Move things out of the realm of the impossible into the realm of the possible with very specific prayer requests:

Salvation and rededication of my son also for his little girls. Open his eyes to the Gospel and the Lord. Deliver him of all that is not of God. Place of hedge or protection around him/them; cover them with the Blood of Jesus for their lifetime.

Home ownership or return our home this year. You know the details. We are homeless renting a room here and there. Homeownership.

Locate my longer term employer where I can retire! and work in an executive position there or where ever you have for me, I have surely worked my entire life for it but make minimum wage now. Presently, I work part time and if this is the company you have in mind full time so be it. Direct my steps, I do not know where I stand with them. Chain ownership, God knows the details.

Register by Fall of 2018 for the JD program and pass Bar, finish successfully.

Unspoken request to arrive at my door.
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Jenny mother of 20 mo old and 6 mo old has frontal lobe brain tumor surgery tomorrow. Grace st 4 lung cancer, colostomy surgery Thur. Andrew has st 4 hodgkins lymphoma. Joe colon cancer, heart issues. Matt pains in chest, Tom heart and lung issues. Patricia return of breast cancer possible. Tom injured back out of work
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Asking for agreement is prayer for Aaron, 22 years old, diagnosed with cancer. I pray that he be saved and be healed in Jesus name. I do not know his level of faith, but i pray that this be what draws him to Jesus and that his healing be a testament to his unsaved friends.
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My brother has been through a lot in the past few years. He was recently married and divorced. He is now married again and having a lot of problems with his new marriage and adjusting to a step son. Please pray for his new marriage and that he start attending church.
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Dear Beloved,Please pray that all of my, my mom, my brother, my blood line and our belongings problems to be solved with the permanent great solutions effortlessly with out any hassles, disturbances, adversities, doshas, evils and negativities for us forever permanently at all times & ages and please pray to get rid of all enemies for us permanently and please pray for the strong favor of god upon us to solve all of our problems with good solutions immediately permanently and all of our losses to be restored as infinity times more benefits & profits to us with power full protective shields guarding us forever permanently at all times and make all my sins in to virtues for me and Please pray for me for a peace, enjoyment, good environment and all support at career and job for me with out an evil eye/harm/side effects/negative reactions/evils against us with powerful protective shields guarding us forever permanently with out any further problems for us at all times.
Yours loving brothe
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My sister in law was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Prayers for her, my brother and their family. God Bless, Thank you.
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please pray for complete salvation for Masoud. He received a dream of the Cross, months ago, it was his first encounter to witness the Cross in his dreams. Pray for Masouds heart .
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He has three herniated discs that are pressing on a nerve root. He is also out of work so no insurance. Ugh! Worst part is, he lives 400 miles away
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Please pray that God blesses me with great success in my job. I like it here and hope for great success guided by Go. Thank you and God bless you, -Pete
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First want to give HUGE praise and thanks for my amazing family, they are such a blessing!
Requesting prayers for guidance and clarity, after going to school for many years, getting to the end point, it seems that this isn't the path God has chosen for me. I don't know where or what he wants to me to do, I feel a little lost and unsure of where I am supposed to go from here!
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