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Thank you so very much and bless you for all the prayers for me. My heart is grateful.

If you are willing, may I please ask that you now pray for my uncle Samir?...
He just went into the hospital tonight and he is being told he needs open-heart-surgery.

Please, please pray for a miracle,
for perfect restoration of perfect health,
upon my wonderful uncle Samir.

God bless you, and thank you!

2 prayers
My wife of 20 years October 10th, filled "D" papers and has kicked me out for the same thing she did and I forgave her and didn't try to divorce her. Father I have asked for forgiveness and repented. Please Lord only You can soften her heart towards me. Father let her be reminded of the good and the Love we share. 
4 prayers
I am asking prayer for my husband that God will heal his hurt and help usto rebuild our marriage relationship. We have struggled through years of unhealthy patterens and it caused much emotional pain. I know God is working and we are seeking Him.
Thank you .
10 prayers
Pray for my husband Mark that God will build a hedge of protection around him and that he will keep him safe. Please pray God will bring him back home free and clear to his children and I very soon.
8 prayers
Please pray for my daughter for her peace, strength, happiness and marriage. Please pray that the boy will accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and received deliverance. Thank you for your prayers in advance.
10 prayers
Please pray that God blesses me with a great job very soon. I've been searching so long for the perfect job and it's been taking a long time. Please pray that he blesses me with a job where I love what I do, earn great money, have an easy commute and succeed and thrive in my career. Thank you and bless you, Pete.
6 prayers
Please pray for favor for me to receive full time employment in my field. I have had some obstacles lately that feel unfair and I need God's grace for that.
9 prayers
I am supposed to have a meeting with my boss on Thursday, October 19 at 11 AM Pacific time I'm so scared she's going to fire me and I deserve it because I spoke disrespectful towards her so she suspended me for the month of October but wants to meet with me on Thursday and I'm afraid she's going to fire me. I asked God to forgive me and work on my character and please to keep me in this job. I'm so scared.
7 prayers
Please pray for healing of terrible hormonal imbalance symptoms. Please pray especially for severe anxiety, bad heart palpitations, depressed moods, mood swings and poor sleep.
13 prayers
Please help me... I am getting recurring nightmares, each one seeming to be more terrifying than the last. I can't fall asleep out of sheer terror.
18 prayers

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