How can we pray for you?
I am asking for prayer, please, for my nephew and his parents' relationship, among other aspects. My nephew is acting out in class, failing classes and disrespecting his parents. Ever since he was kicked off of the football team in school after failing several courses, he seemed to just give in. He loved playing football and being with his friends up until this happened. He has struggled with his classes and has required tutoring to get his to the point where he was even able to pass to the 10th grade this year. I know I am not not to worry but pray about everything, but that is hard for me. I pray for my sister and her husband, too. They are suffering tremendously not knowing how to reach him and help him to get on a better path. I thank you for your prayers. God Bless you, too!
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That we seek out the things we want in part because of our experiences and things we face, why do we seek the way we do? Is it that we have been taught, rewarded, and accepted in a manner that encourages us to seek the way we do? What is this neo-prosperity that avails itself to us in so many forms? In the end can it really satisfy what I want and need?

Do we make our decisions and ask the real God to bless our god's decision? The hard thing, that we can suffer in the present, do we compare outcomes unknowingly to the glory that would be revealed in us otherwise? In doing so what would then be revealed? Seems we have no choice but one way or another but to participate.

Questions I don’t like: To buy what this world offers, in doing so do we sell the Master for silver like Judas? Does Satan prefer we see ourselves as more and in less need? To say God I need you to show up, what if the reply is simply when I have I not been here and when will you show up before Me?

Seek Truth.
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Please pray for my dad, he was just hit by another driver on his way home. It's a difficult time for him financially. Please pray for everything to be okay with him physically and that his truck gets fixed quickly.
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A story told,
Of one who pursues those who need love
And never gives up.
Must it invade the dreams and heart?

To run through days and nights,
Through meandering years,
Through tangles in the mind;
To escape the mystified and tortuous
That lives in blackness and tears,
I hid.
“All things betray you, you who betray Me.”

A voice in the desert,
Steps coming, behind me, for me.
Death always despised,
I flee.
A need to worship something,
The runner runs.
“Nothing shelters you, you who will not shelter Me.”

Gaped, the center of me
That feelings cause all to be.
To run,
To crawl,
To scale these city walls,
The Chaser chases;
The runner runs.
“All things flee thee, for thou flees from Me.”

Luke 4:6,
A preached offering,
A hope to run.
Sacredness, a pride, a god.
“Nothing contents you, you who do not content Me.”

Shame to crush me,
The intimate story of me.
“You drove love away from yourself,
You who drove away Me.”

“It is Me you seek.”

Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved
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We trust you, Great God,
to open our hearts to learn from those
to whom you speak in different tongues
and to respect the life and words
of those to whom you entrusted
the good of other parts of this globe.

We beg you, Great God,
give us the vision as a people
to know where global leadership truly lies,
to pursue it diligently,
to require it to protect human rights
for everyone everywhere.

We ask these things, Great God,
with minds open to your word
and hearts that trust in your eternal care. In Jesus name Amen
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My friend's husband Landry need a miracle, he had a massive stroke this morning and the outlook is dire. GOD IS BIGGER and He is the healer and we need Him to heal Landry.
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My family and I need prayer that my husband finds a job. My husband was let go from his job in July and has been applying all over for a job but to no avail. I work only part time and I am also a student we have two daughter. Bill's are piling up and we are trying to do what we can. Prayer needed for my husband to find work, my children for school, and for myself to keep holding on. Thank you.
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I'm in need of prayer for my business Nolie's Kidztique. Nolie's Kidztique open February 13th, 2019; in the months of February to June I did awesome. However in the months of July till now I haven't had no sales. I'm not sure what's going on and I've tried everything from doing daily deals to weekly sales. I advertise on social media all day everyday; I get a lot of likes and followers but no sales. I even made an personal commitment to give God 20% of my monthly sales but still nothing hasn't change. I believe in this company and what it stands for I just don't know what else to do but pray and trust God. I'm asking God for open doors of new, loyal and faithful customers and to close the doors that is not right for me and this company. I just want to do God's will and to move when He says too.
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I’m currently serving in the Armed forces, I have a Physical Fitness test coming up this week, I’ve been training hard for the last 4 months for it, I just need prayer for confidence come the final test. Thank you!
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Dear Heavenly Lord, I come before You with a heavy heart and ask that you intercede on your children who have suicidal thoughts . May they know where to turn, who to talk to, or how to deal with the things going on in their lives . You are mighty God who see everything, Lord. You know everything, Lord. Yet in their quiet time may they seek you, feel You there with them. Thank you Lord, help them through this. There is light at the end of their tunnel, may your shekinah Glory be ever so bright. Thank you Jesus for sending someone to help them cope during this season of their lives. Let then feel You Lord, let them see what You provide and seeing that only you can fill that empty void in there heart . Thank you Holy Spirit for blessings and comforting. In Jesus name I pray Amen.
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