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On July 1st, I sent in a prayer request for my daughter, Jennifer stating that she had the virus and had to self quarantine. Finally after four long weeks, she is no longer in self quarantine. She is able to be around her family. She is still weak and her left lung hurts but she is happy that the last couple of days were spent together with her family.
Thanks so much for all of your prayers for my niece and her husband and baby boy. Noah Lucas, named after his big brother in Heaven, was born on Friday and went home Saturday. It was an emotional day for all of us and we have been praising God for his blessing of this baby born after so much heartache last year.
Unfortunately, the recipient I was praying for, has passed away. Thank you for all the prayers.
I’m not in my dark place any more the fog is clearing. The suicidal thoughts are gone. As far as my struggle with eating, amount of exercise and huge weight loss the counselor, nutritionist and doctor referred me to a place that specializes in this to be evaluated by someone who is trained in this field to give recommendations for the best way to help me. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. My first evaluation is Wednesday.
In June of 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was so totally shocked because it is not in my family history. Last week I had my yearly mammogram and it was CLEAR with no sign of cancer!! I am praising my Lord everyday for my good health!!
How may we pray for you? This is the Praise Page of KSWP/KAVX.
I'm on the second shift of the morning. Go to the Prayer Page to submit a prayer or here for a praise report. The KSWP/KAVX Staff have and will prayer for you on this Prayer Warrior Wednesday! We do this every week. Between 9am and Noon, we are here!
Note, we also come back and prayer often here! God Bless! Al Ross
Thank you God for rewarding the release of our faith with your incredible miracles!! Thank you for Your Divine healing and restoration, your remarkable peace and mercy. Thank you for working all things to Your good for those who believe; thank you for YOUR MIRACULOUS intervention in our life, praise Jesus, hallelujah
Jesus. All the things you’ve provided and the things you will provide!
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God has always been constant, as the Bible states. He has always been there, for me, despite, my selfish, uncaring nature. I have always been the one who wants MORE, of everything; not seeing my fellow sisters and brothers. His unlimitless love; being there, only in the 'present', and always being there, has, and continues to transform me (because-I am human, and go back and forth all the time). I have lessons, that take SO LONG to learn-but the LORD, is ALWAYS THERE, and CONSTANT-HE never gives up-because HE has better, and bigger things for me, planned, whenever I can overcome my struggle. I feel HIS LOVE working in me; this is a struggle-due to my extremely selfish nature. He causes me to sleep deeply-that's how I know HE is working in me. Thank-you, LORD! I attest to YOU! Holy God-my heavenly Father, Creator of all! Thank-you, and for all of life-Amen.

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