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Thank you so much for praying for our daughter and her need for a job in New York City. The Lord is so faithful, loving and praise worthy all the time!
Our daughter has been in New York for 6 years and the Lord has taken care of her all this time and with employment as well even though at times like all of us, she doesn't deserve it. She asked us to pray because it looked like it could all fall apart and we did. I asked your faithful people here to pray and I want to thank you so very much. He is drawing our daughter to Himself by answering her prayers and showing her the body of Christ joining together and praying for her. I still wish she would go to church, but that's another issue and boyfriend that doesn't believe. But pretty soon with all these answered prayers he will have to realize God's Not Dead He surely is alive! Our daughter got the job, and a job she feels she has interest in and would enjoy working there. For New York that's fantastic! Thank You, THANK YOU!
Thank you lord, for all that is good. For the home I live in and for the garden I grow. thank you for the healing in my children. thank you for helping me through the death of my son. Thank you for direction. Thank you for food on my table. Thank u for answers. Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you for love. Thank you for the church. Thank you for the car that I drive and the chance to go where I need to go. thank you God for the strength I need to have faith in you. I praise you dear lord and I am understanding your love more and more each day. Thank you for the good fortune and the blessings to come. Thank you for answering my prayers, and for preparing to answer my prayers in the days to come. I believe in U father, thank you. in Jesus name I praise YOU
Miracles to manifest. All unspoken and spoke prayers prayed thus far. Deliverance and breakthrough
Lord I praise you that my husband is feeling the pain of leaving his children for a new life with another woman. I praise you that the Jezebel he left us for is bothering our children via text which shows insecurity in her relationship with my husband. Lord I give you praise for the pain 5nat I have felt this past year and I know how deeply I am capable of loving my spouse. Lord I give you praise for guiding me through this separation and for helping me recognize that my husband is mentally “off”. I praise you Lord for helping me see this situation as it really is....spiritual warfare. I praise you God for putting such wonderful godly people in my path on this journey! I RAISE A HALLELUJAH! 🙏
My husband just had cataract surgery. His next eye is on July 9
On Friday, 6/21, a liver was found for our 3-year-old granddaughter NORA. By 5:30 pm (on 6/22) after a 9-hour surgery at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, she was out of surgery and the surgery was a success! We are so thankful to watch this miracle unfold by our Lord Jesus in less than a week. Thank you for your prayers. They are appreciated!
Praise God!
They have found a possible liver for our 3-year-old granddaughter NORA. The surgeon is flying to the location to check it out and if good, bring it back to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Nora is Being prepped for surgery. Please continue praying that this liver is a match. Thank you.
Thank you for your prayers. The check that we feared was lost in the mail arrived today. Praise the Lord!
I have been praying for financial help for car repairs . I just recieved an email that my auto company is sending me a check that I was not expecting. God is good. I know prayer work . Thank you God.
My girlfriend Stefani keep ignoring me for no reason she doesn't want to talk to me or call me or text me I haven't heard from her since she started ignoring me I text her yesterday and she didn't replied back to me I really want her to change

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