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Please continue to pray for my injury in neck, shoulder, back & hip. Praise God, I'm doing better! But, I'm still limited in my daily functioning and still have a long way to go before getting healed completely! Please pray for accurate diagnosis for chronic stomach issues - speedy healing from stomach acid reflux, stomach discomfort & pain after eating, not able to eat as much, frequent loose stool (diahrrea) and dark color stools. Pray that I can be off the stomach antacid medication soon and be tested for the H Pylori virus soon. Ans, pray that I do not have any cancer in my GI tract. And, pray I can rest & relax from much stress & anxieties caused by many trials in my life.
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I have a muscle disease which causes me to be very weak. I have a 4
month old son and it's hard to care for him when my husband isn't home. It breaks my heart that I can't always hold him when he's crying because I'm too weak. Please pray for physical strength and that my medications start to work. I am very worried to go to work tomorrow as I have to walk a lot and could hardly do my job on Friday. This is a new job that I need to pay medical bills. Please pray that I'm able to walk at my job tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Please pray that my strength would be restored and that my medications would work once again.
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Speak to ANMG God.

Urgent prayers for reconciliation, restoration and reuniting of ANMG and NJC right now. Thank you!
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Please, pray for me, i have ringing in mine ears, and i don 't know why!
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Please pray for us,lord Jesus we are struggling from financial tensions lord my husband working in a company from 10,years he has no growth in his career and not getting sufficient salary and when ever we need money for our necessities we have no helping hand ,we have no support from our family side,lord we have to take money from friends and others,lord we have loans and debts to pay ,lord Jesus due to financial tensions we r living in a small house bit now it became more conjusted and saffocated so decided to shift the house lord we searched lot of houses but all r very expensive lord finally we found one which is also not in our budget,but still my husband thought to shift the house ,lord Jesus please help us ,lord make my husband capable to afford this house rent lord ,we are very much disturbed and depressed due to financial tension Lord please bless us with peace and happiness forever lord .and please bless me and all my family with good health peace and happiness forever amen.
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Please pray that God fully protects me and blesses me with His Sweat Sleep and that He fully delivers me from all evil and gives me perfect peace. In Jesus Name
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Please pray for the salvation of my colleague and his wife . I told him only Lord Jesus is God, and he can save their marriage problems.
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Please pray that I would not be fearful; that I would be strong in Jesus Christ, read the Bible better, pray better, and love God and people better. Thanks.
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First I want to thank God for Pastor Schreve and his Facing Your Giants messages. I have found great comfort in them. Please pray for me to let God back into my life and heart and get these strongholds out of my head I have let my past sins and choices take over my walk with God. My guilt has consumed me too long. I love God and His Word and Jesus is my Savior. I gave up and gave in to all those around me instead of moving forward with God. I'm more angry at myself than anyone for that and I don't want to spend any more time wasting my life without God in it. Thank you
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I am Just in need of some prayer. I have diabetes an that weighs me down a lot about myself. I dont even want to take care of myself. there's isn't a day that goes by that I don't cry and just feel so bad about myself. I am just looking for encouragement for me to get out and try an get a job. I am 23 years old and need some prayers. I hate feeling like this all the time I don't ever wanna do anything an always depressed.
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