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My daughter lost her baby girl at 7 months preeclampsia with hellp. Please pray for her healing physical and mentally this was her first pregnancy.
5 prayers
I desire a closer relationship with the Lord. Since we’ve been at home because of the corona virus situation, it has given me more time to spend in the word. I also struggle with knowing who I am in Christ. I know who the Bible says that I am, but for some reason I haven’t received it in my heart. I am so insecure about a lot of things.
8 prayers
My ex husband is giving me major issues and treats please pray that God will send him away and leave me alone
12 prayers
I am struggling over a divorce and my ex in another relationship and I’m still alone (3 years divorced). Struggling with my new career and handling my life. I have pleaded with Jesus daily but nothing has changed. These devotions speak to me daily (it’s as if Janet is a fly on my wall)
12 prayers
Pray for grandchildren daddy Michael he's out there in the world on drugs real bad and in and out of jail.
17 prayers
I'm requesting prayers that God will open up doors of opportunities for me with an great company. I strongly desire to work remotely. It has nothing to do with the covid-19. Although, it will definitely come in handy during this time. I certainly need benefits, 401k/penison, pto, excellent salary, etc. An company where I can grow, excel, etc.. I'm grateful for the job I have currently. Yet, I feel stagnant. I've gone as far as I go in this role. Not to mention, I feel overlooked, taken for granite, under paid, etc... Also, I have so many concerns working in an medical environment with this virus going around. Amen. Thank you
16 prayers
Right now I'm homeless but my husband and I just signed for are first home but the man that lives there now needs 45 days before he can get out and I'm worried that he will not be gone by the time we come to move in and please pay for my son he is living with his dad at the moment til we get this house and I'm worried about him because his father doesn't believe in God i know with prayer we will all be okay thanks
18 prayers
My daughter Chaney needs urgent prayers of complete healing from her brain to her toes and every muscle, bone, joint , organ-on Friday 3/13 my daughter Chaney was in a very serious car wreck with 6 of her lacrosse teammates in mount Olive nc -she’s been in ICU in very very critical condition since then-she had severe head trauma, lung trauma, broken pelvis, broken left femur above knee-since then she’s had to go onto dialysis because her kidneys had just been overworked and she had to go onto ecmo which is a machine that takes the place of her lungs to give time to heal,God is good because we do see His hand in miracles which have occurred since Friday-please pray for continued complete healing of her body, a positive ct scan of her brain function-that her brain is improving-lungs continue to get healthy, kidneys continue to get healthy-pray for wisdom, discernment, knowledge for the entire medical staff involved with a Chaney and their care-I ask all this in Jesus name-amen
25 prayers
I read your devotionals daily and really feel they help me make sense of my life. I recently had surgery in January for carpal and cubital tunnel in my elbow and hand. I was due back to work this week but my arm & hand swell with the smallest weight of 2lbs. I take care of premature infants in an ICU & don't want to harm them or myself. With the Cornavirus I hope my follow up appt will not be cancelled. I don't want to loose my job either. This injury was on the job. I need prayers to keep my job, to heal and take of my patients & my family. Thanks & God bless
18 prayers
We are about to embark on a journey of unemployment. Prayers needed to guidance, protection, peace, and the ability to cover necessary expenses.
21 prayers

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