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Please pray God will restore and make better than before, my fiance and I. Please pray he will love me deeply enough to call me today. Please pray I will love him better. TY
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Pray for daughterinlaw having health proublems
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I am a 17 year old student from Malaysia. I sat for an important public examination (SPM) last year Nov. I will be receiving my results on March 5 2020. The results of this examination determines my entire future and whether I can proceed to university. Please pray for me to get excellent results. Thank you and God bless.
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PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding and digestive problems. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.
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I desire a spiritually mature husband from the Lord who loves His word and His people, apt to teach and preach and has a burden for the lost to be saved. I desire that he loves me as Christ loved the church and gave Himself, that he is a tender, considerate, wise, hardworking,
humble man of God who is a forgiver from his heart. I pray that I will be fully submissive and a loving help mate to him, totally committed to the cause of Christ and him. Also, that I will use my gifts, talents, time and treasure to compliment our ministry of evangelism and missions. Last, that we my serve as a loving team to advance the kingdom of God and bring Him glory through His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for praying for me.
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prayer for my beloved dog and i don't want her to die her name is Tolouse please pray for her ,and healing in her body

thank you for praying.
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Pray for my mother in law Alicia . She has pre leukemia. Also a rare blood disease that is causing her blood clots. She's having trouble breathing, extreme tiredness, and bruising. SHe's saved and gives her tithes regularly. She tries to go to church but she's so tired. Please pray that God's will be done. and of course healing. She wants to live. She has many grandchildren and great grandchildren that are not saved. She wants to live to see them saved. because we believe that you also believe in the power of prayer.
5 prayers
My mom, Donna, had hip surgery and is suffering from hospital delirium and needs prayer to get through it while she's there and in rehab. My dad, Cecil, also needs prayer for strength to get through her stay.
4 prayers
pray for my dad homer hibdon he has liver cancer goes gets first chemo on march 11 and pray for me i go get my first mamogram on march 20 pray that i will be calm and for my dad too
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My parents are in a very rough spot and getting a divorce. My mom doesn't know if she can afford to keep me and my sisters in her custody. My dad is a psychological abuser. Me and my sisters are scared and we're not sure how this is all gonna turn out in the end.
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