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Thank you so much for your prayers! Not only did my new specialty pharmacy get my insurance to agree to the lower cost, but they are in the processes to qualify me for full copays assistance. That would make my very expensive immune system replacement medication free to me! God does abundantly more than we asked or I could immagine!
I just had my birthday a couple days ago and god has been so good to me for about 15 yr of my life even through the pain he is right there and i couldn't be even happier im happy that life is good even tho it might not at moments but god hasn't quit on us and he wont.
I am praising God that I will be running a 5k run this week.
A week ago I called a prayer line and spoke to a woman named Linda and I just want to thank her for taking the time to pray for my wife and I. It truly meant a lot to me.
M9mma is going back to her regular room today. Still very tired. But, doing well. Thank you to all who prayed.
You have prayed for Karissa and now it is time for praise!!! Tomorrow marks 230 days in hospital, many complications, chemo, radiation two hospitals, two provinces, bone marrow transplant ....Karissa rings her bell tomorrow for a 2nd time!!! Karissa 2 Cancer 0! PRAISE JESUS!!!
I'm almost done paying off my student loans. Glory to God. Please pray in agreement that I'll have the finances to pay the rest of them down. It's been a tough road, but God has been so good through it all.
He is so good! The Lord is Faithful and True! " There is no god like Him there is no other rock no I know not any"!!! He is Good there is no unrighteousness in Him. He is full of n mercy grace and very compassionate and He is Good
Heavenly Father, thank You for hearing our prayers and showing us Your love and mercy.

Thank You for the leadership You put in place that allowed our country to be put first for a whole 4 years.

Thank You for a leader not afraid to stand for Godly principles and willing to fight for what's right.

Thank You for all the progress we made toward a better America that is closer to what You'd want us to be as a Country.

I know that You are still in control and I now pray with confidence and faith that You'll prevent all this progress being reversed.

Sorry I forgot to thank You for all these good things You gave us while we we're being blessed and most of us probably didn't even realize it until the tides turned.

Thank You for a lifetime of coranvirus freedom before the year 2020. Thank You for all those breaths of fresh air (mask free). Thank You for freedom to travel for all those years without extra hassel. Thank You for the freedom of not having to fear germs.
I’ve been submitting prayer requests and I haven’t seen answers yet but I want to give praise for all the encouragement God is sending my way! Every time I get a message that someone is joining me in prayer, my spirit is lifted. It has encouraged me to start praying with others. So grateful for this ministry and what God is doing in my life. I’m feeling confident in God and what He has planned for me and my children. I’m praising him now for what’s He’s done, what He’s doing and what He’s going to do! Thank you all again for joining me in prayer and a special Thank You for your words of encouragement. God is doing a new and good thing in my life and I’m so grateful!

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