He will want to get healthy. So he can have a loving relationship w his family. It's been 40 plus years. They love and miss his dearly. Drugs, depression are winning. The family worries everyday. If they will get that call. That he has taken his life. Etc. He needs many prayers. It would be nice. If he reached out to his dad today.
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God please help things were going so good for a while here and then a big fight last night between me and the husband. His mother is to blame telling him our marriage won’t last another 5 years. So now he believes that and it kinda started a major fight last night and now he really hates me God. I mean I don’t get his mother she said some pretty bad things to him to get him started like if it weren’t for me he wouldn’t of gained weight he was already a bit heavy when I met him that and he said he drank because of me he had a drinking problem since 13 so that’s not true. God I know his mother had a hand in all of this I was pretty hurt last night I talked back told him well I stayed with you when you cheated on me I have not been unfaithful and I just got pretty mad here. The. He said he get rich and just give me alimony I don’t want money I told him. I have no idea what his mother said to get him to think this way please help me God and our marriage been married 5 years now.
3 prayers
The enemy is attacking my daughter, instilling fear and lies. Please pray that she understands who she is in God and can discern the lies of the enemy.
3 prayers
Family I live with some dont believe. So I am in a spirit warzone all the time
4 prayers
Abba: Prayers For Lea to pass all her classes & regents. For all children, nieces, nephews (their kids) my husband/self & grandchildren to have fire/growth in Jesus and the Holy Spirit! Ed to truly fulfill calling on his life: that the Lord bring forth the anointed wife HE has for him- even this year!! He's been waiting for many years. All those that ask for prayers a good report In Jesus Name! Favor with my job, no issues are noted from MD/also WorkmansComp- All monies that I should get I do get (no more getting cheated)Jesus Name!! Apartment (affordable/decent)Manifest healing:Eddie, Erica, Dan, Mart, Mary. Victory in every financial, physical, & spiritual area. Dobl Portion: Holy Spirit, You gush fwd/thru like a tidal wave. That our shadows are anointed being blessings, not burdens. Let us clearly hear Your voice, discern correctly, allow You to move as You will in/through/by/for us. May Your presence be evident in us in every way. By Your Word In Jesus Name we pray & thank
3 prayers
I am going to Guatemala for my first time ever mission trip! I am excited and nervous. Please pray for my heart, protection and utility! thanks
3 prayers
God please help me at my job you know what it is about please don’t let that item be there in fridge at work God mainly what I worry about could lose my job please help God I’m pretty sure it was tossed but I’m doubting it God please help me remember throwing out
2 prayers
Father God,

Please come alongside those that have a hard day with Father's Day. Some because of loss. Others because of absence. Or from abuse or betrayal. Without a father, many are left wandering.

God, you are a comforter. May a peace that only you can bring settle on the hurting hearts this weekend. May you fill the gap for those people. May you bring your family around those people. May you richly provide for those people. May you restore those people, make them whole again.

And God, may my earthly father want to see my daughter for the first time, she's 18mo old.

God thank you for being my Father, for being faithful, steadfast, comforting, strong, confident, loving, forgiving, gentle, peaceful. God thank you for providing my salvation and everything I have.

May my eyes look to you for the perfect model of a dad.

Thank you. Happy Father's Day God.

4 prayers

Praying for emotional healing and forgiveness from past hurts & broken relationships for Kelsey. Praying her sibling and our family relationship is reconciled and restored whole. Praying her friends & family will reach out to her, let her know she is loved & cared about and invite her to be included in activities to break the cycle of loneliness. Praying for a Godly male relationship and new Godly friendships to prevail. Praying for the restoration of inner peace, joy and happiness to unfold in her life. Amen!

4 prayers
Please pray for my kids that they will all
Be saved and follow God’s direction for their lives.
7 prayers

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