How can we pray for you?
That I win in my basketball tournament white my school on these Saturday games and I win my last two games for the tournament with my rec league
1 prayers
I've been having a pretty sucky week since last Monday and I've been feeling really alone I just want someone to come into my life to talk too. I want all the stress to go away and for the past to stop haunting me.
1 prayers
Prayers for restored health, and healing for my sister who recently diagnosed with stage 1 thyroid cancer.
2 prayers
I grew up in the church and strayed away for several years doing my own sinful things. Jesus brought me back and delivered me from alcoholism and lust issues I’ve been dealing with for years! I’m so thankful, but also struggling with a bunch of fear and doubt. I need prayer to truly trust Jesus that he’s real and he’s there and he’s the only way! My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. Struggling to allow myself to enjoy the freedom he’s given me and let go of this fear of turning away again.
3 prayers
Please pray that I find a different job after leaving teaching in June. I'm having to use my savings, b/c my subbing is not making enough. I'm very worried about the situation and the longevity of not finding a new job.
2 prayers
I don't know whatever or not God want me to get married or not. the desire there but don't want the responsibility also i'm a 26 year old woman with special needs.

i get jealous when i see people getting married and having children. i been this way for years.

i'm thinking it's because i'm lonely. if the Lord wants me to get married or have children he will give it to me.

if not, i would at least want some friends who understand me. i been praying for that for years.
3 prayers
I'm 27 years old and I'm diabetic, epileptic, and have neuropathy in both legs. I'm struggling finding a direction in life. I can't find a job and I'm Drowning in debt. I know if anyone can help me figure out what to do, it's God. Thank you for your time and support and I hope you have a blessed day
4 prayers
I feel very alone and unloved. I have severe chronic pain that has worsened with the cold weather. I do have family in town but I live alone. My pain prevents me from getting out often.
6 prayers
My prayers and condolences go out to the Presley family on the behalf of Lisa Marie Presley.
5 prayers
Lost spiritual sister having a hard time coping my daughter's are not dealing with her being called home well and one has a birthday she keeps crying and doesn't know why other times she doesn't want to turn 10. My other daughter just got diagnosed with ADH momma needs some extra prayer please and God bless you all
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