like I'm a five year old he treats me like I'm a child he takes away my freedom he uses things against me he uses my family against me for my family to become enemies towards me he's very mentally and emotionally abusive please pray that every resident gets the allowance he refuses to give me my allowance that my family has given me money he steals my money he refuses he gets very obnoxious and very aggressive when I asked for my money he has an attitude problem please pray that I get my money every Tuesday I needed to support myself and my children he's using it against me he's used things against me he's using the staff to turn against me
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