Please pray for our young grandson as he is having a test in the next few days to determine if he has celiac disease. He has been a type 1 diabetic since he was 2 years old and we are concerned about him having yet another serious disease and additional severe dietary restraints.
Please pray for God's healing touch for this precious little boy.
Thank you!
1 prayers
Evariste is a beloved friend, husband & father of 4. This last spring he was diagnosed with liver cancer. He began the recommended treatment, but the cancer quickly began to spread. At this point the doctors say there is nothing more they can do. But, we are not ready to give up! God is a God of hope & a God of miracles. There are many other treatment options besides radiation and chemo for Evariste, and we are asking you to help him pursue them. Many people have been healed in this way. Evariste family needs him!
Please donate what you can & all funds will be used to help him start treatment as soon as possible. Please lift Evariste up in prayer & offer he and his family any advice or support possible. Sonia, Catherine, Florine, Isaac & David are dearly loved.
2 prayers
My friends husband Dave lost his job they have several littles at home with another on the way he has put out a lot of applications. Please pray for him thank you.
3 prayers
My sister is in a very unhealthy relationship and is having a very hard time breaking away from a boyfriend who is abusive both verbally & physically. Please pray that she will have the strength to move on and have a clear mind to see the truth.
6 prayers
Prayers for Matt Fishler who is in the Coast Guard Search and Rescue. Matt is suffering from PTSD. He is in charge of his crew and is a lot of responsibility. He is feeling trapped. While on duty it's a constant on the go, a waken through out the night, high anxiety job. Matt has lost weight. During all these events he rarely has time to eat or drink water, etc. He is feeling desperate and very unhappy especially because when he comes home after a few days it's hard for him to give himself to his wife and toddler daughter. Please bless him with a less stressful job position within the Coast Guard. He can't leave the Coast Guard. He is stuck for the next 4 years and is feeling hopeless and depressed. Please dear God, bless Matt with an opportunity to work for a less stressful position soon. No one their wants to listen or help him even though he is struggling. If he complains he will be looked down and made fun of. Please God fill Matt with your strength, comfort and peace.
7 prayers
My son needs prayer for a mediation hearing . He was severely injured at work and will never be able to work again. We want prayer for meditation instead of a trial. He was given 10 years to live and almost 5 are already gone of that. Thank you for your prayers
5 prayers
Looking for a church home. Not what I want or perceive to be right, but what Christ wants of me..... Here in Twin
5 prayers
Can you pray for one my best friends Kami Touhy, she has these horrible headaches for as long she has know, pray for her to heal and, or to know what can help her. thank you
6 prayers
Pray that my daughter will get a better job that has more hours so she wont have to struggle to make ends meet she is a new mom
7 prayers
My mom and I moved to the Boise area from Alaska just three weeks ago. In all that time I’ve been sending out countless job applications, even to jobs I’d never normally be interested in. There’s no shortage to apply to and yet I’ve not heard a word from any of those jobs. The ones I have gone in person to several times just give me the run around and I leave without answers. And now today my bank account is officially empty. I’m scared even though I know to trust God and that his timing is perfect, but that doesn’t seem to help this pit of dread in my stomach right now. Please pray because I don’t know what else to do....
8 prayers

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