The last year has been tough on My 15 year old daughter. She has been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and depression. She was introduced ( by her school friends) to smoking pot and now feels that this is the best treatment for her depression and will not take the antidepressant medications prescribed. This worries me because, in January of this year, she was feeling suicidal. We have tried counseling, but she feels it is a waist of time. I am praying for a mentor for her. Someone has has walked her path and is now on the other side and would be eager to spend time with her and help to guide her. She needs someone young and energetic, with a strong Christian faith, that she can talk to.
I have looked into placing her in a Christian residential counseling center, where she can get the help she needs, but they are thousands of dollars a month and there is just no way that I can afford it.
I know that God has the answer for her and can guide us through this journey.
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Please pray for a young man who is suffering from depression. He has become isolated, lost his job due to the depression and has not been able to find another job. Please pray that God will touch his heart and allow him to feel the peace of His love and comfort and that he will be able to find his way out of the darkness around him and back into the warmth of God's light and love.
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Pls. Pray for my mom's husband. He has the biggest, most giving heart, but now he needs something--prayer. He is having radiation for cancer treatments and back surgery today. Please pray for healing, restoration for his body, and that he would turn to the Lord during this difficult time. Also pray for my mom--she just lost her mom, and this is all so tough for her! Thank you and God bless you.
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Hello! I know I've submitted prayers before about jobs, but since those are no longer on the horizon, I would appreciate prayers for my financial difficulties right now. I know I'm not the best "accountant" but try to maintain a normal bank account. I am struggling so much right now that I don't know how I'll pay my rent this time. I want to be able to tithe and am not sure I'll be able to do that or even get simple things like lunch items. I do have things to eat and a place to live but struggling. Thank you so much
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I feel so alone in life right now. I have no family nearby and no significant other in my life. The only people near me are my church family which is great but most of then only talk to me on a Sunday. I don't really have a lot of friends and the ones I do have just keep suggesting people I should date. I feel like I would make such an inadequate spouse that I'm scared to even reach out and attempt to ask someone out on a date. I'm tired of living life alone, but it feels like it will never end so I really need prayer to either come to terms with my emotions and step out and ask someone out, or come to terms with single life.
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Tomorrow I begin school for Family Nurse Practitioner. I prayed about this for sometime and felt God calling me here. I don't know how the financial piece will be taken care of; or how I will work full time while schooling, but I do know that God is a big God and can help. I am asking if anyone, would commit to pray for my journey. My prayer since being a young girl was to have hands that would heal. I need God's blessing for this to happen. Not for my glory, but for His. I am also asking for wisdom, clarity of mind, and understanding over the material I will be studying. Thank you. Maybe one day we'll meet as provider and patient and I can help you or someone you love. May God bless you all with a double portion of his love, mercy, and grace in all you do. And may you dwell eternally in his peace and blessings. I pray in Jesus' name.
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Please pray for my husband who is struggling with alcoholism and a meth addiction. Our daughter and 2 grandsons are moving to the magic valley. His addictions have taken him out of her life for over 12 years and he doesn't know our grandsons. Please pray for god to heal him and our family.
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Prayers for my buddy who goes in for some testing for a rare form of cancer. He's a strong individual with a positive outlook and he's ready to fight.
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My family and I have been struggling financially for a while now my husband recently had knee surgery for the 2nd time we haven't been able to catch up on bills from his 1st surgery our faith is being tested for sure please keep us in your prayers we need to keep our faith strong
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I am a 33 year old woman and a friend opened my eyes to realize I have been raised by a narcissistic mother. Doing everything I can to escape from this life style and start a new HAPPY life of my own. I'm a good person and am only here to show others that God lives in me. I do my best to be the spark that lights up other people. To see others happy makes me happy, I am a complete empath and can always pick up on the energy of those around me.
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