My husband is facing a present day Goliath. This Goliath has more money, more power, and is refusing to pay what has been rightfully earned all because he can. This situation has robbed my husband of his confidence, his dignity and has filled his heart with anger. My husband is a wonderful man who would and has given the shirt off his back to help another. Please pray and ask God to help heal my husband's heart and help him let go of the anger. Help him understand that this too will pass and by holding on and focusing on Goliath, he is only allowing him to take more from him. Pray that God guides him to new people and opportunities that will help restore his confidence and belief in himself. Pray that my husband is reminded that what is truly valueable in life cannot be bought. His Goliath will have to answer to God someday and his bad deeds will not be forgotten.
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Please pray that god blesses my son with a job soon. He lost his job and has been down lately. I'm praying that god picks him up and gives him another opportunity soon
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Please pray for my husband and I and our two wonderful children. We are fighting all the time. I asked him to choose family or going out drinking after work ( a thing the past 6 months). He has left.
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I started a new business and already came upon a hurdle. Previous employer is sueing for noncompete. Need strength, guidance, and intervention for a quick settlement and resolution.
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The cancer has started to grow again.
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I have subbed for almost two months now in a district that isn't my home district. It has been nice to get experience, but I would like to work at a school that is within walking distance to me. Please pray my home district will consider hiring me. It would mean a lot to feel to feel more at home.
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We had a leaking faucet at our house we discovered Friday it has done extensive damages that home owners insurance will not cover we are financially strapped and need help fixing damages. If it doesn't get fixed we will have to give it back to the bank and move we have an 8 year old with autism who does not do well with change. If there is anyone willing to help please let us know. Thank you for your prayer
6 prayers
My heart is completely broken. My husband treats me so badly. I love him but there is no love in return. Please pray for healing for my heart and my marriage.
7 prayers
I have a friend who is in a bad place right now but he has become a strong Christian since being in jail, I want to help him get out because I don't feel he needs to be there but I do know what he did was wrong, but I feel like he needs help in other ways. My problem is I don't know how to go about getting the money for his bail if anyone has ideas please email me.
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Please have my family and I in your prayers. My husband wants a divorce and has no affection for me anymore. Is very sad 😢 I love him but it seems both of us are lost in this journey. For my job also i am having allot of problems. I pray for guidance in my life direction.
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