How can we pray for you?
Please pray for my grandmother and my uncle. They lost their home in a fire and are still trying to find a new home and the money to pay for real it.
5 prayers
Please pray that I have a productive conversation this evening with my ex boyfriend. Also, pray for my strength, guidance, and obedience to God: I want to hear/listen to His answer. Pray that my anxiety is minimized.
7 prayers
“I just need time,” so easy to say, one of my favorite cop out statements I use. Can “time” heal a relationship? Is “time” a thing, have some type of being that it on its own can cause or do something? Or when confused, hurt, angered to some degree, it is an easy way for it to be accepted that I am saying back off and let me figure out something that some way this will be in my favor and I will be okay? Isn’t that the direction of the game we like to play?

There is that other experience, where your heart is ripped out of your chest, that everything you thought should be cannot be, that what held meaning and gave life direction is gone. When nothing matters because what gave it is gone, time disappears. A moment, a day, a year, a decade, with no way to give significance to them, the perception of time is gone.

That time is not a thing, time cannot do whatever it is we want. To know change should be, it is to face the need, I just need God.

May we know Who gives meaning to all.
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How is it in the land of free, an identity must be recognized and known by others to be accepted? Standing in line with everyone, given a mask to wear that I may be known and free. Just another chained where freedom leads to decadence. To be accepted becomes to be coerced into living in this limited way. Serving myself is my primary goal. Because one can do something, does that mean it is profitable, can edify? Worldly ways make things profitable and edify the flesh.

The word parable literally means “a placing beside.” It is a comparison of one thing beside another, an association of pictures that teaches. In a wider sense, the parable is a figurative discourse, a riddle full of light and shadows. What parable has the world taught me that I value and thus act as I do?

To eat it, to drink, to smoke, to snort, to slam, to take in through the eye, that none of it changes reality why do I do this to hold what I do in my mind, a deceptive lie?

May we fight the fight through Christ!
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I have been dealing with an addiction of porn and masturbation for at least 10 years, if not more.

I am so tired of fighting this battle, I am ready to be on the other side of it.

I have prayed for deliverance many times, but I have never requested prayer on this specific issue nor have I ever admitted to myself out loud. I need help. I need Jesus. I need prayer. Please, please, please. Pray for me today and whenever I cross your mind. This is an ongoing struggle that I am ready to win!
13 prayers
Facing hard things, choosing in some manner, it is easy to find a feeling of being lost. Who hasn’t? Who hasn’t heard friends, parents, adults, those in charge, messages everywhere looking at others and saying “they are lost.” It is easy to think I must be such a person too. To be honestly before God, can one be lost?

To know I am not where I should be, I am not doing what I should, that I recognize this because of God when before I could not, while in the past I thought I knew where I was, to find myself here I can now see it was then I was lost. That now I know where I am, that there is a place to leave from and go elsewhere, I am not lost but know for the first time where I am. Because of God, I have been found that I now know where I am.

This feeling of being lost, that what was once normal should not be for me, that it is different now, it is I now know where I am and have been awakened. It is from the love of God that I now know where I am.

Lost? No! Found!!!
2 prayers
I don't even know where to begin..
- A porn addiction that has been with me since my adolescence years
- Lusting over physical appearances; desiring what they have
- Being completely lost.. lost in a way that I have drifted off the narrow path towards Jesus.
- Becoming comfortable with the ways of this world

Yes, I have accepted Him into my life. Yes, I call myself a Christian. But, my actions speak differently. I am ashamed of what I have become..

For the past few years, I have been battling these temptations, growing tried because I think that I can do this myself. But, I can't. Pride has gotten in the way. No more... I can't do this alone. I need help to break these chains once and for all.
11 prayers
Rent is due today and I only had a $300 check. I had to put food in the house for my family and rent is 600. I have no idea what im going to do...... :(
11 prayers
Everyone please pray for my husband. I know he won’t like me posting this but please pray for healing for his body. I wish I can know what going on. he is hot everywhere...
11 prayers
My 13 month year old baby was sped to the hospital. My ex boyfriend had come to my house, said he wanted to be friends again, and asked if he could hold the baby. I said sure ( and god forgive me for that.) he ran and yes the police are already looking for him but I am scared and I feel alone and I am just a mother who is looking for her son and I need prayer for me my family and my baby. Thank you!🙂

Ps. Sorry for punctuation and spelling I was never good at that!
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