I want to believe God is real, but I don't know if I can. I also am dealing with depression and anxiety.
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Please pray for our daughter Julie who is fighting Stage 2 breast cancer! She will be having surgery on Oct. 23rd at St. Lukes in Boise! We have been praying for a miracle for her! Also prayer for the Lord to guide the surgeon's hands as she goes through the surgery! Thank you all in advance for all your prayers!
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I was just wondering if during the pledge drive, since so many people are listening and thinking about how the radio station has helped them through dark times, I have a friend who recently lost her son. He was a beautiful baby boy, and the whole light of her world. Right now, she is having a hard time in her grieving process, and is questioning why God would take him away from her. She's expecting her second child, and it's really hard for her to get excited about the celebration of new life. She just really needs to know that she isn't alone, and that no matter how long the grieving process takes, she is loved and in time she can be granted strength and peace
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Dear Heavenly Father we come together today in prayer for "peace" her Daughter and her family need your loving Grace and compassion. We pray that you heal her husband of addiction. We pray against addiction and we pray to heal her marriage, and help her with her financial burdens in Jesus name Amen.
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I would like to ask prayer for my daughter and her 3 children. She is recently separated and started divorce proceeding. Her husband is using drugs and mentally abusing her and the children. They have been married 14 yr and she is lost and scared of not making it financially and losing everything. I am praying daily God would help her find peace and give her direction and faith . Thank you for you support
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Please pray that doctors are able to find an answer to medical problems including pain in foot and ankle and a hard time walking . So far doctors have not been able to come up with any reasoning that would cause symptoms. Thank you 🙏
4 prayers
My sons girlfriend is struggling with medical issues that may be serious. Her liver is enlarged and they are doing more testing to see what the cause of it is. In the mean time the wait is very nerve raking for her. Please pray for healing and wisdom from her doctor to determine what is up for her.
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My teenage son has had such an amazing faith since he was an 8th grader. No matter what life threw at him he trusted God, put on his armor and smiled. Now life is beating him down and it is truly stealing his joy. He has no sparkle in his eye and he seems to be retreating as a way of self defense. My words of love and encouragement seem to fall on deaf ears. My heart is breaking for him. I pray for a revival and renewal for him and his faith. My son shows up for everyone and right now I pray someone shows up for him!
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I have been struggling immensely trying to get into an inpatient eating disorder treatment center for the past few months, and considering my state of health at the moment I'm not that far away from being medically hospitalized just to keep me stabilized out. I recently lost my insurance due to my mom and step dad's intensive recent divorce. I live on disability income with my primary diagnosis of anorexia, which has taken over my life as an adult. This would be my fourth year in a row admitting into treatment, if I'm able to make it there. I'm terrified of losing my life, and think about suicide daily as I'm fading away. Please pray that I can miraculously find financial means to fund such an expensive and specialized treatment stay for the 4-5 months I desperately need. 

Thank all of you who are considerate enough to pray for me in advance. You are all so kind and gracious, and every prayer a wonderful blessing. :)
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My friend's father, Kasim, was admitted to a hospital hours ago. A few months ago he became partially paralyzed, but was discharged for inability to pay. I can only assume it was a stroke. He has been bedridden, and now I learn he is in the hospital. My friend barely supports his father and mother, and this has got to be a huge stressor for him. Pray for Kasim's healing, and pray that I can somehow find a Christian hospital to care for this man. My research has come up empty, crowd funding has not worked, but I really believe God has a purpose for this family and somehow someway there are Christians who will help. Please pray for healing, and if God's will, a way for Christians to visit or somehow reach this Muslim family.
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