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Thank you for all your prayers. God is so awesome. CAT scan was clean. Cancer free! Praise the mighty healer.
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My husband was diagnosed with AML 3 years ago today and passed away February 26,2015. I have made the decision to sell our home of 10 years for something smaller.. Praying for The Lord to send the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom and guidance through this process...
4 prayers
Pulled muscle yeasterday Afternoon. It's moved to right side. Prayers for relief. Thank you
7 prayers
Our daughter is very passionate about volleyball and was blessed to be able to play her freshman and sophomore years of college. Going into her junior year, she has dealt with some health issues, including some cardiac concerns initially, and vertigo from a previous concussion. Once cleared to play, she developed rhabdomyolysis, which could have been very serious. Thankfully she is recovering - but it is slow. She has been medically redshirted this year. Please pray, as I do, for the Lord's will first and foremost. Please pray for her physical and spiritual strength, for healing, and for her to be able to return to the sport she loves her senior year. She has always used volleyball as a balance for a heavy school work load, and is trying hard to cope with this change. She trusts God but her faith is being tested, and she is weary. Heartfelt thanks for prayers and for being able to share this! It's emotionally hard to see your children go through such hard times.
9 prayers
Please pray for my son Tobias, he is leaving for the army on October 2. I know the LORD will protect him. Pray for the men and women that are serving, retired,the one's like my son that are about to join. Thank You, GOD Bless
7 prayers
I am losing hope. Hope in healing & restoration. My husband is an addict & has relapsed multiple times. His recovery has lasted as little as 2 weeks to as long as 9 months. He makes me feel guilty for lacking trust but then turns around & falls back into temptation. I love him dearly & our kids adore him but I am tired. Tired of fighting, tired of trying, tired of never knowing when or if he will be home, just tired. I believe that God placed us together & don't believe in divorce but I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I just started a new job because I can't depend on the money that he should be providing, but I am afraid that I am going to lose my job bc he has the 1 car we have & I can't get in touch with him. I know God provides & protects His children. I know that God is teaching me to trust Him & to rely solely on Him. I just need strength to get through this. My husband is a believer but I am afraid that if he keeps pushing God, the consequence will be death.
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Please pray for my oldest daughter, Katie, 39, who was raised learning and hearing about Jesus. It's a long story, but Katie had her first baby at 17 and went on to have five more children and only the two youngest have the same biological father. Katie isn't married and none of the men are involved in the children's lives which, in one sense, is a good thing because none of them are good role models and live less than appropriate lives. Katie takes the two youngest, little boys 5 & 6, to church most Sundays and she herself goes as well but is lost in the crowd with no accountability so continues her worldly lifestyle which includes sex and pot with yet another boyfriend. Sometimes I feel as if my heart has taken all it can take as, year after year, I watch this drama continue yet I know our Lord is faithful to finish the work He began. Please pray for God to open Katie's eyes and also to protect the children through the lifestyle that is theirs because of my daughter. Thank you!
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My daughter has gotten in with the wrong crowd. She has left our home and we don't know where she is. She is turning away from God and doing things that are harmful to her. I pray for her to turn back to God and seek Him. I pray the Holy Spirit can work in her heart so the blinders can be lifted from her eyes. I pray the foul language they are using will be putrid to her ears. I pray she turns to God for the help and comfort she needs, so she can come back to our family safely.
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A friend of mines' mom Joan , has ovarian cancer. If clinical trial doesn't work, she will have two months to live. Please pray for strength for her and family as she receives chemo and wait for decisions. Also wisdom and guidance for doctor's. Please pray for God's will if she is a candidate for clinical trial! God bless!
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His memory is starting to fade. He has not been diagnosed with dementia but doctors are working with his meds to see I they could be causing any problem. They have taken him off sleep meds and is not sleeping. So his days are not good. Thank you
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