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My aunt was diagnosed with rectal cancer a couple years ago but has often still has trouble with bleeding and transfusions and it always seems to be around holidays which used to be her happiest time of year and cancer has robbed her happiness, she’s not the crazy loud dancing aunt that we once knew. And today they found nodules in a chest X-ray. Requesting prayers please for it to be benign and that the Lord will place his healing hands upon her and give her rest and let Satan know that fear doesn’t stand a chance. Thank you and prayers for all of you as well.
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Needing prayer for an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and panic. Lots on our plate, financially, Husband needs prayer. Just lots of fear of sickness, financial situation.
10 prayers
Hi, I am a single mom of a disabled child. I have no fam and her father left us long ago. I have the money to pay for rent but need a landlord who will give us a chance and let us show our financial ability to pay for rent for a small home so we are not homeless. I am asking God to touch a landlord's heart of His choosing who will give us a chance and see we have verifiable income and are nice girls to rent to. We are not looking to be rich just to have a safe, healing shelter to live in. Thank you!
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Pray for my cat, Spike, who has allergies and chronic ear problems. He won't let me put meds in his ears. Lord please heal my boy and stop his suffering. Thank you!
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Prayers needed for my family. My husband and I are going through job changes at the same time. We both are unsure on what the present situations on our jobs. His is going to contract labor and the firm I work for is going to merge with another firm. We both are nervous and anxious.
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Please pray for my friend Kurt P. He’s challenged with many daily tasks, working long hours, tough life events, health issues, loss during recent California wildfires and fear of unknown. Years ago, he was blessed, his life turned around and today he needs another intervention. Bring him peace, guidance, and light his path to show him what to accomplish and to what to say no. Help him ease his daily schedule so he can have time for selfcare, family and close friends. Guide him to better opportunities while giving him strength through You. Amen
17 prayers
my daughter needs prayer to save marriage and for salvation for her husband Julius that with God's help he will see that he is bless with a good wife who is keeping faith and praying for the for their marriage to survive and thrive there are 3 children involve a 9 yr boy 7 yr old girl and 5 yr old boy who all need to stay together
17 prayers
I’m learning what true freedom is and acting on it, please pray that I will continue to yearn for a close relationship with God, continue to trust, and that he will continue my faith.
20 prayers
Continue Praying for favor and justice in Demario court case on Nov 6
15 prayers
I know God has a plan for me but I am desperately lonely and have been for years. Other parts of my life look great from the outside but I am tired of being alone. I have never been in love and watch with envy people doing life around me. I want to experience all life has to offer and to thrive. Thank you and Amen.
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