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Please pray for my adult daughter who is making poor life choices. Addiction is causing these choices in her behavior. I ask that God will reach down and heal her from the inside out.
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I’m asking for prayers to protect our family from the hands of witch crafts, evil doers who are really trying hard to destroy our family. My sister is back home in Guyana and everyday is a new story. They are using my niece to get to her. Please please pray for us. Thx even in church they are going also.
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my brother in law was just in an accident on his motorcycle with a deer. doesn't look like anything was broken but banged up good. please pray that he heals and nothing else shows up wrong with him. God bless
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Without God we wouldn't be getting through tough times with our three adopted children. He gives us hope that one day they can just be children and learn to love and treat each other and us with respect. Please pray for our family for peace and Gods spirit to fill our home.
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My brother in law is having health issues and having his toe cut off tomorrow. Please pray that everything goes well and he heals fast from it. God bless
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I don’t know where to begin . I need prayers for a job that has benefits been a single parent it’s easy , I feel like Am to be homeless .Also for God to open doors of opportunity in my life and the of my children .
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My friend’s dad, Alf Anderson, suffered a serious stroke over the weekend. He lost his sight and the family is facing some tough decisions. Please pray for peace, comfort and wisdom as they make these decisions. Alf beat what the doctors said was incurable bladder cancer and the family strongly believes in miracles. Also if you could pray for my friends, Inga and Barry, that they take time to rest and feel the loving comfort of God surround them. Barry just lost his dad days before Alf’s stroke so they are really going through the wringer. Inga has asked for as much prayer as they can get. Thank you and God bless.
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Please pray that my boss is more respectful and less cruel. Please help me to respond professionally and positively to improvements as they happen. I’m so sad and scared and my self esteem is at rock bottom. Thank you for helping with prayers. God bless you xx
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