Please pray for my daughter Jessica and her friend Austin who are going on a mission trip in Brazil that they glorify God during this trip. Please pray for their safety and spiritual protection and that Austin submit to God’s will. Pray that their relationship grow in the Lord and with each other.
12 prayers
My uncle (married my dad's sister) asked for no funeral, wants his ashes with her til she's buried. He had advanced colon cancer. MyA huge thank you for praying for them and me too. His passing doesn't make sense to me, gets HARDER to accept. She got his ashes May 1st.

Every May is a rough month. Friday before mother's day 1990 I'm studying for college semester exams and after church mother's day, college president (now retired) and his wife informed me grandpa (mom's father) died from congested heart. This is first time I've got a chance to grieve. 34 years ago and now getting to grieve for him. In total shock since my uncle passed. Mom's mother passed Monday before veterans Day 2016 from strokes, and choking her dinner(Monday) veterans Day was Friday that year. I haven't got to grieve for her either. She would have been 99 January 19 of 2017).

I have been battling depression (I have appointment with my counselor on last Thursday of May after work).

My aunt and my father lost their mother to Colon cancer. So they have to be tested and I have to be tested and my sisters tested every so often.

I have 90 percent hearing loss in both ears. I need implants in both ears. Please pray the place where I have implants that the doctors are Christians, that the hospital play Shine because I'll need recovery, encouragement and i get both from Shine because my Shine family helps me grow in my Christian walk, they pray for me and all listeners and everyone writing. And I pray for Shine and everyone posting and praying!

Praying army is the STRONGEST army... And we have one!
12 prayers
My husband lost his job on my birthday. For reconciliation with our Son and his wife and us. My grandmother died last Sunday and. Y Father in law is in a rehabilitation center in Gettysburg PA. My suv is having problems again and our finances are low. I'm scared and feel hopeless.
14 prayers
Pray my mother is healed of a heart murmur.
19 prayers
God help me help my family financially, I pray both of my kids have homes of their own one day and very very very soon, Lord shield us all and keep us whole,sane, healthy, sound and safe, deliver us from every evil and lead us not into temptation, in Jesus Name, Amen.
Reiter families'
12 prayers
My son Jacob is having a follow up procedure today on his esophagus that was repaired, praying for a good report healing for him today. Blessings
15 prayers
Pray my mother's blood sugar level is normal and for her to be healed of type 2 diabetes. Also, pray she has no side effects from medication, is free of an overactive bladder, has no problems with her back, handles stress well, has normal blood pressure and has good eyesight.
15 prayers
Please pray GOD opens up many doors to rental houses in good condition within my budget in a safe quiet area nearby asap so I'm not homeless, IL state took my grant away that paid 70% of my rent due to changed guidelines leaving me in a impossible situation, I have very little disability income and no one to help me
Thank you very much
26 prayers
Urgent prayers for my daughter in hospital, 5 months pregnant , complications, needs prayers .God works this all out quickly .Can’t give specifics cause don’t want to make a mistake on that for prayer. Pray for everything to work and quickly , she is in a lot of pain
Thank you
23 prayers
Pray God protects my senior citizen mother from all sickness and she lives at least to 100 years. Pray specifically that she has a strong immune system, is free of all cancers, clotting, as well as brain diseases such as dementia and alzheimers. Also, pray she has no health problems with her kidneys, bladder, liver, heart and lungs.
19 prayers

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