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I'm torn between money and happiness... I make great money where I am now, but very stressed and unhappy only been at this job 2+weeks and I feel sick to my stomach going in every morning bc of various reasons. I love what I do, but I just don't love the atmosphere I am in. And I got offered another job (that I have worked in the past and know I'd be happy coming in to work) but its a huge pay cut... A half pay cut.... So I'm torn between being able to financially help provide for my family or make way less and be happy, and afraid of the financial trouble this may cause. I have prayed for God to show me the best move but he's been quiet so far.
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Please lift up my daughter. She is feeling a lot of pressure, as her freshman year away at college is coming to an end. Pray for wisdom and strength for her young soul. Also pray that she will find a summer job that will appreciate her needs and talents.
I also need prayer for the season I am going through. It has been uncomfortable finding myself divorced and an empty nester, but it has brought me closer to my Father. I pray for continued peace and that there is a Godly man out there for me.
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Pray for final court hearing coming up over custody. Also please pray for my younger child she’s having nightmares EVERY night and is “afraid of the dark” her bedroom looks like a description of the old song Every Light In The House Is On yet she’s still scared. Pray for upcoming move I’m doing to get away from controlling ex. I need guidance and peace.
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Please pray that God will do a miracle. I am currently in a city with a housing boom and rent has gone way up. I can't find a place to live but have to move soon from the place I am currently at.
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Please pray for me as I face allegations at my work. Pray that God will give me peace and comfort as I wait patiently for the truth to come out. Praise Him that fight my battles for me!
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My son will be having surgery on Wednesday at MUSC. Prayers for the doctors and nurses. Prayers of peace for Logan and his wife. Prayers for a successful surgery and complete recovery. Thank you!
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I am asking for prayers as my job search continues, i ask that somebody would give me a chance and offer me the job, and if the they did that it would be the right place that I should be, also that my two girls would understand why I have to go back to work and that they will find peace and would be ok with their nana for a little while each day!
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My family is in desperate need of prayer right now. We are currently dealing with custody/legitimation issues. My mother-in-law is an alcoholic and she is currently in danger of losing her home. Please pray and declare victory over these situations. We ask that you will pray for her healing and declare victory for us in Jesus name. God bless you all.
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A friend of my fiance has been stuggling with thoughts of suicide this week. She almost attempted it just yesterday and him threatening his own life was the only thing that stopped her. He's trying to help her, but he hasn't been able to get ahold of her most of the day. Please pray that she's safe and that God will pull her through this difficult time.
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I have a big engineering test on April 28. This will be my third time taking it.
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