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Pray for family
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Please pray for salvation and peace for all the staff that works at the Lebanon Rescue Mission, all the people in the shelter there and all the people that live in that area.
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Pray for our son god give him favor
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I'm having martial problems. part of the reason is because i don't have a job and it's not easy finding work when you have a record and no education. i know this seems like i'm making excuses, but its reality for me. I ask for prayers and help
Thank you.
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Please pray that our daughter, her husband, and our son will give their hearts to Jesus and start living for Christ. All three of them are in love with the things of this world and are pleasure seekers instead of God seekers. Heartbreaking to us as parents! Pray that they will come to realize that only Christ will satisfy them and give them the happiness that they're searching for. Pray that they would see God's goodness in their lives and realize just how much he loves them and that he wants a relationship with them. Lord, please send your laborers across their path to show them the way to you. Thank you for praying!
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My husband is in the military. He was supposed to port yesterday and they didn't. It is not a whole day later and they haven't got to port. I haven't been able to speak to him in a week and I also newly pregnant. I feel so much anxiety and so much worry. I've been praying for Jesus to help me. Please pray for me, my husband, and my broken heart.
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I would like to ask for prayer for my health. I am a single woman with no children who have fibroids I have been completing test to determine the type of surgery I can do to resolve this issue. I ask for prayer that all is well that God gives me the strength to get through this and to come out better. The bible says if two or more agree about anything one ask for it will be done.
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Prayer for a full time job. In November I quit my full time job because it was ruining my life and health and marriage. I had an interview two weeks ago and haven't heard anything about it. It went great, and I connected with the manager as she is a believer. Right now I've been only working a few hours here and there at my prn job and my husband has been supporting our finances. Grateful for him and Gods provision to this point. Doing my best to be patient and wait to see what God's will is and what direction he wants my life to go into. It is exciting to know that God's perfect will will take place and his perfect direction for my life, but at the same time I want to know what I'm supposed to be doing right now while I'm waiting for employment. It is going on three months since I've had a full-time job and work takes up such a big part of your life I long to Enjoy my job, to share Christ with my patients and coworkers. I pray I will not forget my skills and knowledge during this
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please pray for my friend with cancer that God will keep healing her, so she continue to share the gospel thru her story. Also prayers needed for my marriage & salvation of my husband & for strength that he can continue beating his alcoholism... 4.5 months sober! Praise God!!!!
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Continue to have abdominal pains and back pains which have been going for about 2 months. Tests don't show anything. Please pray for miraculous healing for this and whatever may be the cause.
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