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Cant afford to keep my house any more so please help me pray for the house to sell for the asking prize, so i can pay it off, and buy a Tiny House and a car ( my car is old and falling apart. ) Also join me on praying for a Christian husband to serve the Lord with. 27 years after my divorse i am finally ready to put my guard down, and my trust in God up, to choose a faithful and real Christian husband for me, to serve Him better. (2 is better than one). Serving God is my biggest desire. He knows our hearts and our needs. In Jesus Christ my Lord I trust
4 prayers
My spouse and I are currently living with his mother and she is not doing well with her actions. I ask that you guys will pray for her and her soul and I also ask that you will pray for me and spouse, that we will find a home for us to move into so that we can gain custody of his son from his previous relationship. Thank you and God Bless
6 prayers
Please pray for my husband to find a job. He has been out of work since December. He was laid off. He does IT work and it’s so hard to find something these days unless you are young and straight out of college. Please pray for us for guidance and faith and for that right opportunity to surface.
8 prayers
Today my husband found out the balance on our credit card. I have kept it from him for many years. I know the depths of my deceit and mistake. He says it will be ok, but it isn’t. Only God can help us. Please pray for us.
10 prayers
Hello, my baby is due within two weeks but probably closer to one week. Please pray for a healthy normal birth for my baby and me and for me to not be anxious. Thank you.
14 prayers
Please pray for my family with faith, health, and peace. I really want my family to follow God more. I want them to trust Him with everything so there is less stress and more joy! Thank you!!!
8 prayers
Please continue to lift me in your prayers. I am struggling with anxiety and a constant state of worry. I have a doctors appointment today at 2:00 to discuss possibly a different medicine to help. I'm having anxiety even thinking about going. Please pray for God to intercede on my behalf to give me peace. I desire nothing more to rid my body of this horrible disease and be the strong confidant woman God designed. Prayers needed!
11 prayers
Please pray for me I'm under a lot of stress, etc. Currently, I'm separated from my husband. He's residing in our marital home.
I know this may seem silly to some. But, last night I noticed one of skirts was missing. I really like this skirt. I'm concerned if he's allowed someone else in our home since I've been gone and they took it? I don't know for certain but, I can't trace it anywhere where I'm currently living. I'm trying not to jump to conclusions or throw out accusations. Please Please pray that my skirt will come to surface for me to get it and that it's not missing, stolen or destroyed. Last night, I looked thru all my clothing to make sure I didn't overlook it. Now my next move is to over to the house to see if I left it there by chance. Also, I'm going to ask my husband has he allowed anyone else in the home? I'm not there so I don't know what's going on. I can't say how well that will go but, I don't know what could have happened to it. Amen. THanks
8 prayers
Thank you for taking the time to pray for me today. I have so much to be thankful for and I have seen God's hand moving in big and mighty ways in my life and all around me. As you pray today, pray that I am able to resist strongholds in my life, that I am able to hear and discern the Voice of God with wisdom , that each step that I take is in line with God's plan for me - that all that I do is to further His kingdom and bring Him glory. My prayer for each of you strong women of God will be the same and I just want to say that I am so thankful for what God is doing through Chocolate and God! Blessings and peace to each of you! <3
7 prayers
Pray for wisdom as I apply for positions and whether to accept positions.
6 prayers

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