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Please pray for my husband , that all charges will be dropped and that he will be returned home with his wife and kids , because he made a mistake and has never been in trouble before. That the judge see this and give him a chance In Jesus name I pray.
Please pray for us as , I am also praying for you .
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Please pray for my family that there will be restoration between my husband and parents. That a unity will be brought within the relationship. Also that God heals my husband from the hurts from family and church. Be in prayer that every family members’ heart and eyes be open to one another to bring a peace and Joy especially during this time of holidays and celebrations.

Thank you
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Please pray for my Father Claro Avila Sr. from Philippines. Please pray to restore all damage in his body organ, brains because of his Stroke. My Father is already discharged in our public hospital. Its hard for our family to provide all expenses for his medicines and miscellaneos like diapers and daily oxygen refil. Please pray for him to recover on this situation. Please give strenght also to my family hope that everyone have more patients to take care of him. God bless everyone and thank you for your prayers and support.
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Desperate for prayer for my marriage. It has been 6 months since my husband left. He is in a mid life crisis. Please pray for God to soften his heart and open his eyes before it is too late. My heart is broken and crushed.
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My family and I recently moved from Oregon to Arizona in the hope of starting a new life with friends and eventually family. We had lost our home to some shady landowners that sold it from under us leaving us homeless. We used the last of our money to make the trip to stay with our friends. Now it's been 2 months with no sign of letting up. Myself and our family is getting kicked out of our friends home since I can not find employment in the area, we are going to lose our on mode of transportation, and these friends are needing money or they will hold our belongs for ransom until we have paid. I need help and a miracle to do this within two weeks or we are homeless.
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Please pray for total healing of tonsil cancer and OCD to be healed and for a total healing of Parkinsons for my friend-thank you in Jesus name
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There's a young woman who has been raped by her uncle for 10 years and it's still going on. He threatens to kill her if she tells anyone. She doesn't believe in Jesus and she is hopeless&may commit to suicide. There is urgent need for Jesus to help her and stop that
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Please pray for the healing of my family members' estrangement from each other. Pray for my physical healing of a sleep disorder. God bless you.
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I need prayer for a physical healing on my body. I’m praying so heard for a supernatural miraculous healing of my body. God is all powerful and all it takes is a small touch of his finger.
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My mother is in bad condition! She recently suffered a stroke, and has been hospitalized. The stroke was actually caused by intense withdrawals from alochol (she was getting her life back on track and had stopped drinking and smoking.)

Because of her stroke she now has horrible memory problems and hallucinates. She also can no longer walk because she was so weak.

Please pray that the Lord performs a miracle and restores her memories and gives her back her ability to walk. Also please pray that she stays off alochol and cigarettes and will recieve no more further damage from them ever again!
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