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Fellow Christian Brother
Was a accident on Interstate 5 Monday
In a lot pain.
Upper Back, left shoulder, left leg , neck.
He is at home in extreme pain

Thank you
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Please pray for my daughter and I.
I am her sole custodian, but suddenly after 2 years my ex husband wants custody and money in which i no money. So I'm being dragged back into court this month. Still working on getting a attorney . please pray for God's mercy and wisdom.
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Please pray for Heaven & Jess as they go to trial tomorrow to get the squatters out of their house. That they have the victory!
I cannot wait to testify!
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Please pray for mercy.
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College decisions are coming out, and I have been pretty disappointed lately. I’m praying for God to show me his goodness and to trust Him on whichever path He chooses for me. Although I may be disappointed right now and don’t understand why, I need to remember that God’s ways are always for good.
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Our neighbor Linda is in the hospital with covid 19, pnemonia and more. Please pray for God's healing and help for her husband who feels helpless plus they are without insurance right now.
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please pray for my husband Jason's salvation. Please pray for his heart, mind, ears, eyes, and soul would open up to hear Jesus' call for him. Pray for restoration of our family. Pray against all attacks from the enemy
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