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!!!! Please Pray Diligently that God will:

1. Raise up 23 million warriors that will pray this to completion,
2. Give Carolyn complete love, harmony & UNION w/ her husband &
3. Give her husband 36 (thirty six) FUNDED loans in 2019 & 6 (SIX) before March 29, 2019.

Thanks VERY much !!!
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Please, please, please pray for my son in rehab that he will stay there and get rid of the demon haunting him for so long
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please pray that my background clearance go through and I get the job
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please pray that I past my background check and get the job.
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Once again I ask as a Christian father for you to please pray for me and my children. I am addressing issues with my finances, marriage and unemployment of which I need divine intervention(BLESSING/MIRACLE). I have attempted to do my best to save my marriage as per, Matthew 19:6 “So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man separate." But spouse/mother continues in her Non-Believer/Non- Christian lifestyle. This along with financial situation has caused further deterioration family and innocent children. I ask for God to provide me immediately with that certificate of divorce. I ask that God give us spiritual blessings, direction, guidance and miracles. Amen
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I would like to make a request to all who come to view this web page that they would recite daily the following prayer as it is very powerful indeed:

“Oh Joseph Immaculate, standing upon the Dragon, the Original Serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; Crush the Infernal Serpent beneath Thy Glorious Feet. Knock his crown from off his proud head. Defend us, Your children, Oh Most Glorious Virgin Father, from the wiles of the enemy. You are altogether beautiful, O Joseph, and in You the Stain of the Original Sin has never existed”.

May Joseph Immaculate, the Ever Virgin Father of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ, bless and protect you all!

Please also pray the above prayer for my husband to gain the right type of employment straight away as we need for him to be in full time employment. Also, please pray the above prayer for absolutely everything to turn out well for us. Amen.
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I kindly request you to please pray for me immediately for getting good and permanent job. Please kindly pray for my health and wellness. Please pray for my mother wellness.
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My name is Bina, 40 years old and I am from Mumbai. I am on bed rest since last 7 weeks due lower spine slipped disc. There is a pain in a left leg nerve which starts from pelvic till foot/ sole and also pain in the spine. Request you to kindly pray for my complete healing. God bless you. Thank you
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Kindly, Pray with me for the vacation I and Andrea will spend with her Parents ( From 20 January to 2 February ) Pray the Lord gives me Grace and Favor in their eyes and in her eyes too and this time be led and driven by the Holy Spirit , Pray they bless me for marrying their daughter, Pray this time be full of Holy Spiritual interactions between all of us , Pray from protection from all the enemy’s plans , Pray that this time deepen the Love between me and Andrea and Between me and her Family, Pray for this Vacation to be fruitful and Successful and be a good step towards our Future Marriage, Pray for 4 of us to be in unity in this time and plan many things for ministry too , Pray for Andrea’s heart to be open towards me more and more , Pray for every word I say and every action I do be corroborated by the Holy Spirit ...
I ask that in the mighty name of Jesus, Isaac
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Please prayer my strength in the Lord. stronger .Faith so that my prayers will leave me feeling free knowing I can except his answers no matter what.
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