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Please stand in agreement with me in prayer I am praying for Stacy she gas two friends Donna and Lisa who are alcoholics and they are dragging Stacy down that road and she wants sobriety I am praying that God will place Stacy in a hedge of protection and remove Donna and Lisa from her life and I pray that God will help Donna and Lisa to stop drinking I am praying that God will open stacys eyes and she will see that these friends are bad news and turn her back on them and repent of her sin with alcohol and I pray that God will block these woman from Stacy it's in Jesus name I pray Amen I pray that Stacy will lean on Jesus to help her remove alcohol from her life its in Jesus name I pray Amen
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Lord please bless all saints highly until Your Return always in Jesus Christ's Name Amen.
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i really want to be a prefect in 12 standard class , so please pray i become one , please i really want to become one
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Please pray God keeps my work protected and lasting as I do my best and know this in my heart.
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Pray to God according to Joshua 1:8, Joshua 23:14, & I Kings 8:56
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Please pray for my unborn Grandson. Doctors say he has heart issues, and his mothers (Angelica) water has broke. She is in the hospital until he (River) is born. Please pray for his healing (that he will be born with no heart issues) and that he will be born alive and well despite the amniotic sac leaking. Also for strength and wisdom for his Father Michael as well as his unsaved mother Angelica. In Jesus name - thank you Amen.
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Pray that my sister will break up with the man she is dating. He is not interested in the Lord, he drinks, and I feel he is pulling her down spiritually. He doesn't seem interested in going to church, and she isn't going, either. And she's a born again Christian.
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Please pray my mother doesn't make get get this injection, it will make me really sick and she refuses to me, her own son.
7 prayers
Pray for Dj for normal blood pressure and no more headaches or discomfort in head. Pray for him to be healed and protected by God.
7 prayers
Please pray for me monisha and my husband name Anand please pray for our relationship please we r living separate god should change his my husband mind and we should lead happy life husband should accept me and take to his home please pray for that
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