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My husband and I have a young family. We have three children our youngest is a month old and is being Referred to see a heart Specialist. We are having Financial Struggles. We know God will take care of us as he always does we just could use extra prayers please.
2 prayers
Please can you pray against a domino effect/chain reaction. I made a bad decision somehow. Which messed up the week and caused a chain reaction.
1 prayers
I'm searching for direction with what to do for work which is uncertain at the moment and just a means to bring in money with very little fulfillment.
with my studies in theology and counselling and where this is all leading to.
I'm desperately needing a church to nurture me and take an interest in me.
I'm look for a new home.
I need courage to make a stand and do something different.
2 prayers
Geraldine S
Please pray for me, for 32 years I have been praying for my husbands (he is a Alcoholic) this is so hard for me, I don’t want my Marriage to end. God heal him, God heal me, I am broken.
3 prayers
Please send prayer my way that God reveals what God has for me to do. I'm so confused and I don't want to waste time chasing the wrong thing . I need deliverance over mindset tbat the enemy keeps throwing at me
Also, for my son ,he is in the Marines, about to be out and needs direction for his life and to draw closer to Jesus.

Thank you all God Bless
2 prayers
Please can you pray unspoken.
5 prayers
Corina Coffin
My dad passed away in June and mother passed away a month ago, they were International Pastors, so I know their with Our Father, but I'm not doing very well!
11 prayers
Pray for my marriage to be restored after infidelity.
12 prayers
I need prayer for anxiety and suicidal thoughts due to having diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. I have such debilitating fear for myself and for my family. I can’t see a future and battle daily with suicide. I feel like my family would be better off without me.
11 prayers
I need prayers for healing & for my home not to go in to foreclosure. A couple years ago I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and a few months later Cardiac Sarcoidosis. Prior to that I was suffering from Fibromyalgia and Menopause issues, and so the Sarcs exacerabated the prior issues. With that being said, stressed settled in and expenses increased and income decreased. I live alone so I only have my income. I am trusting & believing God for total healing and I don't want to loose my home so PLEASE pray for this (although I know we need to trust God for HIS will to be done) and healing so i can get my energy & strength back so I can enjoy what i used to do...gardening. Thank you all in advance
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