I'm asking for prayers for myself and my newly opened business. I'quit my job on December 21st, because I opened up my own little business. And I get that it's a new business and will take time to bring my name out. So i expected it to be slow. But I'm getting to the end of my savings account now and dont know how I'll pay next months Bills, due to it being slow. I'm a clinical massage therapist and I've had one patient so far. So I'm asking for prayers that God would send people out to my little business, so I can support me and my kids. Thank you all in advance.
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Please pray for Alex, a brilliant young Jesus follower, father and husband who has just been diagnosed with “incurable” brain cancer. May the God who raised Jesus from the dead, who breathed life into Lazarus, who created everything we can conceive of heal him from this illness and be glorified! Bless his family and give them faith, strength and peace as they navigate this journey together.
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Please pray for my brother who fell from a ladder at his work. No broken bones, but banged up pretty good.
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I recently found out about an addiction that my husband has been hiding from me. This has totally destroyed my faith in him and our marriage. Please pray that with God's help he can overcome this addiction. And please pray that God will give me peace and help me to forgive. Pray for God to restore our love for each other as He is our only hope in this marriage surviving at this point.
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