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I have had pain lately in my right knee. I finally broke down an made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor for 5 days from now. Please pray that I have not injured it to the point that surgery is required and that God’s peace and comfort will just wash over me in regards to this situation.
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Please pray for my daughter that she finds God again. She is going through a divorce with a psychopath and just lost a childhood friend. She is 24 and she is at the point of giving up on everything, including life. I know God is watching out for us, and I am hoping this will be the spark that brings her back to Him. Please pray for her mental health that she can find joy, hope and peace again in God. Thank you.
8 prayers
Today's message was truly a blessing for me. The quote is going to be my new mantra. God touched me and put a special place in my heart today for you. You are always blessing others by your messages but today is different. I said a special prayer for you and will continue to pray for you today. I pray for your peace and comfort and that God guide you in your life. Thank you for all of your encouragement and for what you do. May God bless you tremendously 🤗
6 prayers
I have had loss, several tragedies, major betrayal and false accusations happen to our 2 children and myself in the past year. I am having a hard time finding peace. I have cried almost every day I’m the past year. This is not like me. I have always been able to roll with the punches but this is so different. I am depressed and can’t shake it. I need my old self back. I know God is faithful and I know God is there. I have prayed and gave it to God but I am constantly trying not to pick it up again. My mind constantly thinking about our children and their well being.
Thank you!
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I have accepted a Fraud Investigations Job and am quite overwhelmed. Altho it pays quite well, I am unhappy with my life balance and cannot keep up with the job deadlines. Please pray that God will come thru with an Amazin opportunity for me, even if the pay is a bit lower. Thank y'all & I will be sure to pray on your behalf. Love you, my sisters! :)
6 prayers
Courage and confidence to tell flatmate I want out and sel our house.
5 prayers
Pray for Jim - he's back in prison and blaming everyone else for his problems. He's 60, but is acting like a 12 year old. Only Jesus can convince him to repent. He is fully aware of what to do, but refuses to face reality.
8 prayers
Please pray I pass a 2mm kidney stone that is stuck in my ureter tube going into my bladder. I am in alot of pain at times. Am not sleeping good at night. Had to go to ER and was hospitalized for 3 days. My kidney levels were high and I had a UTI and fluid buildup. I also was told I have another kidney stone in my kidney and gallstones as well. Please pray they all dissolve and I have no pain from them. I have surgery scheduled in 2 weeks but am praying to pass stone before then. 10 years ago I had surgery and the stent the doctor put in hurt worse than kidney stone. Thanks for praying and God bless you.
10 prayers
I have applied for positions since October for my field my Masters degree is in (graduated Dec 21) nothing lined up yet need a position soon. I am a single mom of two kids.
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Hello, My name is Diana, and my daughter and I have had a lot of medical procedures and surgeries and we were abandoned by my husband and daughter's father. We are being taken to court by our abusive, rich landlords (I just found out that the son had had an anti-harassment protective order expire only 2 mths before we became his and his parents' tenants) so that the court can force us to sign a contract that states we won't sue them for wrongful eviction and injuring us. We don't have money for an attorney. Next Friday I have to go against their attorney in court as our own attorney. I don't know what I am doing. I am seeking God's protection, guidance, and favor and that the judge will look for truth and at our dated and timed evidence and won't make us sign such an unconscionable, illegal contract, and that God will provide a home for us so we won't be homeless, and people to help us move; when I think of being in court next Friday_I feel SO fearful_I need God's boldness_Thank you!
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