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On July 30 I asked for prayer regarding my getting into a trauma program. ( A BIG "THANK YOU", friends, to all who prayed!) While thinking that way would offer the best help, I still wanted God's will more than anything, knowing that His best is TRULY BEST. This past Friday, August 7, I received my answer; and it was a "no". Yet, the Lord had been working behind the scenes, unbeknownst to me, arranging an amazing private therapist specially trained in trauma--who also happens to be a believer in Jesus Christ--to help me instead. So, as it turns out, God had something even better in mind than I could ever imagine! "The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my hearts trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him," Psalm 28:7.
I asked for prayer in July and when Truth Be Told came out I realized that was me. An everyday mask I put on, but through God's help and the prayers of many my anxiety and Bipolar depression is being handled during this time. I thank God our Lord for all of you!
Praise Father God for spreading justice and the gospel around the world, especially in war torn areas like Russia, India, and China
My name is Shelby and back in Feburary 2020 I had brain surgery for my seizures. Ever since the surgery I haven't had any seizures and I am so thankful that God has healed me! I have been having seizures since 5th grade and I am 26 now. I have almost died twice from them but God didn't let me die he still has a plan for me and isn't ready to call me home yet.
Time has been moving oddly as I have been super isolated. I requested prayer either last week or the week before. I can't remember which, but I wanted to say thank you. It has been difficult for me to reach out, but I started asking for prayer from everyone and God showed up in a big way! Ive been suffering with pain from things done in my past for decades and recently from a messy divorce. Being trapped in my home since March alone due to that divorce was getting to me. Not only did it get better, but I am thriving! God showed up in a big way and broke the chains of pain, blame and guilt I've held on to since childhood from abuse and then from my abusive marriage as well. I may be alone in my home, but I am no longer lonely and I am content when alone with God now. God has given me purpose and I am so busy I have no time to be lonely or depressed and I no longer hear the accusing voices of my abusers. Thank you for the prayers!
About a month ago, I requested prayer for my sister, Patty. Her landlord sold his property without 30 day notice. She met with New Owner’s property manager and will remain tenant at duplex and no rent increase!! Praise the Lord for listening and answering prayers for Patty’s roof over her head during Covid 19🙌🏼
Praise God for the beautiful snow in Victoria today that brought a smile to a lot of Victorians. May we continue to have more through the night Dear Lord we need some other diversion beside the Covid going in in our state. In Your Mercy Lord Hear My Prayer Amen
Thank You, Lord for all them any blessings in my life. I am so grateful for the great things You provide. I am most grateful for You getting me through each day of darkness. Please do no give up on me and my family. Please continue to hear a mother's prayers. I pray in Your name. Amen.
thank you for he prayers, we were very blessed and Miranda was floated to a non Covid -19 floor.
I survived the brain surgery last week and went home 26 hours after they first put me under. The surgery was a lot longer than they anticipated (10 not 6) hours because the tumor had grown down into the brain itself and tons of blood vessels were intertwined, but all is good! God did a major work in me before and during for which I am extremely grateful. Now we just keep an eye on it every 6 months..... thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement.

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