We look forward to praying for you!
Need prayers for assurance of salvation and wisdom in some difficult situations.
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Praying that our granddaughter after six weeks in rehab will be healed🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️🎂
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Overall Wellness
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Please pray for the health of our brother Tim. He has AFIB and a very stressful Job. Please pray for his treatment and a new Job without the stress.

Learn to be still and know I am God. We ask these things in Jesus Name Amen
13 prayers
Granddaughters, Taylor, Amber, Abigail and Allison.
Grandsons, Kort and Konner.
Children, Christine, Lori, Traci and Ron, Jr.
Husband, Ron
Our Pastor, Cynthia.
Our church, Grant going independent.
Local library places trash books on the shelves.
Thank you for your prayers.
Thank you
12 prayers
Please pray for me to not be so caught up in worldly flesh and desires. Please pray for my relationship to grow with the almighty Father and not be lukewarm or wavering. Please pray for my sister and her mental health. Please take all my anxiety away and help me make the right choices to properly lose weight. I pray for everyone on this board. Thank you
13 prayers
Quero pedir oração pelo Ministério Projeto Vida que estamos realizando aqui em Portugal, precisamos de recurso, unção, que o povo de fato se converta e tenha experiencias em Deus. Que o Senhor reaviva a nossa fé, esperança e que os frutos venham.
5 prayers
Prayers for my children to desire
Godly friends and one day spouses.
12 prayers
I pray over myself but you need others to pray for you. So I'm really prayers not only for today but everyday. God Bless Ya'll
13 prayers
Please pray for my daughter Kimberly to find a job. She is recovering from breast cancer and needs to work. Please pray for my grandson Christian, he took her to all her surgeries and treatments, now he needs to enroll in college or find a job with on the job training. We ask these things in Jesus Name Amen
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Thank you for sharing your prayer request. Please feel free to let us know how the Chocolate and God community can pray for you. If you have time please pray for others who have also shared their prayer request as well.
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