My nephew was born with some disabilities, he is now 19 years old and is on SSI and is trying to become independent and get out on his own. Pray for him, as he has family members bullying him and making it impossible for him to succeed. My husband and I feel helpless. Please lord favor him and guide him through this hard time.
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Please pray for my family. My husband lost his job, we have a new baby and have lost our home and are living with friends. Please pray that he finds a job soon that will benefit him and our family for the better and that we can get ourselves out of the debt that is piling up right now. I feel very helpless. Please pray for our sanity as well. Thanks so much!!
1 prayers
Please pray for my daughter. I don't know how to help her. I am very confused by her. She lies and steals with no guilt or remorse (seemingly). On the surface, she's a very sweet person who is helpful and kind. No one would ever guess how underhanded she can be. I find her doing things she thinks she'll never get caught doing. She tries to explain away everything until she can't - when she can't deny the facts. It almost seems pathological. I would like to get her into therapy, but can't force her. Please pray God would change her heart and she would desire to be different and seek out help and know that she has lots of people ready to support her. Please also pray for me - I feel so embarrassed that I raised a child to be like that. Thank you!
6 prayers
My mother’s friend Christine reached out to me for prayer, as her father, Ron Hinz just had surgery for bladder removal due to cancer. They recently discovered that one of his lungs now definitely has cancer, and it could be spreading. All we need is healing and protection for the Hinz family by the grace of God.
Thank you so much.
7 prayers
My good friend Christine asked me to reach out and share her prayer request for her dad Ron Hinz. He just recently had his bladder removed due to cancer and now he was just diagnosed with lung cancer. We are asking for prayer for comfort and healing if that is God’s will.
Thank you so much!
Thank you!
5 prayers
Please pray for my friend Mercedes. She gave birth to a still born baby named Ryder this weekend. Pray for peace for the family and her mom Renee and the 2 sons Asher and Zander. They are all dear to my heart . This is a very tragic time for all of them. Little Zander was looking forward to being a big brother. And Asher was happy to be a big brother again.

This is the first tragedy the boys have experiences in their lives. .

The Lord works in mysterious ways. We never Know what His plan is .

Thanks for your time. God Bless you one and all for all you do.
5 prayers
I'm asking for prayer for my wife and her salvation. She grew up in a church, but it teaches bad doctrine such as Jesus and Satan are brothers. I'm praying that God will open her eyes and heart to the truth and that she will accept it. I'm asking that God will send strong Christians to witness to her and she will listen. I'm asking that I will have the knowledge and wisdom along with patience and kind loving words to talk to her without making things worse. I'm also praying that this happens sooner than later, but I realize that God work in his own time. Thank you
6 prayers
Nikeela Black Abrams is a friend and jockey. She was in a tragic and horrible wreck in a horse race in Blackfoot, Idaho Sunday. She has chest tubes to keep the fluid out of her lungs, her bottom lip is ripped down to her chin, her spine is shattered from T9-11 but did not severe the spinal cord. They have 4 teams of surgeons that are going to be starting surgery today, 9/3/18. She is currently in ICU at a hospital in Utah. Once the surgeries are completed and she is stable they will be life flighting her to Boise St. Lukes to begin the long and hard rehab process to teach her to walk and function again. Nikeela was retiring from racing this year. This is a horrible and tragic way to end a great career. Please pray for correct, speedy and complete healing. Nikeela is on facebook and you can leave prayers for her there also.
4 prayers
For my marriage to be saved- restored and redeemed. That divorce will not happen.
7 prayers
My quiet, reserved 25-yr old daughter is traveling by herself from Seoul, South Korea to Krakow, Poland over the next 36 hrs. Prayers for a safe trip every step of the way would be greatly appreciated.
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