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The heart is a battleground between the authority of Christ and the autonomous self. To choose not to model Christ but my own way, would this be a choice of rebellion and who originally rebelled against God? Human pride or God, is this human choice being persuaded to choose against God? From my pride in individualism as a virtue, he influences easier. We imitate unaware.

Without God free will becomes many wills conflicting within me; one man in conflict to choose. Belief in me is my golden rule. All become rivals to my authority or pawns to be exploited to achieve my desires. In choosing my desires I become a plaything for Satan to use. One wrote "It ain't Jesus or the devil. It's Jesus or you." I become his toy because of the way I freely choose.

To count every blessing, every day is a day of work and a day off.
May the comfort and strength of Your Joy be had by all.
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Please pray for my sick baby, she's so small and so strong but she needs help. Please pray we stay well enough to take care of her like she needs.
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My 14 yr old daughter, Araceli has abandoned her relationship with God over the last year and truly believes that she can live happily without him. She has experimented with common worldly things this year as a freshman, and I desperately need help. She has gone above and beyond to act out and I am feeling helpless at this point. Please lift her up, so that God may use someone at school to speak to her, or open her eyes. I don't wanna lose her t o this world.
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For me to continue to grow in my relationship with God. For my family, friend and I receive the promises that God says is for his children. For my family, friend and I to seek him even when its in our darkest times. For me to have peace, patient, self control and not let fear rule me. For my friend and family to turn to go and give all their problems, worries, doubt, low self esteem, etc to God. Instead for us to see our self like he sees us. For us to trust God even when we don't understand or see God plans. For us to increase your faith.
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