I am asking for your prayers to help my husband get his diabetes under control and his health back. He is losing alot of weight and not eating he is constantly nauseous and has other issues. He can't get his blood sugar under 350-400i LOVE him so much. He has now gone on an Leave of Absence from work and now we are very far behind in our rent and lights and car payments. I am working as hard as I can but it doesn't seem to be enough. Please help me with faith to over come this trial.
1 prayers
Please pray for me. My heart is completely broken. My husband doesn’t love me any more. My heart hurts so bad that I am having trouble praying. Please pray that God will guide me what to do next and that He will provide for me.
3 prayers
please pray for my co worker's husband Greg. He thought he had ruptured a disc in his back, however, he found out he has liver cancer, very aggressive, 2 months to live. Please pray for comfort and healing. Thank you
3 prayers
We need His help desperately. We need Him to step in and save our marriage. We are struggling; flailing in the wind actually, after a huge argument Sunday where my husband got Really mad and an hour or so later called me to the table and said that he considers us seperated. Stating he doesn't need me getting him so mad that his blood pressure goes up. And last night told me I am the sower of Satan's seed...
Long story short, I argued about something stupid and was not respectful or submissive. In fact, I was belligerent. I argued with him over a stupid yeast container in the freezer until I pushed him over the edge. We rarely even argue... I have told him I am truly sorry, and I am. He moved his clothes out of our room and won't talk to me, at all. He completely ignores me, as if I am not there.
God is the only one that can soften his heart toward me.. to compel him to truly forgive me, and put the desire in him to reconcile.
3 prayers
My uncle is dying and he needs prayer as well as my aunt and my Cousion. He went into the hospital mid January for constipation and came out with heart problems on hospice by the end of January.
5 prayers
My wife has Crohns Disease and is having her medication taken away. She is very sick now and her life is the couch in our house. When she did have her medication she had a great quality of life! I need all the prayers I can get for her! Thank you and God Bless!!!
6 prayers
I’m in bad depression because of the emotional abuse from my husband. He makes me feel totally worthless. Please pray that God will take away this depression tonight. I just want to feel good and be happy again.
6 prayers
Dear KTSY praying family, My Dad is having a pacemaker put in today at 10:00 a.m. Oregon time. Please pray for a successful surgery and peace for all of us, his family. Thank you!
6 prayers
I have been a long time believer, but for some reason I am having a really hard time Knowing I should close my business down for sure? Its not making enough money yet, but at the same time its growing little by little all the time! Bottom line is I want what God wants, I just need to really "hear from Him" for sure. I really need some Clarity from God, Thanks so much
7 prayers
My beautiful friend found out she was pregnant with her 3rd child and was so excited. She went in to the dr for her first apointment and they couldn't find a heartbeat.. they thought the baby might be hiding so she went in for another appointment and she found out she is going to miscarry. She is heartbroken and doesn't quite know how to process everything yet.. The doctor also said it might still be a couple of weeks before she even starts to miscarry. So prayers for her and her family will be so much appreciated. Prayer is such a powerful thing <3
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