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Mom is experiencing a lot of health problems and has an appointment with a doctor this week. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor and medical staff who will be seeing her. And please pray that whatever the issues are, she can be cured without any surgery or hospital stay. Please pray that she’ll fully recover from these conditions and be able to enjoy a lot more years with our family in good health. Matthew 18:19, John 14:13
2 prayers
Pray for my friend Marsha 🙏 needs a healing God took Thoses Stripes for everybody healing
4 prayers
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

- I pray that Rachel will regain her faith, love and zeal for God, go to church, serve and be well, that she loves and heals us, that we stay in touch, that the Lord restores all marriages , work miracles in our lives, fast as much as possible, that we reconcile, never harden ourselves, lie, smoke, sin or be adulterous, to find a job, deliver us from fear, from worldliness, fast the possible, to strengthen ourselves, not to put ourselves under yokes, not to let ourselves be judged, to find discipline, to be happy, to wait three months, to expatriate ourselves, to confess our healings, to have good seasons, to succeed in a teaching competition and my studies/exams, to be better in English, to redo internships, to give thanks, to manage emotions and stress, to grow with Christ, not to hide things or be oppressed and to be independent. May he bless our finances and break our ties, give us support and families, regain strength and rest, not go to hos
1 prayers
Pray for me my enemies want to destroy me without cause.
5 prayers
I am still fervently Praying that Roy's heart will soften towards me and come back to me. Praying God will remove the scales from his eyes to view me the way he used to and come back in my life for love and Marriage I can't think of anything else to pray but this and let me be prepared when he does come back so I am ready and better not bitter. Thanks Believing for his return for our future
3 prayers
My husband of 37 years recently blindsided me and moved out. I lost him, my house, my job, my church, and where I lived, a new city 100 miles away with no one I know.
I desire to get through this and glorify God. I am thankful to be saved since 2002.
Thanks for any scriptures, thoughts, and prayers.
Thank you for allowing me to pray.
6 prayers
Please continue to pray for me over employment issues , the lord knows what they are and I feel very stressed over them . It’s been stressful in the environment and I know this is a true test to see if I’m a believer , Thankyou lord for these trying times ,only you will lead me down the correct path …amen
5 prayers
URGENT Please pray for healing for my husband respiratory infection with complications low oxygen level for so long for my children grandchildren LH Rosy Lino for me for spiritual emotional and physical healing thank you
5 prayers
Hi, I would like you to pray for me as I have my final nursing exam in a few days and I really want to PASS. Thanks in advance.
9 prayers

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