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I’m in desperate need of healing. I’m requesting a prayer to heal my DNA and alter my brain to the image of how God created man. It would be much appreciated. Thank you! God bless.
2 prayers
Father please send my hubby home from Afghanistan next week safe and whole with no issues, I ask for financial increase of $500 for his flight home to me in America. Father God be with us both during this time and ease our minds with this burden and please strength his heart.. cover him with your blood Lord that He can use his medical to get home. We also ask for restoration Lord of everything this military base has cost me with my finances in Jesus name Amen.
4 prayers
I'm lonely and need friends.
3 prayers
Hello, I currently work in a hospital cafeteria, but I am needing to find another job soon. The hospital where I work is mandating the "vaccine" for all employees, including contracted employees like myself. So far, all places where I have applied have not replied to me. I have about 4 weeks until I need to find another job or find exemption from both the "vaccine" and the weekly test (for those who choose not to get the vaccine). I am praying about this and have told God that I am open to any work that He would have me do. I am a single middle-aged man still working a high school job and sometimes feel like I've gotten nowhere in my life. I appreciate your prayers for comfort and guidance.
6 prayers
Please pray for the restoration of my marriage: Miguel Guardado and Jairy Galvan. And for our daughter, Nazareth Guardado, so she can have joy in her heart.
5 prayers
Please pray for Isabelle's health. She is just a child and being affected by Covid-19. Please pray she is free from this illness and comes out healthier than ever by God's grace.
7 prayers
Please pray for my mom. She’s going in for her second hip replacement revision surgery. This summer has been the worst of her life- she’s been in so much pain and lost so much hope. Please pray for her healing and strength through this.
9 prayers
Pray for benign results of my MRI tomorrow.
9 prayers
Please pray for my healing
Im very ill
I was doing better then suddenly got much worse
Please God help
Thank you in Jesus name
11 prayers
I’m asking for prayer fir my family and I there’s a lot of things going on in our lives right now that we could use prayer for. I’m addicted to pills and can’t kick the habit my daughter is homeless my grandchildren are going through a lot living with there Dad. I just need God to intervene in my life and help me to get through the withdrawals off these pills and stop straddling the fence and get myself back in his house to learn more of how he wants me to live. And if it’s his will to help my daughter get off the the streets and know that he’s the only one that can help her I’m asking for that. I thank him for everything that he’s done for me and will do for me to help me have strength to learn what he has planned for my life. Please help my granddaughter realize the lifestyle she has chosen isn’t what u expect and help her to know it’s not what u want for her. And please open my son in laws heart to be there father. And please let Roy find it in his heart to help me one more time .
8 prayers

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