Please pray for my son. His name is Landon. He is 16 and he ran away a couple of days ago. He's been getting into a great deal of trouble lately and I'm praying he doesn't get in to anymore than he already is. Please pray that law enforcement finds him safe and maybe even that he will turn himself in. Please pray protection over him and for the Holy Spirit to convict him and speak to his heart. Thank you and God bless.
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please pray for my friend , this situation with his girlfriends pregnancy and possibly losing her and the baby is hard on him, please pray for him that he is strong ,and he becomes stronger in his faith , and her as well and that no matter the outcome he comes closer to the LORD .Thank you .
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i am asking for your prayers please , my sister is pregnant and she is having some problems , they said it is preeclampsia , she said her liver isn't working properly and they could lose her or the baby , please send prayers for her and her boyfriend for him to be strong , he isn't sleeping and said he is depressed , thank you everyone for all your prayers !i appreciate all of you !
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I'm so broken hearted right now. My son has been having major issues at daycare. They're ready to kick him out. We don't have a lot of options and we're getting him in occupational therapy. He isn't on the spectrum. We don't know why he's acting this way. We don't know what to do. Most days he's so good, but then he has a bad day and it's really bad. It causes fights with my husband and I. My husband is much more fiery than I and reacts stronger than I. He gets mad at me because I don't get angry like that. I keep praying but I'm struggling to see God working. It's just brokenness and hopelessness.
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Hi I'm in a relationship with a man who is controlling, anger issue. He has told me that his way is the only way. He complains about everything that I do. I'm just at a lost because I want out but my kids need a father. I feel like know one wants to help me. This has been going on for 22 yrs. I did separate from him but I came back thinking that everything would be fine. I was wrong. Need prayer to make the right decision for me and my kids.
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I have been out on bond since last July I'm facing a probation violation more than telling me now and persistent Violator I pray that I would be able to stay on the classes that I'm attending and staying clean and going to church I've been trying to change my life and stay away from your friends that I would use with I need prayers that I would not go to prison and I'd be able to stay out to be with my grandbaby and my son who needs me and my other son is locked up in prison I pray for God's Divine intervention that he would have me out here instead of in there that I was there two different way and there be a miracle and I could stay free I pray that I would only be facing a misdemeanor instead of felony due to the law that might change I just pray that I would be able to stay on the path of God wants me on I pray he would continue to open and close the door to my life and bring me on the path that keeps me close to him
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Please pray for my friend that God would draw him closer to Himself, for protection for his mind and body from the enemy, especially his heart. That he would truly know and accept the salvation God has offered through Jesus' blood.
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my dad had a fall in feb that showed a brain bleed afterward, I brought him here to idaho to heal, and he was doing well healing but no today they were checking in and his scan is showing a new spot of bleeding. Please send healing prayers for him. I am worried and trying not to freak out my spirit knows god is in control but my flesh is very nervous about this.
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Please pray for my son and daughter in law they are going through major difficulties in their marriage and my son has decided he is not sure he is wanting to what he needs to make things work between the two of them. They have a brand new baby and a son that is 4. Please pray for my son's heart to soften towards his wife and try and make this marriage work even though times seem difficult. Thank you for your prayers in advance.
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Prayer for protection for my family (my grown kids & grandkids) and For God to lead me to make good decisions that honor God regarding my relationships and finances. I have been in a lot of debt for many years and have been in unhealthy, abusive relationships. I realize this is the outcome of my decisions and I ask God to help me in this area that I have been weak, and to give me wisdom.
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