It's been a hard week. My daughter's new to them home has sewer and drain backup that's eluded repair, plus their furnace broke and needs to be replaced.

I just found out that they have not been able to shower for almost a week, now. They are young and new at being a homeowner, and are trying to do everything themselves.

Today I invited them to come over and use my shower and washer and dryer. Only to find that there is water leaking from the ceiling in the basement, due to faulty plumbing in my rental cottage. I'm sure the problem will be remedied by the owners, but it is just one thing on top of the other, and we are all frustrated and crying out for help.

My daughter and her husband put every penny they had into getting themselves at home, and now they have no heat, and are not able to use their plumbing. We could certainly use your prayers.
4 prayers
Please would you pray for my girlfriend aida and myself fritz that our relationship and love for each other goes according to God's plan and is a huge testimony
Please would you pray for my business and finances that they prosper

Thank you

God bless
3 prayers
Could I please get some prayers? Been feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed with things going on at work. I work with addicts and lately it's been difficult. I want that drive again and I need to see God there with me thinking running the show. I also have tons of things in my personal life I neglect due to heavy life. I need a revival please and thank you. Thank you
3 prayers
Please pray for a little girl, Aubrey, and her mama Yesenia. They were in a horrific car accident on Monday night. Yesenia was 7 months pregnant, and lost the baby in the accident, and is in an induced coma. Aubrey is fighting for her life. She has bleeding on the brain, and when they tried to operate, it was too risky. We are asking you to bombard heaven with prayers for both of them. Please pray at 12 (noon) today, Wednesday, as the family has asked for that time to be set aside in prayer for them. Thank you so much!
2 prayers
My grandfather, Bob, is currently in the hospital after taking a fall in his home. He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer in the past, and it appears to be returning while he is in the hospital. From what I've been told, he is refusing treatments for his cancer. I do not know him well, as I only met him a couple of times as a young child and have not physically seen him since. I do not know if he knows Jesus Christ as his Savior, but it is my sincerest prayer that he does. The only thing I know to do being so far away is to pray and ask for prayer. My mom lost her mom a couple of years ago, and it was very hard on her; this is her father now possibly close to the end of his life too. My mom has rejected Christ very recently, but I know God can work miracles. Please pray for her salvation and God's comfort for the entire family. Thank you.
5 prayers
Please pray as I am really struggling with my relationship with God as seeing Him as being good, loving, caring and valuing me. I look at Luke 11:11-13 and feel like my whole life I am have asked for blessing and direction (not monetarily but just out of basic provision for my family) and all I ever receive are scorpions and snakes.

I am unemployed since before Thanksgiving for the third time in five years and I am at my wit's end. My wife has had to be our family's provider for the past 12 years and it is destroying me as a man, as a husband as a father. Marriage is very strained, too.

Going crazy and we no longer have a home church to plug into, I am isolated no men to really speak to, I have no solid job prospects with only 8 weeks left of unemployment benefits and we are living paycheck to paycheck with what I am barely receiving now. Looking to God for anything!
5 prayers
My brother, Jerry, has a very bad skin infection, which he's had for about a year. Doctors are not doing much of anything for him. He desperately needs prayers for healing. He is also living in an unhealthy house, with mold, Windows that won't close, and the landlord won't fix any of it. Please pray for a better living situation also. Thank you Jesus.
6 prayers
Pray for Allie for God to give her great clarity & discernment in making right decisions & choices in relationships & relocation which will lead her to the right place &the right future for her. She desperately needs God's leading in this!

Also, needing urgent prayer for recent relationship damage between Allie and her mom. Words of deep love & concern spoken by her mom 'landed wrong' via mis-sent text, and it's caused great hurt for Allie. Pray for God's hand over her to bring her GREAT understanding & realization of WELL-meant love & concern. Thru this, pray that her feelings of being let down, judged or betrayed, will dissolve and there will be complete restoration of good relationship between her and her mom. Pray she'll KNOW she has unconditional love and support in the tough times she's going thru.

Finally, please pray for God's to lead and protect the entire family as each now transition in and embark on new life directions.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.
4 prayers
Hopefully by June of 2017, they will be able to start the journey of finding a home. Even though this mom is working two jobs, she is going to be looking in the $140,000.00 range. As you know, safe houses in a good neighborhood are rarely available at this price range. She has been a foster parent to over 160 foster kids and prides herself in helping others. She never asks for anything. Just works hard and prays daily that God will help to provide them with a home. Please join me in praying for my small family. We have a strong faith in God and truly believe that prayer changes everything. Yes, this is my story. I am starting over at 49 years old with God leading the way. Thank you so much for your prayers.
5 prayers
Fifteen months ago, a 49 year old mother from Emmett ended up in St Luke's with a hole in her colon due to stress and complications from Crohn's disease. She faced this entire ordeal alone. Making life saving decisions while worrying about her 8 year old adopted autistic son. Thankfully a doctor from another country suggested a procedure that was new to the United States. With no other options, she made the decision to try it and is now healing from this procedure that put a clamp on the hole while it healed.
After leaving the hospital, she was informed by her husband of 27 years that he never wanted the autistic son they had adopted. This was the cherry on top of the cake. She moved herself and her son into her mother's house. She has worked two jobs for the last 7 months and put every penny she made into paying all her medical bills off. She and her son sit around at night dreaming of owning a place that they can be safe and call their own.
See part 2
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