Not sure what to ask for in this prayer, but needing prayers for my family as well as myself. My grandmother was recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease and is unable to gain weight which is crucial for this disease to not advance at a rapid rate. This has hit our family hard as she is very much an integral part of our lives. I would also like prayers for myself, I have Tachycardia already however my heart has been acting up when I am at rest. Having difficulties with my Heart Dr. where I have had to find another one. Needing prayers that the right Heart Dr. will find what is wrong with my heart and prayers to help our family come together and enjoy my Grammy while she is still with us. Thank you so much and God bless.
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Rio was in a ski accident on 4/16/18 and broke his neck severely. Survived through surgery. He cannot breath on his own and as of right now is completely paralyzed. He is 27 years old. Please pray for the ability to breath on his own and for healing through the long journey ahead for him and his family.
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We ask for prayer for Chelsea and Chris and family. Details of his accident and paralysis are in the YouCaring link below.
Thank you so much!
The Robertson's
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Please pray for my neighbor who has made a nuisance problem so that he might have his heart softened to make changes to follow the local laws and remove the nuisance problem so we can have a more peaceable home and backyard. Thank you very much!
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Please pray for marriage to be strengthened and for the communication between my wife and I to be better. It seems that though I care to make it better, when I try to carry it out the communication challenge gets in the way and ends up not being as effective. Prayer for what Ephesians 5 says for both of us to do our best at our individual parts to make a sweeter relationship.
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Please pray for me tonight. I can’t stop crying.
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Please pray for me. I'm dealing with some health issues, chronic pain, and depression. I'm struggling quite a bit, and I don't feel well a majority of the time. Please also pray that I can overcome dependency on medication and everything else I rely on that isn't God. Thank you!
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My brother is married for many years, have lots of problem with fertility treatment and on his job situation. Please pray for him to have a happy blessed life.
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Daughter goes into surgery this morning at 7:00 for a new to her procedure. Praying for wisdom and precision on the part of the surgeon and all the medical team. Full healing with no memory or brain function loss. Gods protection and guidance.
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Shawn is a 39 yr old man with MS and contracted a cold. It has caused such an adverse reaction that he is now being intubated. Please pray for healing and his family.
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