I have taken a new job and am praying for wisdom and confidence in my role to make positive changes. I need God's help in making some difficult decisions and His strength to carry them out.
3 prayers
Last night four female individuals came together in the work place of all things, to place witchcraft curses on coworkers especially myself. No reason, other than mean spirited malice and maybe insecurity. They openly practice this at work and no on says anything. Unbelievable, one can do anything, but if i bring a Bible it's considered insulting. I had night terrors last night and the weekend before. They redicule the Gospel so all we have is fervent prayer. So please a lot of prayer for this, and these people; break all curses and witchcraft they are doing and wash all with the Blood of Christ. Give them the fear of God and expose what they are doing and have done for years. Please continue to pray for this, it is a large department store. God knows these four and others that might help. Also I cover myself with the blood of Jesus, need your prayer coverage too as I am in this spiritual battle there for myself and others on the floor. Lord direct my steps on how to deal with this.
8 prayers
the other day my daughter who is 12 and i had an argument about my choice of music and her defense was her brother doesnt like my music and i shouldnt listen to what i like but should instead listen to what he liked instead so i told her then i should be back to drinking my rum after 5 mnths of not drinking then it may have been the wrong thing to say but i didnt know what else to say please give me some advise on how to better handle this sitituation better
9 prayers
Please join with me in prayer for my daughter, Jessica (33) that her chains of addiction to heroine will be broken and that she will know the grace and love that only He can give. He is a chain breaking, transformation making God and only He can break this hold that Satan has on her.
11 prayers
I want to be happy
12 prayers

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