Hi Please pray that I may find fulfilling work. Ty! :)
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Please be in prayer for my son Bryan & his wife Teri and their family. Teri gave birth to beautiful Amelia on 6/5/18. A few days after delivery, Teri started running a fever. She was admitted into the hospital and some tests were run. It was determined that Teri has an enlarged heart, and she also has fluid on her lungs. They are giving her medication to drain the fluid from her lungs. She has been referred to a cardiologist for further testing. The cardiologist in the hospital feels that the left of her heart may be weakening. Dear Jesus, please place Your healing arms around Teri and take all disease out of her body so that she can live a normal life and be with her family & care for them. Please be with my son Bryan as he helps Teri to raise their 4 children, Anna, Lilly, Connor, and little Amelia. They are both strong believers and are trusting and believing that God is our mighty healer and He will see them through this. Please heal Teri in the Name of Jesus, Amen
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Always, always, always, Salvation rededication, and deliverance for my son from all alcohol and substance abuse. God knows who he is and what he has gone through especially from 5 months to 3.5 years of age, please pray fervently for this abuse and that the Lord God completely free him heal him and turn it for good.

As for myself, deliverance from all curses and witchcraft most resent in the workplace and going back throughout my life, placed or generational. Break if all in Jesus name and wash me in his blood. Renew me like the eagle reverse the age curse so that I may keep going until I am called home.

Job security although it is part time and security in my living arrangement which is a room rental, the contract is up in Oct but my it be extended.

Processing of my schooling to go through smoothly along with registration of the State, God knows the details. Just for all to go through and finish.

Unspoken request to arrive at me door this year.
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