Thank you, Father God, for the bills we are able to pay and the loan that I just paid off today. Thank you for the new renter you have provided for our house in Idaho. I am trusting You have solutions for our other needs.
Thank God I’m feeling ok after this first dose of medication
Thank you for praying. My brothers 3rd treatment went better. Praise the Lord
I do not make as much money as I would like, nor am I in love with my job. I do not feel successful by anyone’s standards. However, I have a home, a car, a job, my health, friends, family, bills paid on time, good credit, and God’s grace, love and mercy surrounding me every single day. I am full, because even in this season my cup runneth over with gratefulness. Not even focusing on how things could be worse, but just that I know God will always supply my needs and if He says I don’t need something, I’m grateful. And what He gives me or allows in my life is what I do need at that time. He wants what’s best for me. And for you. I’m rejoicing, I’m glad, I’m thankful, I’m saved, I’m His.
Thanks be to God for finding me a new job.
Father I thank you for providing McKenzie with what was needed for school, I have faith that you will do it for KK and Meg as well. Thank you for your sovereign control, for brothers and sisters in Christ. I praise you and lift up your holy name. In your precious sons name Jesus Christ, I pray.
Thank you for those who have prayed for my children who are flying home as unaccompanied minors. Southwest did allow us to reschedule them for a flight today without charging us extra since their originally scheduled return flight had significant delays. I continue to pray for their safety as they return home to us tonight.
Good morning Popa I know it has been awhile since I have been on here sharing my prayers and uplifting and encouraging others but trials have been very serious and heavy., but you this already. We as your children should that everything that we are experiencing and going through , you already know about it. You created us for you and you only. And it's time out for us your children to stop being so selfish and inconsiderate to one another and there for another stop hating on each other but to live our life as if it's our last. That means do your will not ours. That means allow your will to be done in our lives which is yours. We are here for your pleasure not ours and if we realize that and stop trying to control everything , that means remove our self out the way which also means dying to our self then we will receive your blessing that you have for us.....
I know that my pray has a lot of sentence s running together but as I was typing it was flowing three me for us all .
The Lord has led Scott to El Paso for work. Praise the Lord. Please pray Scott will feel a great desire to venture inside a church while he is there away from Austin. Praise you, Lord, for placing Scott where he can meet new people and be touched by the the Holy Spirit and the spirit dwelling in Christians in El Paso.
Thank You Lord for blessing my best friend and her husband with a baby boy! Mom and baby Truman are doing well. I am excited to meet the little guy ♥️🙏🏻

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