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thank you for your prayers barb went to be with the Lord.
I just want to Thank God because i was able to put a Triple Birthday party for my 3 daughters despite having money issues. God is in so good and he provides for all needs. Even thought we leave paycheque to cheque, we got all the Joy. Amen
God is good - thank You for answering Your peoples prayers on my behalf for SSDI and everything else! THANK YOU GOD!
Truly am grateful for today. Got to spend time with my mom today. My in laws too. Hugs from my children and nieces and nephew. It was a blessing from God to feel happy today. I was not overwhelmed with the circumstances of my past. Just trying to focus on the blessings that were given to me today.
Each day is a precious gift.

(Glad that Amen the prayer app is available to share good news, and a place to also ask for prayers too! )
You are an amazing God! Thank you for blessing me with your word and through dreams you have spoken to me in such a painful time in my life! I love you, Lord my Father!
Thankful that I got to eat lunch w my daughter today.
Every share a thin Its come up that I need a radio out here so I can listen to KSWP. Al’s even said he had to go get me one. Well. God did. But not just ANY radio.
This radio is my very list nephews reject. Unbeknownst to me it quit playing his hateful degrading music and was left to be pitched. I brought it home hooked it up found KSWP. And am listening to it now. My husband was stunned when he saw me using it Saturday. He told me the story. HE had even tried to get it to play. So I figure Gods working on both if them. And every song I sing along with is sending up
Prayers for anyone who's ever listened on it and ever will. But especially these two as rhey are being fought for. Gods ways are a mystery. But so beautiful 🕊🥰
Lord, you are amazing! You have given me a mother who I can pray with and who is passionate about Jesus. You’ve also given me wonderful sisters in Christ to work with. You are so merciful and loving. Thank you for these priceless gifts!
My wallet was found in the Costco parking lot. I picked it up yesterday. Thank you so much for your prayers. I was so relieved. Everything was untouched in my wallet. Just as it was prior. I was really concerned because I have experienced ID thief with my Social Insurance Number. Also my driver liscence was in my wallet with my address. I work nights and have 3 children. They are a little bit older 16,14 and 12. So thankful that all is well. I have learnt not to keep my SIN in my wallet. Maybe even a security system yet. Thank you Jesus. You always care about the things I care about. Thank you about keeping all safe. You are a good good Father. The Best.
I had asked y’all to pray for my 4 yr old niece who had a tumor in the bone in the top part of her leg. she has had the surgery to remove it and everything went well. there is no cancer. she will remain in a brace for two more weeks!! God is so so good. And we got a new grandbaby last week!!!❤️💙

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