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My son has been struggling with alot of health issues lately and the doctors cannot seem to find any answers.

Please pray in agreement with me for his healing and restoration from head to toe.

Thank you and God bless!
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Kindly pray for me i secure job, be delivered from spiritual and demonic attacks, restore my family and enable me repay my debts. Amen
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We are asking for the powerful prayers of believers to magnify our efforts in following God’s mission. Lightside is a Christian gaming company, the creators of Journey of Jesus and Stained Glass. We are in the early stages of fundraising for our next project. We are seeking fervent prayer from all Christians that believe we need more positive gaming options for our children. We believe God has set us on a mission to bring high-quality products to the gaming industry that will impact the next generation in a positive way, thus impacting the generations after theirs. Please pray so our vision can be realized and our team can move forward.
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I ask for prayers against spiritual attacks on my family and husband. Please our marriage is being affected .
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Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but using own victims,pray for my eyes sight too thanks and bless,keijo sweden
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Thank you for the prayers. Scott's medication is working, the water had subsided. And the doctors did not have to take his foot.

He spent a few days with us and I used that time to try and get him to understand Gods work in all of this. That it wasnt just him getting lucky or being invinceble. That there were people praying on his behalf and God was reaching out to show his love and wanting a relationship with him.

Scotts mental health is an ongoing struggle in regards to his depression. I am so greatful for your prayers. Thank you for your commitment to loving those in need and bringing their problems before the lord when they wont or are unable to do so. May your Christmas be blessed.

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