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Many Many thanks to God and all of you for interceding on my behalf. Update: I got notice yesterday that my ex & I are having to put our marital home on the market to sell. This has been a long time coming.. very painful, draining process, etc.. Please pray that God will work on his heart, convict him to be cordial, respectful, cooperative throughout this process. Just really worried how his behavior is going to be throughout this. Please pray that we both can agree on a reputable realtor. That God will instruct us on what realtor to choose (a great one). Also, that we get many interested buyers, great offers that exceed our expectations, it'll be a smooth peaceful transition. In addition, that we'll sell the property in 30 days or less without any issues or delays.. We desperately need the Lord to be in our midst, on our side, favor, etc.. Amen. Thank you
2 prayers
I feel like things will never turn around for me. Christmas Day 2018 my husband left me, June 2019 I lost my job of 18 years, July 2019 we had to put down a beloved pet, October 2019 injured my knee. I have yet to find a full time job, even jobs that match exactly what I have done for the last 18 years won't hire me since I have no college degree. I have found 2 part time jobs that I enjoy but am only making half of what I did at my full time job, plus I have no health insurance. At 56 not having health benefits is frightening especially since I am a diabetic and have high blood pressure. I'm not really sure what I am asking for but some days it is all I can do to get out of bed because I feel so overwhelmed.
3 prayers
Prayer request for healing of my best friends Arm pain and numbness. This has been going on for months. The figured out the cause now surgery is needed. Praying for complete healing in Jesus name.
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Praise the Lord.... and many thanks to all of you. My sister called me crying with tears of Joy this past Sunday that she passed the writing part of her exam. In saying, she's passed the first section. Now she's studying and preparing to take the next section (english) hopefully, by October. We're praying for continuation of victory. Please help me pray that she will pass both parts of this last step and to become a certified teacher. I'm so proud of her and many many thanks to all of you. Amen
7 prayers
Please intercede on my behalf. I feel like my ex has hidden assets from me. I don't want to come off accusatory. Yet, I need the Lord to expose it & come through for me. If it's not the case then give me a peace about it. The numbers definitely look off. Disclaimer: it's not about money it's the fact that I was honest on my financial declaration. Amen. Thank you
9 prayers
Blessings to all of you.. Please help me lift my sister in law (Ari) in prayer. She had been working so diligently to get her ged. I'm so proud of her. She works, she's a mother as well as a wife. Parts of the tests she's passed already. Yet, she has others sections that she needs to pass in order to get her ged. Please help me intercede on her behalf. We're believing God this will be the year she graduates 2020. Also, salvation of her family. That God will continue to keep his hand upon them, etc. Amen. Thank you so much
10 prayers
This may sound weird/strange. But, I need prayers not sure how to word it exactly... I was recently diagnosed with adult add. Not so much in an hyperactive manner but, primarily focusing/ concentration. Also, I suffer greatly from being easily distracted. The physician suggested putting me on medicine to help me in these areas. I need God's input. I have an important exam that I'm planning to take in the next couple of months. I don't know what to do? I feel so discouraged. I notice when I read/study remaining focused is a challenge for me. I'm struggling. I desperately need God's help 🙏🥺
11 prayers
Please pray that God will grant me with unmerited favor. Also, that he will give me clarity & discernment to hear his voice when he's speaking to me. I've been saved for quite sometime yet, I don't know how God speaks to me. Another thing, the wisdom, knowledge & understanding of his word. Amen. Thank you
11 prayers
Please pray for my teenage Daughter and Son who are experiencing peer pressure leading to unpleasant actions.
11 prayers
Today I had a job interview and I’m praying that I get the job. I’m unsure of the future right now and what I am supposed to do with my life
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