I need everyone's prayers right now I feel knocked down in this deep hole over and over. I need prayer for strength to even get out of bed to brush my teeth and take care of my body. I feel hopeless like this won't ever get better
3 prayers
I joined the Idaho Army National Guard in March and on my first drill I met Lasso. She was my "battle buddy" and she has had strep for 2 weeks now and the antibiotics aren't working and she needs our prayers please. Thank you so much.
2 prayers
It is difficult to try to ask for Prayer without a lot of "I's" involved, I want this, I want that...

God tells us we will have life more abundantly; I am not in search of money, stuff, things, honor, glory or pride in education and self-anything...

I just want to support myself. I only want to be able to pay my own way in the world and every once in a while be able to help out my adult kids and my grandchildren. I pray for understanding, through the Holy Spirit, to help lead me to the right training, the job with which to support myself through that training and the wisdom to follow through, learn all I can and be successful!

Please pray for all these things, to bring Glory and Honor to God almighty! Please!

Thank You!
2 prayers
My dad, who is an amputee of about 7 years, has had an infection on his remaining leg (on the ankle, with bone showing) for a couple of months. He's been in wound care for about 1.5 mo. They did a biopsy of the ankle last week. Just came back as Staph. So, he's now on a different antibiotic that is targeting the particular strain. He's also supposed to have a heart procedure done on the 22nd that will now be put off because of the staph. It's a catch 22 for him because he needs the procedures done on his heart to help heal the leg, but needs the leg healed in order to care for the heart. Please be praying for his healing all around and as always, I ask again for prayer for his salvation. Thank you so much!!
3 prayers
I recently got divorced after almost being with my ex for 22 yrs. I moved in with my mom to take care of her because she was diagnosed with lymphoma a year and a half ago. My ex was keeping me away from my family, friends and most importantly God!

Well my mom is worse off then I ever imagined. We spent 5 hrs outside of her house Wednesday because she couldn't get inside her house. Because she doesn't have enough strength to get up her steps.

This is worse then I imagined! Please Lord give me strength to get me through this!
6 prayers
Thank you for praying as God leads!  My sister-in-law has been so loving, courageous, and supportive of the rest of us, even reaching out to love one of my prodigal children,  as she herself battles stage IV cancer.  She has had a rough couple of days.  Her husband has been lovingly caring for her as much as possible while also working (he had to reduce his hours and therefore income) and is exhausted. Even as they both love the Lord, this is so difficult.
6 prayers
I raised 3 sons. This past couple of years have been rough.
My middle son Jeremiah committed suicide, leaving 3 little girls.
My youngest son Devon's wife left him about a month ago.
My oldest son Richard's wife, Lindy, just found out she has cancer.
Please pray for healing. Protection for Jeremiah's girls. Softening of hearts for Devon and Leah. And true healing for Lindy.
Thank you SO much!
8 prayers
Our dog Molly suddenly went paralyzed in her back legs late this afternoon. She is at the vet hospital and it doesn't look good. I know with God all things are possible and I am praying for a healing in her and would like you to pray with us. Thank you
6 prayers
Both of my parents show favoritism to my older sister. She is more of the "perfect child". It seems like my mom always gets mad at me and most of the time defends my sister. I feel like I don't have someone to talk to. There is one person I want to talk to but I don't have the courage to mention it. I just need prayer for healing. I just hurt so much and I don't know what to do.
9 prayers
Please pray for my mother. She just moved to the area to be close to family and wound up in the hospital last week. They thought it was one thing and treated it for a few days and it turns out they were wrong and now back to the drawing board. Since they don't know what it is, she is in complete isolation and could really use some prayers. Thank you.
7 prayers

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