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Please pray for humility and please pray against Leviathan. Thank you
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Please join me in praying for my healing from the various Autoimmune diseases that i am battling; God's provision for me in terms of gainful highly rewarding employment that is fulfilling and satisfying; To get a good christian husband that is after God's heart; My father to accept Christ as Lord and Savior; and for reconciliation among my family members and friends that currently have broken and strained relationships.
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I feel selfish asking for financial prayers when so many needs are greater. My daughter lost her job, and now we’re covering her expenses - rent, electric,etc. - along with our own. I retired in May, so our income was reduced. My husband lost his job in 2020, and had to take a job making half what he was, and we accepted a call to pastor a church around same time. We are fine except for the added expenses. I’m asking for prayers that we continue to have enough. Our God is mighty to save and provide. Amen.
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So alot of people judge me and it hurts I was offered to buy a home which I took the chance never had I purchased a home and she was family so I didn't think for one min the out come would lead to me being evicted short story her husband passed and her son came into the picture told his mom that he doesn't wanna sell the house I'm living in so they gave me 5 days to move out I have no where to go all I put into this home for 4 yrs and now I have no were to go and no money with this pandemic I can't afford to move and with all of my children now where am I suppose to go please pray for us and now my grandson who I also raise they found a mass on his lung he is 5 yrs old and they are gonna do surgery on him in 4 weeks please much prayer needed for us please GOD is good
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Feels like something is attacking me.
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Just last week we found out a close friend lost his mother to covid. She was a great lady and we haven't had a chance to see her in many years. Please pray for her husband and 2 sons. They have not spoken to each other for years. Also pray for my uncle and aunt. He was diagnosed with ALS last year. I am thankful for the Lord Jesus and for all of your prayers for and my family. Thanks and God bless.
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Please help me pray for my daughter, that she will be healed from the eating disorder that plagues her… That she will get help to overcome the childhood trauma that has caused her to binge eat. Thank you so much for your prayers and I look forward to seeing my daughter healed and whole in Jesus’ name!!
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After lots of prayer and speaking with two Godly women, I decided to launch my business full-time. I've received several confirmations in a week's time. I'm praying that my faith remains strong and that God will provide for ALL of my needs. I tend to go into anxiety attacks when I get concerned about this and my chronic pain becomes much worse. I pray for that as well.
Thank you so much Ladies.
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Both of my children suffer from food allergies, but my daughter has more severe food allergies and is allergic to milk, egg, wheat, nuts, and even poultry. The list continues. It’s very difficult for her socially and when we travel. She is almost 9 and I’ve been praying and hoping ever since she had symptoms as a baby, then diagnosed at 1. The holidays are coming up and I pray my kids are safe, and I pray they are socially happy, but most of all I pray they are HEALED. Thank you for praying.
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My husband and I have been separated for 4 years. He’s an ice addict and has been in and out of my life and our boys lives. He is currently in rehab for the 6th time. Please join me in praying for my husband, the breaking of addiction in his life, that he actually deals with the trauma from his childhood and for him to return to Jesus. Please pray for the restoration of our marriage and family as God designed
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