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Father, please forgive me for reacting and not handling the situation between Ben and myself very well. Ben is an alcoholic and often times hard to deal with when he is inebriated. I said some mean things I should not have said; I am sorry. I so much want him to be healed from his problem; I don't think he realizes how my heart breaks for him. Ben is a friend but acts like anything other than a friend when he is inebriated; this is why I have such a hard time dealing with him. As my friend I love and care about him, but I just cannot let him take advantage of my kind nature when he is drunk. I think yesterday I had just had my limit; please God forgive me. Help us to rectify the problem between us; as my friend I do care about him.
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I am asking for prayer for my anxiety and stress level. I have 2 alcoholic men who live over me who are inebriated ALL the time. They are rude, inconsiderate and keep me up all hours of the night. I am a very long term resident, yet management will do nothing about it. I am 70 years old and cannot afford to move. Please pray about this situation; I am at wits end and losing hope for any peace of mind. Thank you for praying..
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Bronchitis and it has turned into a head congestion, throat sore sick since Wednesday morning. Need to get mess dried up so I can feel better .
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Please pray that God will bless me with an great job working remotely. With excellent pay, benefits, 401k, pto, and much more with an great company who values and goes above and beyond for their employees. I really have the desire to work from home. Praying for God's Favor over my life,
Luke 2:52. Amen and Thank you
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We have 2 beautiful & intelligent teenage girls. The oldest has been saved and baptized, However our youngest (13) has recently said she doesn't want to go to church or that she believes in Jesus. In school they teach heavily on creation being not of God. My husband and I read the Bible and pray for our girls. I attempted to tell her all of the stars and planets are created by God and Christmas is about his son. Please pray for our family and our girls. I have tried not to cry in front of her. It just hurts in my soul to think of her going to hell. Thanks.
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After 2 years of conflict with my ex-husband, I pray that God enlightens his heart and mind to be able to live together in peace for the sake of our 2-year-old-girl or separate in peace. He wants to take full custody of her and deprive me of her as am from different country. Things have been difficult on me. I wish a miracle could happen and this whole nightmare ends. Amen!
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This single mom is very confused. I have no idea what God wants me to do about my job. I’m so stressed out everyday and dreading going to work everyday. I’m having issues with my ex husband. I’m worn down. Pray for help and deliverance please!
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I want the favor of God in my life as well as a closer walk with him my family needs healing from mental illness a d panic and anxiety attacks prayer of praise the lord has provided a car for me I need the finances to take driving lessons to get my liscense back I know that God is a way maker
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Now he want eat please pray for him to be heal
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I'm requesting prayer that God will come thru for me. I just recently moved this past week. I'm overwhelmed and exhausted. The place has some areas that need to be repaired. Praying that God will touch the landlord/property manager's heart to get this place in shape without giving me a hard time. I just recently paid first month's rent and a deposit. Which, I'm trying to recover financially as well. Amen. Thanks
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