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Please pray for my 13 yo so Jack that just started a church camp today and will be there til Friday. Prayer for his salvation, for him to form strong bonds with other Christian kids (it's so hard to get him to want to get involved in church because he doesn't know anyone) and for God's spirit to move on All those kids. Thank you.
2 prayers
We are struggling financially, we have two restaurants, inventory,equipment that could be sold or rented that just sits. I am ready to do this but my husband is stalling please pray for him to seek wisdom first with God but also that he would ask other businessmen for advice . God has provided I pray my husbands eyes will be openned and he will take action.
5 prayers
My son and his family will be traveling this week on vacation. Prayers for safe travel!
4 prayers
Please pray for some stress I have at work that is worrying me and making me physically ill
9 prayers
I praying for my husband to find an amazing paying full time job, that he loves & wants to go to everyday ! He has worked for him self with his brother for years some times they go weeks with out work , I work full time but don't make enough to cover all our bills. I have never lived in a unsafe area before but have had to for the past 2 years. We can't get out of this area Bc of work to save to move. I'am asking / believing for God to bless my husband with a amazing paying full time job. So he will be glad to get up & look forward to going to work Bc it will get us out of this area & into the area we want. In the name of Jesus!! Thank u all for your prayers.
9 prayers
I have been saved from the age of 10, I rededicated my life & gave it all to the Lord 4 years ago, my husband & I have been together for 15 years & 2 mo. But we have only been married 5 years 6 on Dec. He went to the alter 3 years ago for prayer, he said he redecorated his life but he still hasn't surrendered his whole heart to the lord. He only did it for me to come back to him. we where split at that time but going to church & canceling for marriage. We fuss & fight our the bumpiest things that shouldn't madder! My husband drinks everyday. He doesn't want to, but doesn't know how to stop on his own I know he loves & believes in God !!! He has the most amazing heart when he isn't drinking . But changes into a person I don't care for when he drinks. I'am asking for his total healing, that he fall to his knees & surrender all. He Can't go a day with out praying/ reading Gods word, with me Day & night! To be the head of our marriage & love me as he loves The church. Thank u !
7 prayers
My husband use to be an decon and elder in church. He has turned his back on God and me. He flat out don't care anymore. All started with procrastination and depression. He won't do anything about it. It affects the family. He doesn't think so. He has completely shut down. I do everything around here now. I don't have a partner in life. He comes and goes without telling me anything. I tried and tried to talk to him but he just wants to be left alone,meaning, not be accountable or responsible for anything. I am lonely but hanging in there , for what reason, I don't know. I do know this is not working.
14 prayers
Two weeks ago my husband decided he needed to take a break and it was to be for two weeks however he has decided he will not come back at the moment. I please pray for us both that the Lords will will done for us both and our marriage.
11 prayers
Please, keep DEJAN J. and me in continued prayers for:
Improvement, developing and deepening of our relationship; STRENGTHENING OF OUR LOVE;
For GOD’S PROTECTION, BLESSINGS and LEADING of our relationship, so that we grow into strong Christian couple and get married soon.
Thank you for all your prayers
Wish you all the blessings
Katarina from Belgrade
9 prayers
My daughter, Katie, is seeking emotional and behavioral help for her son, Aiden, who is only five years old. She has an appointment tomorrow morning for him with a behavioral health agency. Katie has tried everything in order to not resort to meds but that seems to be the path she'll need to take to begin the healing and get Aiden the help he needs. Please pray for this situation and that the correct meds and dosage will be prescribed so that Aiden can successfully begin Kindergarten late August. Thank you so much and may God meet your needs today and bless you for praying for my sweet grandson and my daughter, his exhausted mom!
12 prayers

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