Pray God show me whether He is indeed the God of the bible. I have been following biblical statutes, but feel that the results have been other than those promised even by Christ Himself.
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Please pray for the family members of those with mental illness. Ask that God remind them that thoughts are not necessarily delusional just because they believe that their family member has some sort of diagnosis.
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My husband has bipolar and is currently experiencing delusional thinking. He won’t come with me to see his doctor. Please pray he’ll change his mind and our children’s lives won’t be completely disrupted.
2 prayers
Please pray for my wife Nenette that her decision to leave me and our marriage for 11 years is not final and pray whoever is dictating her to leave me to soften their heart and guide her better not to leave her husband. Please pray for me as well for I am have been a bas person and I have not kept my vows to her for I have kept a dark secret she didn’t know till now that I am a bisexual man which I like woman and man. I am not giving up on my marriage and my wife for she is my world and life please pray for both of us
4 prayers
Can you pray for Khadijah (24 year old), she starting to bring the wrong men around her kids. Ask God to renounce these men out of her life; she doesn’t know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. She’s meeting the wrong men and people from her past keep coming back into her life (the trick of the enemy).

8 prayers
In conflict with local officials in Sherwood, OR over how they treat those with mental disabilities, they mean well, but it's a small town and they have no experts. They persist on sending several large fully armed officers to people's homes for mental health checks. Many people with ptsd, childhood trauma, schitzophrenia, and other such issues do not respond well to several large fully armed men in black showing up unexpectedly. In fact, not only does it stress the mentally ill person, but it endangers the cops!
5 prayers
Prayer partners thank you for uniting with me in prayer for my requests and yours too! The Lord knows them. My request is very specific, I rent a room with a family and it is perfect for me, quiet which allows me to study and there is never anyone there, I work and study go to school, find myself just sleeping there. Please pray to secure rental contract surround angels all around my room and property, along with the Holy Spirit hovering over the home as a contact point for this prayer let me give you location as 14518 Dublin Ave. Most of all for my contract which is up Oct 1st 2018 to be extended and to stay until God wants me to move because he has a new home for me or even a home of my own. I have no one and it's become very hard to find and keep a place to live which is affordable. TY
9 prayers
My family of four has been experiencing every single thing going wrong in over 7 years. It has gotten to the point where I am breaking and am needing to see God's promises come through for our family. I am asking for people to believe with me for our breakthrough to come quickly. I thank you and may God bless you.
9 prayers
Been going through a difficult time in my life. The past 6 months have been very depressing. The enemy is after my job, my freedom, my pension and gratuity. Need prayers for protection for my job and to ensure that whatever the devil tries he will not touch my job, pension and gratuity. That those who attack me will not succeed in their evil ways and that God will see me through and restore me. That this case against me will be dropped and that I will be freed of all charges. That God will use my trials for His glory. That the yoke of fear will be removed and that I will be reinstated to my job of over 30 years. That I will get my full pension and gratuity that I worked for and deserved. I pray for the favor of God and that I will be victorious in the battle am going through. Thanks.
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