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Please pray for me. I have intrusive thoughts that I can't stop. What if this happens or that...I was never like this until a dr gave me a bad medication. I need healing from this. They want to put me on more medication. I am so scared. In the past, I trusted the Lord and rested in him. Please pray I also need a job that meets our bills.Looking diligently.
7 prayers
Working 36 hours per week, not making enough for bills, medical bills, house A/C broke, car falling apart, and now found water coming under the floor in the bedroom and found black mold in the closet. Have no money for repairs cause everyone wants the money at front, not willing to take payments. Trying my hardest to trust God and hoping for a miracle.
8 prayers
Jesse Terrell asks for prayers regarding his daughter Keri Reed. She fell yesterday and hit her head. Since then she has been unconscious, was in a short-time coma, and is awake now, but he doesn’t have any further details or prognosis. Keri’s family is understandably very concerned. Please pray that our Jesus will intervene and make certain that every facet is covered.
10 prayers
Family in dispute and angry, need prayer and also financial needs as out of work due to hurrican and evacuated... Life is uncertain and scary
13 prayers
I'm requesting overall prayer, finances, etc.. My mind is so disturbed right now it's hard for me to type this prayer
request. It's 3am in the morning. I've been having trouble staying asleep at during the night . Due, to the stress I'm under. Yesterday, someone hit/damaged my car. I can't pin point whether it was an hit and run or damage due to cruelty? I don't know? I didn't notice it til around lunch time yesterday. Which, doesn't exactly mean that's when it happened. I say that cause when I leave in the mornings I just get in on the driver side. I don't know if it happened while I was out yesterday or it happened where I live???? But anyway, my insurance company wants me to pay a deductible before they'll cover the remaining. I have no idea how I'm going to come up with $, find alternate transportation while it's getting repaired. I don't have family where I live, separated from my husband, only 1 close friend but her schedule is different from mine. I'm stressed and worried
12 prayers
Please pray for my marriage. I lost my job and my husband said he isn't sure love is enough for him to stay with me. Please pray I find a job quickly and that my husband stay married to me and not leave me. God bless you. I love him so much.
12 prayers
and to do things that I know I'm supposed to do despite all things and most of all to teach my 10 year old daughter the way..
And please pray that I can do what I need to do despite what my husband does or doesn't do. Please pray that he and my son Antwan and my grandson there's so many in my family develop a heart that is open to his leading and to give and to give me strength.
10 prayers
Pray that my ex will walk away from the children so they will no longer be subjected to drugs, alcohol and pornography. Until my ex gets right with God the children are subjected to some terrible things. Pray for protection on both children and Gods will over all of this.
12 prayers
Our 8 month old has been battling a really high fever since Friday. Please pray that God puts his healing hands on her.
14 prayers
I am awaiting a scholarship for my children to attend a Faith based school. My marriage, needs a renewal..
13 prayers

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