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Marie Greenwood
Please pray for me & my hubby (Remi)'s bodies, as we are in our 50s, going thru changes & doing our best to eat better & cleaner, as well as intermittent fasting as our lifestyle for the past month, so far. Also pray that we are lead by God to our new apartment that we truly have a hearts desire to move to in SC when our lease is up in December, as it is very affordable & has all the laid back peaceful amenities in a lovely neighborhood of nature. Pray that we stay working together doing our current job of deliveries & keep making the amount to pay our necessities with left over to share with others. I thank you in the Name of Jesus, AMEN! :)
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My husband’s heart is so hard against me. I am so tired of having to “learn lessons”....weather they are unspoken or vocal. I am currently being mentally punished for voicing my opinion & now he refuses to acknowledge me or service my car. He use to be an amazing Christians man but turned from God. I think he is bipolar. Pray God softens his heart toward me. Thank you all , God bless you & love your families.
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I ask for pray at this time, I’m broken and lost. My family is torn and my life is a mess. I’m soo alone. A few big decisions need to be made, I ask for wisdom, courage and strength. Please fill my heart with the answers, for the steps I need to take.
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daughter having pain in her hands, son pain in arm andjoints, mary having joint pain and stiffness in left knee and bladder problems
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Requesting prayer for wisdom and guidance. Going to be moving soon their is still some loose ends that need to be tied up prior to transition. In terms of, finding good reliable people to help me move. That won't take advantage of me, charge me a ton of money, etc.. Honestly, don't want to use a broker moving service. Their are so many scammers out here. I need a team who has great communication skills, honest, reliable, hard working, pleasant, etc.. Praying for an safe, smooth transition to and from. None of my items won't be damaged, etc.. In addition, trying to decide where exactly I'm going to move to (residence) Amen. Thanks
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I'm requesting prayer. Just dealing with a lot. Not to mention, feeling overwhelmed. I'm in transition, etc
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Please pray for me to have guidance, my marriage of 40 years has no life in it! We are room mates separate hobbies, bedrooms no conversations it just in a really bad place and I don’t want it to be this way! I also have a friend that proceeds his love for me snd I took it as love as a friend, but now I realize that it’s more than that for him! He knows I’m married and I don’t discuss my issues with him, but he does tempt me because he treats me like a Queen!
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My marriage is on the rocks. I am trying to focus on Christ but it just seems like it just keeps getting worse. I have 3 children who are struggling through it too. I just need encouragement to keep going. Some days are just so hard. Please pray for strength and for our kids to see Jesus and for me to look to God when the hard moments hit.
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I ask for prayer ... I'm at a time in my life where I am lost, stuck and stagnant ... I pray for wisdom, direction and a miracle to bless this situation ... there has to be a way from here ... guide my heart and help me to recognise and do what I can
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