I am asking for prayers for me to get help to find a lawyer for my divorce. My husband left me after 15 years and he didn't let me work. I am know working and I am going through this divorce but he got a lawyer and is trying to get half custody of my kids. I am so hurt and I am looking for someone who won't charge as much. I have 4 kids and trying to make ends meet. It has been so hard. My house payment is more than one of my checks.
Prayers for a lawyer and my work.
1 prayers
Prayers requested for father in law. Hes just been admitted to the hospital with complications from COVID.
3 prayers
goodmorning, please pray for me i pray every morning every night for me and my family, I pray that he brings me a job to help me pay the bills and provide for my family. Ive been very stressed out looking for a job and I just pray that Jesus just heals all this stress I have and bless me financially with a job.
2 prayers
Pray for better Job
Please pray for my daughter she is going to college and working in amazon and amoazon is requiring her to work everyday for the holiday season she can’t do both college and work she put in a school letter explaining she could only work her normal days and they denied it she cant work 12 hour shifts and still go to college and they said they would right her up so Iam hoping God leads her to a better job were they will understand and not be greedy 🙏
2 prayers
Sadly I'm going to miss my favorite artist this month Chris Tomlin! I have a massive tumor to be removed on Nov 11. Please family of God storm Heaven's door for me! Please pray this is non cancerous and that God's will be done, regardless of my outcome.

Love in Christ forever!
2 prayers
Please pray salvation & heart condition for Travis & Vickie; Holy Spirit help, wisdom & provisions for a new home for our family; and God's covering & timing as we move. Thank you!
2 prayers
Angels, please pray that God will heal my mom's heart. She has caused me so much pain, but I forgive her. I need our relationship to be positive again. She doesn't see what she's done to me. Please pray that God heals her so that we can break this cycle. Amen 🙏
4 prayers
Sandie Rueb
Please pray for my dad. Please send Jesus to bring him peace and heal his pain - Show him that no matter what your circumstances, he is loved unconditionally. ❤️ Amen
7 prayers
Donna Jones
Please pray for my friend’s grandson who was just born last night, weighed 9lbs, and was without oxygen for some time. He has been transported to St. Luke’s and his mother is still at St. Al’s. They have not been able to hold him or see him since being transported. Please pray for this precious child and his parents and family.
5 prayers
I graduated from CWI this last Spring with my Associates, and started at BSU this fall. God has been showing himself to me in lots of little ways starting with a simple sticker on my professors water bottle, and leading to some amazing prayer. He has cut a path for me to a new church. I fully believe God is the one orchestrating all of it because I didnt go to BSU to find my way back to church. I have always been a believer, but havent attended church in years after being very hurt at one church and not really connecting at another because my walls have been up. I am the survivor of sexual assault, and other traumas that brought me toa dark place. I spent 5 weeks in inpatient care in 2018 and have been fighting the darkness ever since. I have improved greatly, but I still have so far to go. I know I dont have to carry this all alone, but its hard. My anxiety was so bad 4 years ago that I couldn't leave the house and now I am attending an in person class (which I didn't do at all through CWI). I have to believe that he is going to use we my tears for triumph; that he has a plan for me to be more than my history. I have been doing things a little at a time to push myself and tomorrow I have a very important interview to a program at BSU. Please pray that it goes well and please pray that God releases me of my anxiety so much that those who have walked this road with me no longer recognize me. Im a single mom and want to show my kids that with God we can win the war, we can be freed and we can do anything through Christ. Thank you for the prayers.
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