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Please pray for me to have a better understanding and yearning for God's word. I read verses everyday and still do not understand much of it. The bible is the most important book I will ever read and I feel bad that I don't understand it. Please keep me in your prayers. I want to be able to teach my children the word but I can't even teach myself. I hope God knows my heart is in the right place. Thank you
2 prayers
I'm sick and tired of people calling me a slut whore bitch whose not saved! In this fucking town of Kokomo, Indiana. Just because some so called mother of mine lied to everyone about me because she was jealous of me because I was so much prettier. I'm also not going to pray for anybody else because i've always prayed for somebody else instead of myself because everyone tells me i ain't no Christian or else i'm just a baby Christian! My husband tells me that! So he can just go straight to hell.
4 prayers
Please intercede that GOD will grant me with unmerited FAVOR. Luke 2:52 over my life.
Unexplainable, radical, mind blowing, im speechless, FAVOR. Also, that he will charge his ANGELS concerning me.
Amen. Thank you
5 prayers
I would like to ask for prayer for my husband and me. We are currently separated, for less than a month. We have been married 3 years. This is not our first marriage. This is my second and his fourth. I have learned through therapy that he is a narcissist or has narcissistic tendencies. I however have not told him this. I have asked him to seek counseling, which he has through a leader within our church. We are both Christians, but were not living a Christ like life. I feel as if he hurt my walk with Christ by his language and actions. I left to move in with my son, who attempted suicide in October. He almost died. I had more than this reason to leave though. I have spent 3 years in a marriage trying to prove myself to my husband. Seeking his love, validation, compassion, etc. I have fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, arthritis, and a host of other medical issues. I am also 9 years older than my husband. Please pray God will reveal his will to us both.
9 prayers
Please pray for me to be encouraged/motivated to forge ahead with interests and desires without hesitation; cultivate a very strong relationship with my lord and savior. I want to also be rid of dependency on social media as a source of building relationships, as they are going nowhere for me. I truly need help to get out of the stagnate place I am in.
8 prayers
Please pray for our daughter she is have problems in her marriage. Pray that she will hear God and will follow his will for her life. Thank you
11 prayers
Prayer for Demario he got to go to court for driving with no license trying to get home from work and got pulled ..
13 prayers
I prayed before about my abusive boyfriend. He ended up moving out of state, and convince me to join him for his birthday just a few days later. On day two it happened again. Only this time people heard it and they call the police, he is still in jail. I had no choice but to fly back home out of fear for my safety, and now a court ordered restraining order. He is not allowed to contact me but his friend has called me in the courts keep me updated. His friend asked me to go pay the bond, but I’ve already left the state. So now he may sit there until his next court date which is not until the 22nd. Everyone says he deserves this for all the times he didn’t get caught but I still feel bad for him. I pray that he takes his time to reflect on what he had in his life that was good, and what he needs to change. Prayers for healing, trusting in gods plan. Prayers for me to let him go. Wrap him in love while he is there. Prayers for complete change for the better for both of us.
19 prayers
Pray for my Fiances.
Pray that me and my husband can get approval on a loan to get a house this year.
Me and my husband living with his son and grandchildren. We had to move this past year due to my husband having knee surgery. My husband works in construction.
Pray that he can find a job that he is physically able to
Perform his job duties.

23 prayers
My prayer today is that God will grace me one day at a time to be consistent in various areas of my life: consistently be a more friendly and loving wife, patient mother, frugal with my finances, healthier eating habits and exercise routine. This year I desire to be so much more healthy mind body and spirit.
17 prayers

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