A year or more ago i submitted a prayer request for my college age son who had a couple DWI's. I was amazed as to how many notifications i received saying my request had been prayed for. 10 months ago my son hit a breaking point and decided to go to rehab. 30 days turn into, him staying for 90 days then staying in the the alumni house/sober house. He lived there 6 more months. I am praising God because he is almost 10 months sober. He has just moved out of the sober house into his own place. He did not move back to the area, he decided to stay in the city. God has been so good and I got so much more than I even prayed for. He has gotten so much freedom from that nasty addiction of alcohol. It is so amazing when you see God work things out HIS way. I praise God everyday for all the things that brought him to where is is today.
God brought my granddaughter back home. Have not seen her for 4 years.
Praise You my Jesus!!!!!
Waiting for my daughter Priscilla she will come Home Singing!!!!!!!!
I enjoy listening to the programming. I am encouraged when I am in transit. My daughter often hums or sings along.
Thanks for everyone's prayers we are back home safe from our trip to Texas thank god!
Thank you all for praying for my dad's cataract surgery. All went well and he won't need to have his other eye done!!
After 3 mos. I have accepted a position. I pray for praise but also for me to exceed expectations
Thank you LORD for answering my prayer and selling my house.
Please guide me through the inspection, escrow closing, packing and move out,
and I do pray, that both of my children will be involved at the same time in the process
of moving out of this house and moving in into the new place.
THANK YOU LORD for always being there for me.

Thank You All for your Prayers. I am Praying for all of you who are on this web cite. Praise GOD. He is awesome in all things. On 6-6-17,my previous Boss called me with a new assignment, day shift 25 hours a week, weekends off. I excepted the assignment, Returned to work on 6-7-17 The next day I got a call from another company wanting me to interview for a job opening. I declined the interview. I am going to stay with my employer as long as GOD wants me there. I Praise him for all he does for us. Do not ever give up on GOD, keep your life in his hands and give thanks daily for all the blessing given. Even on those day that we feel he is a million mails a way, he is their with us. He will never allow any problem to happen to us that he knows we can not over come with his help. Keep praying and have faith GOD loves all of us and want us to lean on him daily. When you cant think of any thing to pray give thanks, count your blessing, sing to him.
Im giving praise out today cause i got to see my son spent time with him. Im still hoping and prasing for the best and hope GOD KEEPS ME IN PRAISE.... I love my family and they are my everything

Amen God is AMAZING!!!!
We'd like to give Praise to GOD for answering some of our Prayers!
God is FAITHFUL!!!!
AMEN! <3 <3 <3 <3

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