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Praying my kids A&S stop drinking so much and find better and safer things to do besides bar hopping, and galavanting all hours of the night, please God protect and rescue these girls of ours, send them Godly friends and Godly spouses, who have Godly and fun hobbies and do only day trips, no more drinking and nightly activities, change their hearts keep them safe from harm, grant them health, wholeness, soundness, deliverance, protection and travel mercies always, Lord help them, A&S, quickly, please, in Jesus Name, Amen.
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(I think my name in your donation system is Kristy Sewell).
My husband Terry Harper is in St. Pete’s hospital in Olympia, WA with Covid pneumonia. He has muscular dystrophy and already had weak lungs so this is so very dangerous. He is intubated and in septic shock in ICU. His blood pressure keeps falling. He also went into cardiac arrest and they had to do CPR for 3 minutes to get him back so they are also seeing some heart muscle damage.
He is the most amazing, loving, kind hearted, selfless man I’ve ever known. He truly needs a miracle to come through this. Please share this with all the prayer warriors you can think of.
Thank you so much. Kristy Harper
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