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 Lord, I ask and pray that you will keep Eric safe, blessed and protected. Please keep Eric from all harm and evildoers. Cover him in your blood Jesus. Guide him daily. Help him to prosper. Lord I ask that you keep this man safe from the moment he rises in the morning until he sleeps. Protect him lord from his head to his feet. Keep Eric around for his children. Lord Eric means so much to me and our daughter. I just pray that you help him live a long life full of peace, joy, happiness and fulfillment. Lord no matter what, please always show Eric how much he means to me and to his children and to the rest of his family along with those who truly care for him. Help Eric to live a better life. Show Eric that love is still in my heart for him. I ask and pray for your favor, mercy and grace that you keep Eric protected and blessed all the days of his life. Amen
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My face is suffering from nerve pain from a bad case of shingles. I am in so much pain 24/7. Nothing has worked and I have not slept well in weeks. Please help intercept in the name of Jesus to heal me completely.
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I’m requesting prayer for my daughter to be delivered from alcoholism. She’s 32 years old and suffers from emotional pain and trauma in her life I believe that’s why she’s drinking. We also lost my youngest son tragically. She blames herself for this when it wasn’t her fault. Please pray for her healing and deliverance. She has young children and they have witnessed recently their mother spiraling out of control. Thank you and God bless.
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I'm scared of some people in the world who might have reason to want to hurt me if they got me alone. This is preventing me from getting a job and leaving an equally distressing housing situation. I met someone who genuinely loves me and we are separated. I'm just praying for a miracle.
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Please pray for me
I have gone through some test in our hospital they are saying that I am suffering from cancer so to comform my husband has gone to Mumbai to do some test the by taking the sample of the biopsy so please pray for me that the test reports may come negative and let there be blessing of God upon us
And I will fill strong from in side
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Guidence and to show me his will and for forgiveness.
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Myron martin protection strenght health shaye martin place to live transportation , anita c martin car legal battles Brittany a ross protection health help with kids tulsa Oklahoma Kandice f buck job .Holdenville, oklahoma
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Hey amen can my dad come back
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Please continue to pray for me concerning any legal concerns that i may have to face and that all has been laid to rest from last year , and removed from the minds of those who would harm me.
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I pray that Josh comes to an understanding with Monica and will someday contact Monica.
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