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I want you to know how much I appreciate the prayers for my daughter in law Jessica--- I have an awesome praise report! One day after over a month of excruciating headaches, being literally bedridden, she woke up and POOF they stopped! I know without a doubt that the prayers of everyone here were answered- just like a light switch they stopped! She went to the neurologist where she finally got an appointment and the cyst that she has had for YEARS on her brain is GONE, GONE!!!! I can't say thank you enough for this prayer platform and for all the prayers, God is so good! Not just when we get what we want, as in this case, but all the time no matter what we would still have been thankful. Thank you Jesus and thank you friends!☺☺ and I also want to say thank you Matthew West for this platform and for your awesome blessings thru your music- and thank you and God bless your family too!☺ and I love your Daddy's jokes and preaching☺
Thank you for all your prayers. Happy to say yesterday mother came home to her baby!!
Credit cards. I officially have become credit card free. Thank you Jesus.
I would just like to say "Thank You Mr. Matthew West for your gifts and talent that you share with us. Your constant encouragement for us to keep striving to be more Christ like that we are all broken and can be mended. With pray and patience we will all win.
Thank you.
He is much better
I cannot be thankful enough for the prayer support while underway on a US Naval ship (cannot share specifics for reasons of security). These are troubling times in our country, while serving in the military, and facing COVID around the world. Currently, our ship is sound and secure, our leadership is taking thoughtful steps, and everyone onboard is healthy. Prayer should be the first line of defense in our war against evil, and not a last resort; however, I hear people say too often, "all we can do is pray". God is good, always. He has the authority to give and take away. He knows His plans for us to prosper us, mature us, give us a hope and future beyond planet earth. I am confident in our Great God! Run to Him in times of offense as well as defense; keep praying with thankful hearts, and rejoice always! I am praying too!
A family member suffered a major heart attack and died. Thankfully, he was working at the home of a heart surgeon who brought him back to life. Wow!
Matthew: I have been a fan of yours for quite some time. I have also seen you in concert. I love how many of your songs are written by people's stories that have touched your heart. I just watched your concert the West fall fest. I didn't realize that you had a prayer site. I left my prayer there and I want to help read other's prayers and offer support to them. Thank you for this site! God bless you!
I want to thank you for all the prayers. I spoke a message titled Are You Fully Covered? God blessed. God is good. God bless
I had just gotten out of the eating hospital was only home for 3 days. A situation happen which caused me to self harm. I took myself To the hospital the next day was there 9 days but wasn’t ready to be discharged. Doctor was discharging me anyway. Even though I told staff I was going to slit my wrist when I left. They still let me leave. I was planning on ending my life that day. I felt the hospital & staff didn’t care. I didn’t matter. I had been suffering nearly everyday. No one stopping me, no one talking to me no one cared. But one person did... GOD. He had a plan! He intervened. The hospital gave me a med I shouldn’t have been given because I would be driving. It made me impaired on the road & I totaled my car. I never made it to the store to buy the razors blades. I say it was GOD who stayed with me that day. It was His plan & He saved my life!!! He was with me in the car that day. & gave me a 2nd chance @ life. Time to change! Time to trust God & Rely on Him!!!❤️ Lori W.

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