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Thank you for praying for my unspoken request. God is at work

Please check your area where one wishes to have request removed. It will NOT let password and confirmation match. Have tried numerous times

Please now remove my request. Thank you so much.
Thank You Lord for such a beautiful day! The sun is shining and it’s not too hot! It’s wonderful to hear the birds sing. My flowers are enjoying the sun today, too! Thank You Lord for gifts like these ♥️
Praise the Lord through all hardships, sadness, and sins. He is the Light and we cannot do this alone. He will guide us through our darkest hours.
Thank You for Your Glorious Intervention, even if it has yet to come for all of our prayers. Amen
There is always a song that is sung or a word that is lightly spoken, like apples of gold & pictures of silver! Jesus always knows exactly what we need and when we need it.
I submitted a prayer request here a few weeks ago and it was for God to intervene and perform a miracle so I could keep my job. We were told a big lay off was coming and it looked highly likely that my job would be cut. I'm a single lady and just bought a home and I really needed God to intervene. A few days after the we heard a lay off was coming, it was announced along with a huge list of the jobs that were being cut. My job was saved! I do feel it was a true miracle and God intervened. Thank you for praying for me!
our website that is kaleen home is created for the interior decoration like wallpaper, carpets etc
This is the only radio station that plays in my car. I love listening to praise and worship. Kswp is so amazing for everything they do. It's amazing how when you feed your soul with praise your life will transform. Kswp helps me to connect with God on a closer level. Thank you to everyone at KSWP! Thank y'all for always be there for us! God bless yall!
Prayers get answered. Things were straightened out finally and Danny will be getting his stimulous check. Also another prayer was answered. .
I got an A for my college class. Super grateful.
My Lord you have done it! Thank you for your grace and miracle over me allowing me to pass my exam and this semester. And to the encouraging note to read Psalms 34 thank you because that truly ease my mind. God is so good I am just so overwhelmed by happiness. I will graduate in the upcoming year in Jesus precious name! May all Glory be to you Lord!

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