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Anita wrote, "I lost my son to COVID last September. This radio station has helped me deal with my loss. God is GREAT!"
But you play the same songs over and over again. Would you incorporate new music into your broadcasts please? Thank you.
I’m so thankful to God and y’all for giving me hope in so much darkness. God has answered so many tearful prayers and I am so thankful for this radio station being there when I needed y’all the most!
I don't know why I was giving up hope, and thinking that he doesn't love me or care about me. But my miracle finally came!!! I finally got out!!! I had to move back to New Jersey, but I am staying with a girl I knew since school. She is going through a rough patch to and she invited me and my dog to come stay with her and help each other!! So my so called husband rented a U-Haul, paid for it and moved me up here this morning! Praise be to God in the Highest!!! I prayed and asked for His forgiveness for the doubt. Please continue to pray for us and help me get everything switched over from Virginia to New Jersey. Ty again for all your prayers.
Although, I have to tell you I once drew the actor's picture and altered it to look like a fictional character I was writing, when I was a teenager. And this fictional character was supposed to be like my future husband. I'll just give it away that it's not the actor; it's the drawing. It's like I know him so well that I'll know him forever, and I'm starting to have faith that I'll meet him soon. My worries went away. I feel calm. I have faith.
There was this TV and movie star I was in love with for a long time but I finally met him and I didn't like him anymore. I realized that he was not what I expected, and in fact, he wasn't right for me. I wanted to be an actress, I wanted to be a Hollywood celebrity with this guy I liked in the 9th grade, and then I wanted to date someone humble, a future teacher, in college, or was it that I wanted to marry a grunge singer in the 90's. I think back about every boy I liked throughout my life, and my life would have followed a different direction for each one. The right one happens to be the one God chooses for me, after I realize that each and every quality I saw in each man reflected the character of Jesus. So when I gift him my dowry, he heals my broken heart (which was broken over and over, by the way), by matching me with the husband God intended for me. Finding him is not supposed to be a game of roulette. It takes time.
Jeremy got the job we prayed for!
I am so thankful that God heard & answered my prayers concerning my hours at work. My supervisor hired someone that starts on Monday so I won’t have to work long hours daily. Thank you Lord!!!!
Hello pop wers Joe and Matthew. I would just like to say a massive thank you as God answered my prayer for the new job I prayed for and as its a Christian charity I am going to be working for, that is why he wanted me for the Job. i am praying this takes me on to greater plans, God has in store, including the trip to the US to see Joe, Matthew and the pop we team. This will happen, but in Gods time. God bless and thank you. Amen
I found a new hobby and I really love it. Someone was telling me to find a new hobby (another way of saying get a life), so I took him literally and found tapestry making with a small loom. In the olden days, people used to make fabric using a loom, and then the electric one came out. I don't really think I needed to get a life, because what he was doing was ignoring me, and I really needed to tell him something. But taking him literally and finding a new hobby has kept me busy, and I feel productive. It helps me forget about him and move on with my life.

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