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lift up my son, he is bi-polar & addicted to heroin. Pray he gives his life to the Lord & be delivered from Satan's grasp. Next lift up my oldest son. He has a dilemma of finishing college (which is about 10 classes) or find a better job where he can provide for his family. Pray God leads him in the right direction. Lastly pray for me and my career path. I graduated in Dec with my teaching degree. The job I was verbally told was mine beginning in Aug may be given to an old teacher who has came back in the district and wants it as well. Pray the Lord place me in the position he wants for me.
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Please pray God blesses the way for my son to get the job he is applying for. Thank you.
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Prayers for husband to realize he has a problem with alcohol and it's destroying our lives. To cut off those who are alcoholics wisdom and guidance for me.(
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I am really struggling.
I lost my dad several months ago and I feel so empty inside.
I am a Federal Police Officer injured on the job with a total of 6 herniated discs .
I have had 3 knee surgeries.
I am in pain everyday.
I have been on Workers Compensation for 18 years.
Dept of Labor is trying to force me back to work even though I am still injured.
They have threatened to cut my pay if I am unable to work.
My herniated disc in my lower back is putting pressure on my bladder causing frequent urination.
I don't get much sleep and I am always tired.
God, please intervene.
In Jesus Name,
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I am asking for a prayer agreement for the following thongs to be resolved right now In Jesus Name. As my husband of 27 yrs just passed away 5 months ago after a battle with CHF and recurrence of cancer. I'm asking for prayer for our 12 yrs old son, who is still having a difficult time grieving. He is part of a bereavement support group for kids. Please, pray for the healing of his body, soul and spirit and that God will continue to heal his hurting heart. He loves his father so much but, he recognizes his father is with the Lord. My husband and his father was a man of God and we both did ministry together for years. He had a few issues concentrating with school has always been an honor student but, he is getting better with coping. Also, Ive been awaiting for the Veterans Administration to resolve benefits due to us as a surviving spouse and child as well as SSA to resolve benefits as well. Praying for healing and our benefits
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My husband recently took a new job in NC, 1200 miles away. We can't afford for me to leave my current job until I get a new one in NC. Please pray I receive a job offer soon so I can move and we can be together.
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Please pray for me to be released from homelessness.
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Pray I can get to know the person who can give me answers to the situation that has haunted me all my life. I have finally briefly met her but and praying we will get to know each other and that she can help me. Its way to hard and deep to explain and it would greatly comfort me. Pray God works out this situation and that there will be great peace and joy.
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I'm crying out to God every single day for my work situation to get better and better, for it to be the blessing God intended to me. For gossipers to stop and be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say. Break the word curses said against me, against my family. Peace-Peace-Peace is what I need right now. Peace and God's blessings to overwhelm me. Pray please I and my family only hear God's voice, His direction, and always obey only God and live according to His will for our lives. God to rebuke malicious talkers. Bring me double success and joy for going through this stressful time by leaning on God and trusting Him to see me through. He will see me through! Amen!
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