I am dealing with an addiction and I pray that God will give me the determination and strength to overcome it.
I also have a big test coming up so I pray that God will give me wisdom and understanding.
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today is my 40th birthday and I am spinning in reflection and tears and would greatly appreciate prayer. My 30s were filled with abuse, terror, pain, heartbreak, loss, surgeries, life threatening chaos........ and also breakthrough and a chance for real hope, new life and lasting purpose 💗 Praying for my 40s (and forward) to be filled with miraculous peace and revelation, God’s protection and that my children and I will be filled with hope and peace and experience complete healing and see miracles in our lives. Thank you!
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I am requesting a prayer for the mental clarity and determination to overcome an addiction
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Request prayer for Marcia who has been dealing with cancer treatment for yrs but now has 2 squamous cell cancer spots under tongue & does not want to have portion of her tongue cut out. Please pray for this miracle of healing & to God be all the GLORY!
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We request continuous prayer for Mimi Villegas Galdi for all attacks aimed against her to be broken off and be null and void, wash her in the Blood of Christ.
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Please pray for family members job interview and test. Thank you.
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Please for Angela who has a heterotopic pregnancy, just had surgery last night to remove a Fallopian tube and has baby #1 in the uterus needing lots of prayers because there is danger of miscarriage. Thanks so much and God bless you!
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Please, please pray for me as I can't sleep at night . Every night when I am just about to fall asleep, my heart suddenly starts beating fast and it feels like someone is blowing a balloon inside my chest causing me to suffocate. It's a horrible feeling that started in 2014 and it is quite hard to explain.
I am convinced there is something supernatural surrounding me at night and stopping me from sleeping . When I get up in the morning , I don't remember much of what has happened and I go on about the day as normal as it can be, albeit quite tired. I am really concerned and depressed and I don't know what to do anymore. Thank you!
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