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Desperately seeking employment to support my family. I just left a position of over two decades for personal reasons. I have looked into public sector with the county government in where I reside. In past year I have submitted over 200 applications and only have had two interviews. I am shocked on this result. Over two decades experience in previous position and a college graduate. The vast majority of positions applied for I am truly qualified but no success. I filed discrimination charge concerning my age mid 50's and no success. I do not know what else to say. I ask for your prayers and that I be victorious both in my employment search and my complaint. Amen
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I am truly in need of your prayers. I am having problems with former federal employer of 25+ years concerning awards, benefits, leave, monies, etc., etc,. It is the same blockage, malice and uncooperation as in my career. I do not understand their disregard of items that I earned and obtained throughout my career. I have even had to contact my congressperson on this matter. I ask of your prayers and that God address this matter as Romans 12:19. Amen
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Please Dear Lord, bring me the right Dentist, To get my work done! Erase my fear, Thank YOU! Guide him to me!
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I’m really hurting. It hurts to be unwanted and so very alone. I’ve been faithful and have served. I’ve sought Him. I thought God would provide. It hurts to be forgotten.
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I don't want to be alone anymore. Please pray for me to have strength to talk to girls if that is my problem. Pray for a woman to come into my life. I am getting too old and have no desire to continue to be alone.
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Please pray that I will be saved. That I will accept God's love. That I will make better choices for myself. That I will become an honest, honorable, responsible and respectful man of God. Thank You God Bless You
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I am very much in love with a girl that I want to be in a relationship with and I'm hoping for God's guidance in these final days of school where I might not be able to talk to her after for a while. I really miss her because we used to be close friends but we drifted apart and I want God to help me fix that soon. I feel lonely sometimes thinking that I could've been with someone else by now but I know I want to be with her. I pray that God will help me be with her and get rid of any nervousness and anxiety and to guide me and give me opportunities to become closer to her again and that he may give me the opportunity to be in a loving relationship with her because I believe he put this desire in my heart. I pray for whatever Jesus would ask for in this situation. In jesus name amen.
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Please pray so that Rajarshi gets a very good job of his choice within this month. He is under tremendous stress.
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Sinus infection.....
I went to doctor, but I need prayer too.
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Please pray that my son gets the job that he interviewed for. Let it be a wonderful fit for him and let the interviewees be really happy to have him on board. So grateful for your prayers.
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