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I'm requesting prayers that God will bless me to sell an vehicle I have listed for sale. It's nothing wrong with it. I just can't afford to keep the maintenance up on it (expensive). Furthermore, I can really use the funds. Please pray that God will send the right buyer that's seriously interested. Also, won't try to low ball me. I've had this car for quite awhile, well maintained and cared for, etc.. Praying that God will show me favor. Amen. Thank you
2 prayers
I had a brain bleed almost 8 years ago. I have been struggling with horrific pain for over seven years. The doctors call it stroke pain. I can walk a little when the pain is not at it’s highest. I know God can heal me I just don’t know why it’s taking so long. Thank you for your prayers
3 prayers
Asking for prayer as I move forward to re-event myself. Start something new. I am praying for guidance. Praying to become a certified spiritual life coach. Thanks for your prayers.
5 prayers
I am not old by any means but my life is not even remotely how I thought it would be after my mom left. I made one bad decision after another I need the LORD to change me I can not keep living like this and I don not want to pass it on to my children. I just wat a semi normal life for us but it seems to far out of reach. pray for Change 4 my (me)& the family and 4 peace in my decision making process.
4 prayers
I have a serious problem giving things over to God. I’m asking for your prayers that the Lord will help me get out of His way so he can move in my life the way he wants to.
6 prayers
Please pray for my brother Dave. His kidneys are shutting down(diabetic) and he begins dialysis on Monday. He is not a believer. Pray for salvation and healing. Thank you. God bless all of you.
8 prayers
Please pray for a stressful work situation. We are short handed and I am being asked to do things I have not done before and haven’t been trained on. I feel very insecure and scared. I struggle with self confidence anyway and tend to tell myself I can’t do things. I want to stop letting Satan defeat me that way. Please pray for confidence for me to trust God to help me through this. It’s easy for me to see that He will help others but I need to claim that for myself. Thank you!
11 prayers
I have worked since 1980-2021 42 years full time no lapse (praise God). I didn’t realized I worked that long. I will be 66 in august (full retirement eligibility) and praying for a position on my job where i can work from home and have flexibilities
8 prayers
I am a registered nurse and a clinical manager in hospice. Honestly, the hardest job I have done. I deal with burnout nurses, stressed out leader, and families with dying patients daily. Please pray for me to have wisdom and patience everyday to assist my team, families and patients in going down this sacred pathway.
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