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I'm going through a really rough time right now, I've been battling alcoholism for a while and last night I had a really bad episode, my boyfriend left, I was extremely mean to my mom (who also could use some prayer) she totaled her vehicle this morning. I just feel like everything is spiraling out of control. Please pray for me that I can gain control of my life again before it's too late.
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Pray for healing from heartbreak
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Dealing with heartbreak pray I get healed from this pain
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Please pray that I will marry my dream girl thanks
9 prayers
Deliverance from python and it doesn’t come back.
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We are trying to stay strong as God restores us. Mom and Son, needing a loving miracle from our Father
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Please pray unspoken.
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Lord what is it that You need me to do in this season?
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I pray her baby shower goes as planned and that everyone clears up from Covid in time to make it. And that her baby is healthier than ever and that she has a smooth natural birth and a strong relationship with her child's father stronger then ever my God moves mountains and on time he says if you ask you will receive god I'm coming to you in the most humble way I know how Amen
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Brothers and sisters,soldiers of Christ help me pray for my girlfriend who’s in the hospital battling kidney failure. Her name is Angelica Ramos, I have faith in the lord that he will heal her
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