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I am being forced away from the love of my life for an extended undetermined amount of time. I am keeping my faith and praying it comes to an end soon but the pain is there none the less.
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I am at university of Houston downtown. I would love for you pray for this one class that I am having difficulties with this professor and that I pass this class with the help of prayer.
Thank you,
Erica Mumphrey

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Lately I’ve been dealing with really bad depression and sometimes I want to sleep all the time and my doctor diagnosed me with low TSH levels which I could have issues with my thyroid and with everything I’m losing my way with my Faith in God and it doesn’t help when I don’t have to many Christian friends other than my family and I don’t have many friends in general and I can’t focus on anything anymore and I really want to quit smoking cigarettes but it’s really difficult to quit when I’m in a bad depression state of mind
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I’m only ten and I’m in fifth grade. This girl in my class has bullied me since first grade, it’s words and they really hurt. She told me my mom was ugly and I was stupid.(she used different words for stupid) I pray for her every day but it’s only gotten worse... Please pray for me and my mean girl.-Piper
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I've been having an issue within my workplace that has lasted a couple weeks. Please pray that God will intervene and resolve the situation to His glory.
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That we only see a small spectrum of light, what about all the light we cannot see? The world of the senses and science makes us think the real world is simply what we have from our senses. But to not accept the invisible is a prejudice against it.

That which is most real is God. He is invisible and contingent in his being and therefore cannot be seen. It is not that He cannot be seen and therefore is not real but that He is so greatly real He could never be limited in such a way to be seen. The visible and the invisible are not enemies but intertwine to become a beauty that is even greater than simply the limitations of the physical.

The bleak desolate unshielded field is exposed in life. We must stand in it. Why do some give everything to have this field? What treasure have they found?

If “The only lasting and fully satisfying joys for any man lie on the other side of a cross.” then one first must be willing to face the cross that then the other side is known, is home.
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I pray for the spirit of fear and bitterness to be cast out of our lives. Perfect love casts out fear. Thank the Lord for giving us faith deliverance revival and implanting the good seed in our hearts that we may bear fruit and see a harvest with 100 fold for his kingdom. All glory honor and praise goes to our Lord and Savior Jesus. He will transform all works of darkness to his light love and peace. <3
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So my dentist said that one of my Aleut tooth has a bad cavity and that it needs to be pulled out so one of my tooth that’s supposed to last for the rest of my life is gone and I’m only 13 please pray my other tooth is savable so I don’t have to live with 2 gaps thx
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Please pray I survive these procedures and that I get them in time. I want so badly to see my children grow more before I have to leave them. Please.
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