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Please pray for my mom Jean, who has a recurrence of cancer. Thank you so much and God Bless.
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I need prayers that my marriage will hold together. My husband is considering divorce and we have such a great life the last 14 years. We need to work on communication and intimacy, but I'm not sure if he wants to put the work in or if he's given up. We need all the prayers i can get. Thank you!!!!!!!
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Please pray that my 17 year old daughter would be delivered from a long season of evil attack and would desire to attend school again and be successful in her new school. Thank you
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Please pray for stronger faith and belief in what God he's recently promised my husband and I. We have been waiting to move and also on several other things. We are very hope ful and trust that God's timing is best. Please also pray for healing for sleep issues and severe sinus issues. Thank you. I believe in healing. Recently my husband prayed for me and I now have no more leg pain. It was very severe and greatly affected my life. Praise God
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Please join us in prayer for our son Daniel. He is addicted to opioids and is currently taking Suboxone. Please help us pray for him to turn to God for complete healing, mind, body and soul. We are extremely distressed and are desperately needing Gods peace. Thank you
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I am asking for prayer that the rest of my upper teeths get pulled out sooner than the end of next month, so the dentist can help me with the upper dentures. I just want this process over with so we can make plans for my lower teeth.
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Please pray for me, I need direction and clarity on a relationship. I keep seeing red flags and I am not sure if I am imagining it or if there is reason for concern.
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That the Lord protects and conquers the devil in Joan Tim colleen john biller and there friends and family according to his will and grows them in whatever they need
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She whispers to a friend and they laugh and watch me walk by. Without my consent, she takes pictures of me with her cell phone and laughs. I don’t know what she does with this or who she sends them to. She definitely does not have my permission. She is in a couple of my classes A week and I dread them. I have tried to be nice to her but this seems to fuel the fire. I am trying not to be intimidated by her. But I pray for God’s protection, deliverance, healing of my heart and light in the darkness. Please pray the enemy will no longer use her to destroy me. I’m just ready to give up and I need God’s help. Please pray for me.
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I'm pregnant and got sick. Need prayers for healing and a healthy baby. Thank you :)
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