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Please pray for my son Christian as he was laid off from work a month ago. He has been seeking work, had interviews but no job as of yet. He will soon run out of funds to pay his bills and I see how this is affecting his confidence as well. Please pray that the job God has lined up for him comes into fruition soon. Thank you for your prayers.
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Calm down Ashley in Jesus Name Amen
Jesus heal Ashley in Jesus Name Amen , she needs to stop using people as a punching bag , God give her clarity and wisdom in Jesus Name Amen
2 prayers
Please stand in agreement with me that God will not allow anyone or anything to take away the job HE gave to my son, Hunter, who is a firefighter. He just got hired by a wonderful department (his first job, right after the fire academy) which we give all the glory and honor to God for. However, the pension people have told him he's under investigation for his PAST anxiety (they pull your past 7 years of medical records and he has had issues with generalized anxiety). I believe God is faithful to HIS promises. Thank you for all your prayers!
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Please pray God heals me from severe bursitis and a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder so I don't have to have surgery. And also pray God dissolves the kidney and gallstones I was diagnosed with. Already had 3 kidney stone surgeries and 2 stents and was in hospital 3 days and now I am having financial issues. And I have had bad headaches for 3 weeks. Thanks for the prayers. God bless you for praying.
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Beau and Sarah
God please let Beau and Sarah get married to each other on earth and in heaven, hallelujah, break every curse and ungodly contract now, hallelujah, Jesus dont let anyone, nor anything, influence them any other way, (especially rebuke, remove and block all influence and curses from E.B., R., A. and C., Oh Lord) In Jesus Name, Lord protect them and their budding relationship please, I decree and declare it in Jesus Mighty Name, no weapon formed against them shall prosper, Jesus protect their health, lives and relationship together, deliver them from evil, let their love for each other and Jesus continue to grow, let them marry each other, protect them, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Hallelujah!
6 prayers
My 35 year old husband had a massive heart attack last night and had 3 stents put in. By God’s grace he was at his fire station for a meeting, less than 5 minutes from the hospital, with several of his brothers around when he started having the attack. The rescues were all out and one of his best friends/fellow firefighter drove him straight to the ER. (If he had been alone, he would not have gone without the pushing of his fellow firefighters). In less than 22 hours, he is out of the ICU and home! Praise God for this miracle and blessings of the details! My prayer is for help/guidance in taking care of my husband, knowing what foods are ok for him; recognizing signs of anything that could be a problem; and prayers for complete and perfect health and restoration over my husband.
7 prayers
S.J.R. got the job, grateful to Jesus, hallelujah, blessed be Your Holy Name, Lord let her background check and her physical check come back clear and ready to go, God bless and protect her in this new job and in life, Lord let her love her job so much and be blessed all around and in it, May her job and the children and the staff love her even more , no weapon formed against her shall prosper, no weapon formed against her loved ones shall prosper either, deliver her and her loved ones from every evil , break every curse, in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!
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Please pray for me, I need God's strength. I lost a loved one two months ago and I have cried every day since and I'm crying anywhere from 4 - 10 hours a day. I really do actually cry this much and can't control the crying__my daughter asked me how I got a black eye and then she realized my eyes look this way because I'm crying so much. My voice has also changed from my daily crying. I pray, study Scripture and worship the Lord daily, but my pain is so great I am engulfed in grief and mourning. Thank you!
11 prayers
Pray for my relationship with Doris , Pray that God glorifys in our relationship and facilitate our way together , Pray that the Lord lead us together in deep harmony and understanding in the spirit and in all aspects , Pray that the Lord bless our steps towards marriage and make it something glorious and blessing in the kingdom of God , I pray that and more in the mighty name of Jesus Christ ,
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Jehovah Rapha heal Mitch and us, in Jesus Name Amen
I pray my husband Mitch is healed quickly and fully of colitis & that his colon inflammation is rebuked away in Jesus Name and commanded down to normal size and thickness, in Jesus Name I pray that his colonoscopy confirms Mitchs excellent health, no weapon formed against him nor us shall prosper, I command the devil and his minions to flee from Mitch and our entire family, and loved ones and me, now , be gone from us now and do not return, in Jesus Name, we resist the devil, he must flee us now, in Jesus Name, cover Us in the Blood of Jesus, no harm shall be fall us and no disaster shall come near us, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Savior, and King of kings, Amen and Hallelujah!!!
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