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A friend of my fiance has been stuggling with thoughts of suicide this week. She almost attempted it just yesterday and him threatening his own life was the only thing that stopped her. He's trying to help her, but he hasn't been able to get ahold of her most of the day. Please pray that she's safe and that God will pull her through this difficult time.
5 prayers
I have a big engineering test on April 28. This will be my third time taking it.
7 prayers
I pray that I get my kids back soon, I have been away from them for 3 years. I miss them, I have been with an abusive man for 3 years. I just left him, please pray that my boys come home soon.
9 prayers
Please pray for me to have unity and peace iwith my family with husband, adult children, grandkids and (siblings the most.) Complete healing for my sister Helen, peace for my sister Arlene with her Sons so she can see her grandkids
God bless, thank you

9 prayers
My husband has submitted a job for an internal promotion within his company. Please pray with me that this is God's will. We really need this for our family as we NEED this financial blessing.
7 prayers
Her husband was arrested and charged with 62 counts of porography with minors, She is a believer but her faith in humans is so shaken, he betrayed theri marriage and fatherhood. He is getting justice from our law system, I refuse to hate him, I pray God saves him but I prefer he remian jailed for what he has done. She is now subject to CPS visits and proving she is a worthy mom, she is just as much a victim of this and is being exploited by the system. Pray enemy assignments are cancelled and all enemy attacks are stopped in Jesus name. Jesus blood is so powerful, is our only power here. WE MUST pray for our families. I pray for all prayers on this page, in God's time, Will and Way to be heard and answered. He is Sovereign and we are all learning so we must harmonize our prayers my sisters. Thank you and God bless all of you. I love you in Christ. Thank you for this forum Janet!
12 prayers
Pray for custody issues with ex husband and trying to finish college so I can get a career to provide for my two kids. Pray for answers to prayers about custody issues. Going on a 2.5 yr battle doesn’t feel like end is in sight or Gods listening
8 prayers
My friend's granddaughter, Krista, age 29 is hooked on prescription meds. She has lost her job, car, her apartment and now custody of Jayda, age 9 who also needs prayer. Also, another Kristah, on drugs, has lost her RN license, home, marriage.
11 prayers
I posted couple days ago about my son having Strep very often . Due to being a Heart patient we have to be careful being put to sleep. I'm asking that God would remove this sickness from Gentry. And heal him!
12 prayers
Howard family today need some up lifting prayer they lost a relative and the Mother is in Hospital as well .
9 prayers

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