Safe Hike
My daughter and her boyfriend are hiking in VA the next 3 days, please pray the Lord goes before them and is their rear God, no harm hurt or danger comes over them, that He protects them from the heat, and dangerous weather, that they do not encounter any animals or snakes, that the ground is sturdy and they do not slip or fall, that God directs their path and they return before dark and they enjoy the beauty God has created for us in Jesus' Mighty Name. Thank you for praying.
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Dear JESUS I ask in your Holy Name:
To see the angels/spheres of light that guide me and that everyone can see them, including family and friends.
Full guidance from you with the spheres of light.
Conversion and prayers for my father, weak in the faith and uncharitable.
Cleansing of my home with the angels of Jesus.
Allow me to donate to Childs Play Charity, Jesus.
Receive a visitation of the big sphere of light that passed before my window on February 17th 2023.
Clear communication with You Jesus.
Healing for everyone.
Peace and prosperity for everyone.
My partner according to your will.
That your will be done on all people and me and all things.
Thank you Jesus for what you are going to do in advance 🪻💙🫂🪽
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Dear Lord intervene save and restore my marriage! Only You can do this with Jesus reconciling, powerful Blood!
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Please pray for puddles, that she is healthy, happy and has many more years ahead of her. and pray I can see her soon, In jesus name, amen.
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Please pray my hair grows healthy long and thick. In Jesus name I pray thankyou.
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Please pray with me as something is wrong with my left foot. It’s numb sometimes on the left side and feels weird and I feel like my big toenail is going to fall off as well. I’m scared but know with the power of prayer god can and will perform miracles. Please prayer warriors pray with me to wake in the morning and be healed by the power of Jesus. Amen
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Please pray we get a storm soon they keep saying a storm is coming and it either passes us or it just gets windy and towns then passes it’s so weird and we need a good storm
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Love and good care towards us please in Jesus name amen
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Praying M is blessed for favor abundant blessings low bill the right person excellent care no anxiety and quick easy treatment that she is pain free and healed asap no issues please praying for a miracle tonight please in Jesus name amen
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Please pray for my great aunt Alice she is sick and having Tests done in Minnesota and Also please pray for my grandpa he has both Alzheimer's and Dementia Both are extremely loved by their family members please pray for them
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