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Please Pray & Agree With Me... I have a former housemate who has fallen back into addiction and is in a dark place right now. He is living away from God and has moved in with someone who feeds his addiction instead of helping him. He is currently not working and spends each day in his addiction. My prayer is that He is reminded WHOSE he is and that God has a plan and purpose to his life. I bind up the enemy and the strongholds he has put in place. I rebuke their power in Jesus’ name! This man is saved by grace and by His stripes, he will be healed and freed from his addiction. Let him feel he is loved by God and forgiven! In Jesus’ Name!
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Please pray for my mom, her name is Grace, she has congestive heart failure. Her heart as be acting up and retaining water. Doctors have tweaked her meds but she get exhausted really easily. I would like to ask for prayer for complete healing. I know there isn’t anything impossible for God. I know that God is still on the throne and that He still answers prayers. Thank you
5 prayers
My mother is suffering from cancer in breast, lung, bone, and brain. Kindly pray for her. Mother's Name - Janak dulari Age - 49 year
4 prayers
I need prayers to be motivated, productive and have a routine. I have no pleasure in doing things and it makes me sad and depressed. I am tired of being a grown up and not responsible, wasting time, addicted to electronics, and not active. I need God to intervene in my life. Amen
3 prayers
Dr. just called, have a nodule in left lung, cat scan will be done, please pray this in non cancerous.
Know God is in full control, but I would appreciate anyone taking time to pray for me.
May you be blessed as you pray for me.
5 prayers
I believe in the power of prayer, I know that we have the authority in Christ to loose on earth what is available to us in heaven. I'm praying for my nephew David to be redeemed from the clutches of the devil, he is struggling with mental illness, severe depression, drugs, alcohol, & criminal activity. He is only 20 and my sister kicked him out, it's been hard as she has been co-dependent, but has to be strong. He got into a verbal fight with my brother and he also has a warrant out for stealing from his friends house. The chaos cloud that surrounds him is a full on assault from the enemy, but I know David has a good heart & will be able to turn his life around when he hits bottom, Jesus will meet him. I know a revival is coming to America for our youth! David will be one who will be in the family of God as a true witness to those who are in darkness, he will share God's light of hope one day, PLEASE JOIN ME IN BELIEVING IN GOD'S PROMISE of salvation for my nephew, AMEN! Thank you <3
6 prayers
My husband moved out on Saturday and filed for divorce. I really am distraught, and want him back home. Please stand in agreement in prayer that he will feel conviction to come home and that God corrects his crooked path. Praying that he will resist his flesh desires that are a sin. Also I had a foster baby that was ruled back to her dad, he beat the mom up and now CPS is calling me about the background of when I had her, I would love to have her back in my home safe and loved, but she is 9 hours away, pray that God brings her back to a safe loving home back with me.
6 prayers
On 2-21-18 Rosemary had bypass surgery for both femoral arteries being 100% blocked. The surgery was a success. The downside is she suffers from COPD. She came off of the breathing machine yesterday afternoon but there is a problem with blood gases because of the COPD. Pray for her lung function to improve and be healed completely. Also pray for her son Billy who is with her.
6 prayers
Please pray for God to have mercy on me. To protect me from my foolishness and to bring me closer to Jesus.
8 prayers
We have one enemy coming from Egypt & another kind within the country. We're also surrounded by Muslim fanatics. Please pray that God will draw the hearts of ALL Ethiopians to Him, our eyes to be fixed on Him, to surrender to Him, so that we can stand on the side of our Mighty & Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that God will destroy the spirit of Nazi and Pharaoh and turn every plan of the devil for His glory! Pray that Egypt will not side/help or exploit one ethnic's desire to attack the Semitic speaking of Ethiopians as it did in the past. May Jesus, Lord of lords, God of gods , King of kings reign over Ethiopia, Our neighboring countries and our enemies. May all our pain, anger and struggle be turned to incenses of praises to God the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. May the devil and his armies be put to shame and rotten in hell forever!
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