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Please pray for my parents as my dad was laid off in March due to Covid and my mom is also unemployed. They’re struggling and need help. I am helping them financially as much as I can, but I can’t cover it all. Please pray for God to choose a perfect job for my dad and that they’re not stressed and know that God will provide.
3 prayers
Please pray for my Wife Lorilee, that the Lord will soften her heart toward him and give her a desire to serve him again. Plus that he will heal her hurting heart and open up her eyes to see what the enemy is doing in her life. Also that he will give her a change of heart, mind and direction. Plus that he will restore our marriage. Also that he will remove all of her ungodly friends from her life and cut all soul ties. Thank you, Tom
3 prayers
Please pray for my youngest daughter who is planning to marry her unsaved boyfriend. She has strayed from the Lord, but is saved.

Please agree with me for the Lord to intervene, and not allow this marriage to happen. While I am praying for this young man's salvation, I do pray for the Lord to remove him from her life.

Please also pray for my broken heart. This has been very, very difficult for me. Thank you

6 prayers
Please pray that God will protect and deliver me and my family from evil. Pray that God heal and deliver me from headaches. Pray that God will help my pregnant wife sleep and breath clearly as she sleeps. Pray that we will be filled with the Holy Spirit.
4 prayers
Please pray for God's protection & His blessings for Stephen, Marian, Carl, Robert and Florence.
5 prayers
Lord i ask you to look after this young woman in India who give her life to you. she is being mocked by her town and family. lord please protect her to find other believers and have her family be soften by you amen.
6 prayers
Pray for my friend Breanna please. The classroom she's in the teacher in there mistreats here badly! Breanna is getting abused by this teacher. Calling her names, stupid and pushes her. So far management has turned a blind eye to what this other teacher is doing and it's not right. Nobody should ever get bullied by anybody in the work place, school etc.. My heart goes out to my friend Breanna. Pray God will place her in a classroom where she'll grow and not have to hear anybody bully her around, Pray management where we work will see the truth and what has been going on. Pray Breanna will get the respect she deserves from having to put up with this other bully teacher. Pray someone will come forward and speak the truth. Thanks so much!
7 prayers
kindly please pray for me that I make both flights safely on december 4th, in jesus name amen
5 prayers
Please pray for my husband Nathen, his ex has turned his children against us. Please pray God will intervene and bring his children back to a relationship with him.
9 prayers
Please pray for Gary. He has the virus and is struggling. Pray for his strength and good health to return. Thank you and God bless.
10 prayers

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