Please pray for my 50 year old adoptive son. He lives in Kansas and is undergoing treatment for a tumor in his esophagus. He's lost 70 pounds and will have surgery in June if the tumor doesn't shrink. He only knows of the Lord. Pray for salvation and healing. Thank you so much.
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Im having to fight for my grandkids the other family is trying to keep them from my side of the family. Just because my daughter and her ex husband couldnt get thier lives together to take care of the boys doesnt mean we cant get along to take care of the boys. Ive had to give this to GOD because ive been so angry about the situation. Im giving this to GOD and hell do whats best for those boys.
2 prayers
My husband is extremely abusive. Please pray for guidance for me.
2 prayers
My mom has recently had shoulder surgery and is not doing well with her heart pumping. She has water on her lungs and is very weak and struggling to heal. Her heart is not pumping correctly to get the water off her lungs. I pray that she finds the strength within to fight and that the drs can help her with the medicine she needs and that God will do his will and pray she will be healed. Thank you.
3 prayers
Please pray for my husband, Zac. The enemy has convinced him that a certain way to live is more important than our marriage. Please pray that Jesus rescues him quickly and that he reveals to him the darkness around him and shines the light on him again. Pray he looks to the Lord for understanding and not the world.
3 prayers
We are almost broke. We need work, a place, and money. To add to it, my mom has a serious situation caused by my older brother. She needs a lot of economic support. Prayers are great! But honestly, she needs miracle money. Thank you

Grandma has a link at "youcaring dot com" under "grandmalily-1124564"
2 prayers
I am looking for a new job because I don't like working for an unethical company. I have an opportunity for a better job. Please pray that this new opportunity works out and that they want to hire me. I'm very good at what I do (accounting) and they would not be sorry if they hired me.

Thank you!
4 prayers
My daughter is in a very stressful job right now and has come to hate the job she once loved. Please pray for a new, less stressful job to come her way. One that she can once again be happy with. Her current job is putting a lot of stress on her and her family, as she is a single mom. And also pray for relief from the stress.

Thank you, concerned mom!
3 prayers
My mother lives with my husband and me (has for the last 5 years). The strain on our marriage is at the breaking point. She has no where else to live, and my husband and I fight constantly about it. I don't even know what to pray anymore.
10 prayers
I keep making horrible decisions and I feel like my life is spiraling downward. I hate where it has ended up and where it continues to go, but I can't seem to stop it. I cry and sleep all the time, but always seem tired. All my friendships and relationships blow up and end up being destroyed. I think even my best friend is about done with me and ready to walk away. I'm not even sure what I need prayer for except that I just know I hate my life the way it is right now....i just don't even know where to begin to change it.
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