. My car to run, a place to stay, financial miracles. A phone and watch in case this shuts off
0 prayers
He gets his blood results soon.
2 prayers
Dear Lord, please help me emerge unscathed from the risky situation, amen.
4 prayers
We can sell some things. So we can pay some bills.
4 prayers
I just wanna continually ask please pray for me that I’ll able to concieve pregnant. Amen
6 prayers
Lord we need you to strengthen my dad physically to help him walk and stand, and sharpen his mind. He has been in care but needs to come home. Please pray for mum who is worried and distraught. Please make dad less restless so they can both sleep. My mum needs help urgently as she is crying constantly.
5 prayers
Big breakthroughs. All court cases to be dismissed and employment matters to be settled. Promotion and prosperity. Protection.
2 prayers
Let me be dead Lord or die in my sleep please Lord please. I'm so done with life.
7 prayers
Her cyst on her top eyelid drains.
4 prayers

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