My boyfriend and I are homeless and disabled. I have had a stroke and have siezures if I get stressed out. He has really bad COPD and has to be on a CPAP machine.

We both get SSI and EBT FOOD/CASH BENIFITS. But it really doesn't go far.

We have both had a really rough year.

I bought the car on April 8, got divorced on April 17, moved in with my mom the beginning of May, she ended up in the hospital June 1, she passed away on June 21, I got scammed 3 times in July, the Bank froze my checking account due to it being almost $2000 overdrawn, the bank kept my SSI check after it was direct deposited in the Bank in August.

He has had a stroke due to getting walking pneumonia and pulmonary hypertension.

We need prayer for a home/apartment. Job for me. God bless you all, HALLELUJA!
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So we were renting a hime with my brother and it was the only way we could pay rent . Well he just told us he is moving and we cannot afford the rent and bills on our own . We have been looking and found some potential places we can afford , but the problem is not having the security deposit and first and last months rent on hand and not to mention we have to give our landlord a 30 day notice .
We barely survive now with the bills and buying food , I usually go to food banks and am grateful for them but it does not feed all of us so I just make sure the kids and my husband are fed than I eat maybe once a day .
So much has happened this last year and it's only halfway through the year . Please pray God gives me strength and we get one of these places we applied for and they work with us on the deposit and first and last months rent and also that our current landlord let's us pass on the last months rent .
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friends mom, got bucked off horse and they are life flighting her to a hospital would you please pray for her
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My friend she has thought of suicide. She's blocked her self off so much. She believes God hates her. She's scratched help into her arm many times. I feel scared for her. I worry. I text her alot to tell her I'm still here if she wants to talk. She never responds. I pray that God will take her into His arms.
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My son's car was stolen from outside our house last night. He is such a good guy and it seems like stuff always goes wrong for that guy. He has been trying to save for his wedding and for a new set of hearing aids and he is so young, only 19. I am just disgusted. Or please pray it is found in good shape so he can still use it. thanks
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Please pray I will find a long term sub job or something more stable. I want to quit my current part time job and do something more fulfilling.
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I feel like they try to scare me at my current church saying if i leave their church something bad is going to happen to me and I need prayer for my healing of soul and for God to guide me to the right direction.
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Hello, I am asking for prayer for my work situation. I am currently in a very stressful unhealthy environment and on the verge of losing my job. I have an opportunity for a new position that would be a great fit, I am praying that the team sees me as the member they need.
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I have a friend that is an alcoholic. I think he has a lot of demons that make him feel, sad, angry, regretful, and unloved. My hope for him is that he can find Jesus and know how much he is loved and stop drinking. Please God help him!
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Our son-in-law has difficulty keeping a job and just landed a great job and now has missed 2 days due to back pain. I think it is emotional and spiritual in origin. We are praying that God would give him a heart to work, provide for his family, and ability to trust Him. Also for the right kind of medical help. Our daughter and grandsons are the ones who suffer.
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