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I had epiphany today: David struggles with anxiety; that drives some of his negative behavior. However, his behaviors also reveal him to be a narcissist (verbally & emotionally abusive, demeaning, determined he's better than everybody else, is never wrong, expects others to hold standards that he refuses to hold to, severe lack of empathy/compassion) so please pray God brings him to his senses about how his controlling & alienating ends up cutting off support & positive constructive interactions that he could have had for himself & our children as well, not to mention how his sin has caused alienation & lack of support for our children who don't deserve any of that.
Please pray God keeps his word to work ALL things for good for those who love Him (Romans 8) (I claim that includes our children since hurting them hurts me and vice versa).
Please pray He keeps His word & works His will.
Pray we're protected from this app which has sketchy terms of use! #anonymizeyourselfonlinewhenposs
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