Please pray for God to intervene in our very difficult situation we need his wisdom & help. For his powerful healing & strength to help my mom, sister & I to get through it. Thank you so very much!!
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Please Lord by your grace and will we ask that you continue to work your healing power for Mom. Please continue to provide her courage, strength to fight the illness and disease within her body. Lord please continue to be with the medical teams that are helping Mom and guide them to remain on task and treat Mom well. You have blessed our family beyind the days the doctor said she would live and we are all thankful. Lord I pray that you will provide comfort and peace for Mom so thst she may sleep and heal. I also pray that you will provide guidance and patience so that Mom will put her wishes of care and life in order so that she may have peace in knowing that is in place. Lord I pray that you will also provide our family the means to continue to provide support and show love for Mom and each other. Lord please keep all safe as they travel to see Mom and please keep Mom safe as well.
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Pray for Justin asap
Demonic oppression of lust sinful behavior he keeps lying to me. looks at inappropriate sites or & younger girls on internet hides it from me till I check because I feel it in my soul. He makes excuses he was caught multiple times doing inappropriate things to self while looking at girls online that are maybe 18 he is in his 40s He thinks this is all normal because he is a man. crazy he is a Christ Believer was saved even served for Christ . This is an issue for me I am livid and hurt
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Morning our son is needing alot of prayer he's not in a very good relationship he's walked away from God and is involved with a woman who is involved of the dark side of things and is manipulating him to stay away from our family and we don't get anytime with him because she has him to only be with her and her family she had caused alot of problems for our family calling the rcmp and saying iam physically abusing my son which I have never and told me that she's going to make sure I lose both my adult kids and that she will do everything she can to not have them in my life iam really struggling I have been praying everyday that God would end this relationship and that God would expose the darkness in my sons life and bring the truth to the light and iam getting frustrated because at some point I see that they could be over then they get back together she also has boarder line personality disorder and using it to get what she wants instead of getting full help to deal with her problems and she won't stop causing problems until she has our son completely away from us
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I’m challenged by having to deal with too much oppression.

Can you please pray for me?
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Pray for protection for me and my brother Steve pray the Lord will protect us from all evil and pray for my neighborhood for protection too pray the Lord will help me get some sleep I'm having trouble sleeping right now please pray for me and pray for my stomach and balance and constant humming in the ear pray the Lord will heal me and pray over my medicine there will be no side effects and it will do its own thing and pray the Lord will lead me to the right doctor to give me the proper care and pray for my finances I need help financially I'm not able to work because my health condition I need help please please pray for me and my brother and pray for love and unity and the Lord will help us to walk in the spirit so we don't fulfill the lust of the flesh thanks for your prayers God bless you
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1. My coworker just had a brain tumor removed and is now undergoing chemo & radiation. Her father also passed late Wednesday.
2. My school is under spiritual attack and we all need prayers. We are a faithful bunch and the devil seems to have heard!
3. Praise God is healing my marriage and family!
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Voglio conquistare l'omosessualità e la bruttezza
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I request prayer for my Son Chris. I thank you for previous prayers. He did accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, which brings me great joy! He is struggling with strongholds that's keeping him in bondage. Please pray that the strongholds will be loosen. That he will study the Word and resist temptations. Thank you, Sincerely Lin
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Pleaae pray pain and discomfort in abdominal goes away thank you
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