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Prayer for extreme anxiety that seems to have no cause. Not worried about anything yet my body is overwhelmed with extreme anxiety. So much so I can't function
0 prayers
Rent and utilities are due in another week. Im short on rent neither do I have the funds to pay my utilities. Electricity bill has increased I'm thinking cause the weather has been so cold. Please pray for miracles 🙏 Amen. Thanks
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Nancy J Williams
I so appreciate being a part of this community of believers. I enjoy the every day devotionals. January 25, 2021 I am having an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Please pray that both of these are normal. I have been diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease please pray that God will heal this and help me diet the way I need to. I am not extremely overweight but I do like sweet that is a no no. Also I need to call a neurologist for some other issues please pray for this too. I am scared I just wanna be healthy. I know God is good and God is good all the time. Thank you for your prayers
3 prayers
I need intercessors praying for this specific day

personal - God knows
1 prayers
Please pray I pass my exam on the first attempt. That I will receive my certificate and move to the next step of taking my licensed real estate exam and unit 2 course. I'm scheduled to take it within the next couple of weeks. Pray against the spirit of fear, discouragement, frustration, weariness, self doubt, anxious, worry and confusion. Prayers I will be calm, relaxed and do exceedingly well. I need's God's favor. This has been an fast paced course.. a lot of information to cram in a short amount of time. Amen. Thanks
7 prayers
My daughter and son in law, Christians, married for 14 years, recently separated for various reasons which pulled them apart over the years and ultimately led both to indifference. My daughter wanted intensive councelling while separated but my son in law decided he wants a divorce (automatic in one year). They married at 21 and travelled the world together but through the stresses of my son in law's long work hours, stressful jobs, two miscarriages, my daughter's illness (mold sickness) starting 5 years ago and over the last year my son in law's close continuing friendship with their female friend in their small group (whose husband left her for another woman over a year ago), things appear hopeless. My son in law feels he has more in common with the other woman spiritually, travel wise (my daughter's health currently doesn't allow that), he wants children (my daughter now doesn't) and goal wise re: Gods will for their lives (e.g. working with kids in Africa). Pray for Gods will...
8 prayers
Guidance in serious life changing decisions. Protection for those affected.
6 prayers
I have cancer and a deep surgery wound that is taking a long time to heal. Please pray that God heals my cancer and helps my wound heal. I also need prayers of faith to become closer to God
12 prayers
living making it on my own.
7 prayers
I have an final exam coming up in about 3 weeks. Please pray I pass it in addition,to the class/course overall. Amen. Thanks
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