ask for prayer again, that a medicine would stop being resistant, or tolerant to them. We can't go any further with the doctor, at the end rope of it.... and just ask the lord would take tolerance away, and would be back to normal like a was years ago.
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Please pray for my sadness to be turned to joy. A relationship in my life ended a little while back, and I have been experiencing great sadness over it, feeling as though I have lost the love of my life.
The loss is crippling some days. I have been hoping for a miracle in this broken situation for a long time now, with no reprieve. Please pray for healing and restoration over my heart and soul, and to be well again, even if it means being alone. Thank you.
2 prayers
Father I am trusting you for this miracle. In Jesus name. Amen.
5 prayers
I need prayer today. I have felt like giving up.
5 prayers
Our family has a piece of property. That we would like to sale. As we all need the money. The neighbor is doing everything from that happening. It's on a river. So we think she uses the property. This will definitely have to be the lords will.
4 prayers
His dementia stay stable. Does not get worse.
6 prayers
Please reconcile us and bring us back together. Thank you Lord Jesus. We love you more than anything and you come in between us and take care of us and bring us back together. Thank you sweet Lord Jesus. I love you forever. Amen. 🙏🙏🙌🙌
11 prayers
Praying and thanking in advance that my final 3 papers for the semester, especially the longest one, are completed successfully and ahead of time. I believe and Amen! 🙏 🙏 🙏
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This seems trivial to all that’s happened in East Texas with the storms. I hit a deer and it’s caused a bit of damage to my vehicle. Luckily I have insurance, however my deductible is $1k. I have no idea where I’m going to get this money from, considering I’m living pay check to pay check with no wiggle room for savings. I don’t have a contingency fund, as I simply do not make enough for one. I know God will always make a way, but I feel as though this is trivial, and not of importance.... Pray that God give me strength and guidance and that I find a way to bring together any dime I have to come up with this money
8 prayers
Please pray that Gina Garcia may finally rest in peace now that she has passed. She had a difficult life and deserves to be in heaven. If she ever did wrong that she may be forgiven and accepted into Heaven. Lord she is your daughter and is ready to receive the love she didnt have in this life. RIP of our Lord my dear cousin.
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