Please help me pray for my daughter. We learned a short while ago that my adult daughter is addicted to different drugs and needs to get away from the people that she's around and return to God and his help. Thank you
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Our family has had a rough year and the financial strain is overwhelming. We are afraid we may loose our home and our vehicles keep breaking down. Please pray that God provides relief and peace for us. The stress and worry is unbearable at times. We just need help and God's direction.
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Please pray for doors to open on an appt I need and healing for myasthenia gravis
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Prays for my brother in-law Dave who is fighting cancer. Also sister Karen for strength, peace & comfort.
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Please pray for both myself and my fiance to get better jobs. Right now we are both currently working for companies that have very negative and toxic work environments. They are taking a toll on us. We would appreciate any prayers and guidance on getting new jobs. Thank you!
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My friend recently found out that his father has brain cancer. His father has recently taken a turn for the worse and needs a miracle. I'm not only asking for prayers for him, but for the whole family as they go through the hardest trial of their lives. I pray that they will stay strong in their faith through this time and after. I also pray that his dad gets his miracle and is able to beat this horrible disease.
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My family has had a rough time for my entire life (20 years). Most of our problems are centered around our dad. He had a tough childhood, and thus promised to make me and my sister’s life better, in which he has, but he still has caused many mental and emotional problems for me, my mom and younger sister. At one point in time, I was not surprised if they got a divorce... I was kinda expecting it to happen, to be honest. We are currently going through counseling at a Christian counseling center, and we have all slowly started to improve. I would be so thankful if you could keep me and my family in your prayers.
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Prayers are needed for a friend that is in need of a running car (preferably 2003 or newer) and a job. It appears that he has someone that is loaning him a car next week and I'm seeking prayers for him that the car comes through and that he finds a job very quickly. He's disabled but not to the point that he can't work and needs something to help him get going again. He's a really nice guy and a Christian, just fell on a hard time, as we all do, and needs a little help. After all, we all need a little help sometimes and I don't believe that God meant for us to do things alone. God has already answered one of our prayers and quickly and we are extremely grateful. We both have faith that God will provide but prayers are always a good thing. Thank you so much for your support. May God bless each and everyone of you! :-)
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My wife is struggling to forgive herself from past events. She doesn’t think God should forgive her from what she has done. She has recently separated from me. She is conflicted about her decision but thinks this is what she deserves because of things she has done. Pray God speaks to her and helps her realize she can be forgiven for everything. She is an amazing person and I pray she sees that in herself again.
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My brother and sister in law are expecting their second baby girl in November! We are all over the moon! But we recently found out that as soon as baby is born, she is going to have to have open heart surgery and possibly another surgery after. I just ask for strength and healing prayers for baby P and my family. Thank you<3
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