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Please pray the Lord help me move on from my last relationship. He led me to believe that he wanted to get married with me, and has basically ghosted me. Please pray the Lord will give me a hope for a future, and that He will send me a kind, godly man when the time is right.
3 prayers
My life seems a mess, i need prayer for my job situation, direction in my life. I deal with weight issue and very low energy.. Thinking im not sleeping well.. . Also for my boyfriend and his health and job situation.. And that he would commit to me.. We live together and i know its wrong..
Please God help me. . I pray daily. Just growing weary . Thanks
3 prayers
I had planned to do a couple of long-term goals but hesitated and now I'm concerned it may be too late.
3 prayers
i need a prayer of healing
5 prayers
Please pray for my friend Benito. There is news that he very sick. He has been bedridden for awhile and is unable to speak or fend for himself. So I left him up to the Lord. Please pray for him as well. My God continue to bless the Church. Amen.
5 prayers
Please join us in prayer and in agreement that my sister Jennifer Gavin is healed of all cancer in her body and that God Almighty gets all the glory.
5 prayers
Please pray for my family. They have yet to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I pray for them everyday but so far without success. Please join me in my prayers. Thank you so much.
9 prayers
Please pray that God will see the desires of my heart and reconcile Amy and I. Please pray that God will protect both of us from Satan and all his evil forces and open communication between us. Thank you for your prayers...
7 prayers
Prayers for Mike struggles with alcohol and anger, prayers for marriage.
9 prayers
After 14 yrs of marriage my wife wants a divorce. I have not lived a very good christian life. Please pray that Jesus would work in our hearts and lives to save our marriage. I love my wife more now that I've starting reading God's word and see the error of my ways. We have two daughters and I believe our marriage is worth trying to salvage.
8 prayers

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