Please pray for my son Brandon. He is very depressed and angry.
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I am facing homelessness on 10/31 because I can't afford to pay for November rent. Eviction bans don't protect me because I rent month to month without a lease. I was laid off in May due to the pandemic and have been unable to find a new job since, despite my diligent job searching. I have severe health complications and am immunocompromised. I pray that God will somehow provide a way to keep me in my current home and that He provides timely employment.
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Please pray for healings in my stomach, been having bad acid reflux thats been causing a lot of discomfort in my stomach, and I have some kind of head cold that when I coughed some earlier I had a little blood in my spit earlier
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My mother has been having a sharp abdominal pain and I am worried she may have COVID-19, because one of the symptoms is muscle or body aches. I need to stay strong for my mother, but I can't lose her. I really pray that she doesn't have COVID-19. Please pray for God to give me strength and to keep my mother healthy. Thank you.
3 prayers
My 18yr old son has a good friend who's father is in the hospital battling cancer and nobody can visit because of covid. The young man and his family are hurting. Dads name is James and sons name is John. Please pray for God's grace and presence in this tough time. Thank you. God bless your radio station!
4 prayers
Lord, I hate divorce as You hate divorce. Lord, my wife Nenette Limbag Ricasata Juarez and I are one flesh, and are no longer two, but one. Therefore what You have joined together, let man not separate. Lord, breathe on my dead marriage and it will come back again to life. For You know the plans You have for me. Plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plan to give me hope and a future. Then I will call upon You and come and pray to You, and I will listen to You. I will seek You and find You when I seek You with all my heart. You will find my wife Nenette Limbag Ricasata Juarez and will bring my wife Nenette Limbag Ricasata Juarez back from captivity . Lord I believe you will guard the fidelity of our marriage in this time, and will keep her eyes blinded to temptations of our Human nature or the influence of the Devil. In the name of Jesus, I pray that You would bind the work of Satan from this marriage and cast away Mario Ricasata and George Stephen Lao that influence divorce .

2 prayers
Heavenly Father in Jesus mighty name i ask you guidance from your Holy Spirit, Guide me in all aspect of my life, i need your light to show me the way always, talk to me in many different clear ways, talk to in the night dreams, i want your guiding voice to surround me and cover me completely, recommend your angels to take charge over me because you are The Lord of hosts, recommend your angels always to show me and facilitate the right and fruitful way for me in everything , the way which pleases your heart, Fill my life with miracles and wonders i want the following wonders and miracles in my ministry, bless my life more and more spiritually , financially , socially and practically, In Jesus name i ask you to bring me the desire of my heart and to remove all the hindrances and obstacles, Support me to overcome every challenge in my way and life, I know you will answer my request , In Jesus mighty name , Amen , Isaac ..
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