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Please pray for healing in my body and mind. I got a call yesterday from the mammography technician
that the radiologist thought he saw something on my right breast and wants me to come back in to do another
mammogram. My appointment is scheduled for 11/29/2017. I am literally in distraught. Im scared. Ive
been very emotional, hard for me to focus at work, etc. I feel overwhelmed. I could really use the peace of God.
Please pray for good results. Nothing broken or missing in me. In jesus name Amen

1 prayers
Please be with my family as we are dealing with a divorce between my parents. I don’t know who to turn to and I fear I have fallen out of my relationship with God more than I think.
7 prayers
Please pray for a miracle to reconcile relationship. I pray we are both ready, forgiving, different people, humble and emotionally healthy. I need prayers to find closure and peace and resist wrong feelings. I know God has a way. Amen
12 prayers
Please pray he is approved for mohs surgery to be done by surgeon, not by dermatologist! Thank you. God bless
13 prayers
Needing prayers for my husband's job interview this afternoon. This job would be an amazing chance to serve the Lord and that is the desire of his heart. We are also in desperate need of a buyer for the house we moved from almost 3 years ago for a job opportunity 350 miles away. Also, healing for my mother in was she is battling lymphoma. Thank you and God bless!
12 prayers
Please pray for me I am a nervous wreck. I just had my mammogram done. Afterwards, I was told by the technician that I'll
receive a letter in the mail and the results will go to my pcp. Also, she said for the first one you usually get called back for a repeat. That's what scares me. I am so scared
12 prayers
I'm scheduled to have my very first mammogram tomorrow morning. I am so nervous. I'm praying that everything will go well.
Nothing abnormal on my test results. Also, its time for me to have my gynelcological exam next week. Please God, nothing abnormal
on my test results. I'm just so scared and fearful. It like a dreadful spirit. I really need the Lord to go before me in every area of my life
and be with me thru it all. In Jesus name, Amen
11 prayers
Please pray for me to get my life back on track and to finish strong in school! I also have an unspoken prayer as well.
11 prayers
Please pray for custody issues for two young girls. Pray for protection and guidance so they will be safe when visiting their dad and grandmother who are alcoholics and pill poppers and addicted to pornography
Pray for court hearing in December
17 prayers
Please pray for my son and his wife she has moved out and said she lives him but is not in love with him. They are both church going Christians God just needs to intercede.
14 prayers

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