How can we pray for you?
My family is currently going through a custody battle for my niece and nephews. My brother passed away four years ago and the children's mother has stopped taking care of the kids financially and has used social security funds improperly. Also, she is around people who are terrible role models for the children. Please pray for us and ask for us to trust that God's will is right and good. We are asking that God would show us favor regarding the judge and this situation. That God would provide us with the wisdom we need regarding this situation. Please pray for us.
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I have another interview with the post office tomorrow. Thank you guys so much !!
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I have a job interview at the post office in the morning. Asking for God's favor and grace to make it through. Thank you for your prayers.
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Prayer for my family. Almost going to lose our apartment and my car. WorkeWorked two jobs but lost one. Trying to get my cleaning business started here. I also have a 14 yr old who started a slime & Sensory Toy business (Loving Hands Slime) geared towards helping people who have mental illness or sensory/speech issues . She is ADHD & has sever anxiety. So please pray that it grows in Houston.
I also have a 13 yr old daughter who is a talented athlete but has been getting in trouble and is now getting help at a Center in Katy. She is very angry and hurt but can over it in the name of Jesus. NGEN radio has help us get through our test cause there is a testimony coming to share with others.
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My prayer request is for God to make a way for me and family to stay out of debt. Also praying for a way to serve others.
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My prayer request is for a follower on Twitter (@FiolYadyra) she is a veteran from San Antonio who has suffered from 20 years of malpractice from VA doctors. She has shared some of her story on Twitter, in hopes of being heard. Could all of you at ngen pray for and reach out to her.

Thank you all and God bless all that ngen and staff do.
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