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I am asking for prayers that God will open a door for employment for me when the time is right. Prayers for a wonderful opportunity and for the Lord’s help and guidance. Thank you
6 prayers
I am 11 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby and I’m so thankful for this gift of life. I would like to ask for prayer for my baby’s health along with my physical and mental health throughout this pregnancy.
6 prayers
My daughter has recently moved out on her own. She is not living the Christian life she was raised in. It is so hard to watch and not call her out on it.
10 prayers
I have been dealing with my husband who has been sleeping on the couch for almost 2 years now. He has totally separated himself emotionally from me and a lot of times our 3 children. Some new signs indicate a possible other person or pornography. I have asked him to let me see his phone activity and any occasion I am told no and that something could be misconstrued. I am so confused, hurt and heartbroken. I really need prayers for guidance and peace.
10 prayers
Please pray that God will bless my sister to pass her exams to become a certified teacher. She is planning to take her exam this month. Also, to give her wisdom, peace and understanding. Prayers that God will save her & my niece. Help her to be a great mother. God will give her his perfect will concerning her life. Amen. Thanks
12 prayers
Please pray that God will grant me with unmerited favor. Also, that he will give me clarity to hear his voice when he's speaking to me. I've been saved for quite sometime yet, I don't know how God speaks to me. Another thing, I have trouble understanding his word. Amen. Thank you
10 prayers
I have been searching for a home to buy for my children and I for quite some time now. A month ago we found the perfect house only to find out that the type of home loan I've been pre-approved for would not work since it's USDA. This further led me to finding out that the city we want to move to, does not accommodate that loan and we would have to live on the outskirts of it. This left me so heartbroken because we have been looking for along time and eveytime I think we are one step closer something happens. If I can be honest I'm simply tired of looking and I'm just ready to move into a house that we can call our own home. There have also been alot of changes on my job and I've been talking to God for awhile concerning how we are being treated. I have put myself through college and yet I'm not in the career roll that I should be at right now nor am I making anywhere near the income I should be... even though I go above and beyond on my job promotion has not come. Prayer for a husban
13 prayers
Today is the day my son’s family should get their Covid-19 test results. They were possibly exposed to the virus by their young babysitter.
Thankfully she is recovering without any major issues and should be able to care for the children again soon so my son and his wife can continue to work peacefully from home.
Keep praying for all of us to realize how easy it is to spread this virus to loved ones, friends and innocent bystanders. God bless all folks working in dangerous professions that are so necessary for us all at this time.
19 prayers
Lately I have really been struggling with anxiety and fear. I know fear is not from Christ and worry is a sin but I’m struggling bad. It’s to the point I don’t want to attend Church anymore because I feel like an awkward outsider who does not belong. I feel so weird and alone . I have a hard time trusting others and being vulnerable so I tend to be socially awkward and feel no one understands me. Why do I feel so rejected ? The enemy constantly injects lies like “ God doesn’t love you” “ You’re weird, nobody likes you” and “God can’t use someone like you! You’re slow” I pray for revelation of my freedom in Christ and who I am in Christ. Lord please don’t let satan steal my destiny.
17 prayers
Please control the corona virus so my Lord and Husband and I can be more present s each other’s lives. I crave his touch but we are physically separate by a couple cities. Also satisfy and bless the activities daily in this household. Lessen the desire of my mom to control my life. Continue to bless the gardening efforts we do. Conform my mind to the influence of the Holy Spirit and introduce me to new spiritual pastimes. Heal and optimize my mind and body. Bless all my contacts with perseverance. Bless the mail carriers that they correctly deliver packages. Make it possible for a part time job in the near future for me. Help me with getting .through temptation so I can rest without a regretful troubled thought at bedtime. Awaken me early with a satisfying slumber so I can greet the day with energy. Bless mom with dreams of pop. May I be less wasteful and more clean. Bless our pets with continuing good health. Replenish the world’s nature and animals that have been destroyed. Amen.
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