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thank you for all prayers we are over the covid after 17 days God is good
Maureen - Just want to thank my friends and family and kind people here at popwe who prayed for my family as we battled and won against Covid. Praise Jesus and may God be with those fighting, the front line and those who have lost loved ones.
Angel - I am so thankful for the love of our Lord God to have mercy on everyone who reaches out to Him. His grace is so amazing. I only want to say thank you because Christ strengthens me always.
Kathryn - Jesus is our Advocate to our Father. Jesus said anything you ask for with faith no more bigger than a mustard seed, you shall have it. Keep on knocking! He hears!
Praise God, we are concluding a successful year of AWANA teaching at out church. We were thankfully able to do in person the entire year (September -April) after having to shut down the last 2 months in spring 2020.
Thankful for my opportunity to teach and minister to my group of 30 3rd-5th grade boys every Wednesday night> God has provided great insight and messages for me to share with the boys.
Praying for each of my boys, that they have grown closer in their walk and relationship with Christ over the last 7 months.
Thankful for our incredible church, that will be celebrating 60 years of AWANA programs in the fall of 2021.
Thank you Jesus for healing this family who tested positive for COVID-19 and had a rough time. Thank you Rapha for bringing them back home and for giving them complete healing.
Praise God we are connecting with each other and joining in prayer and thanksgiving!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!
Rhonda -
I spent 6 weeks in a coma because of a perforated gastric ulcer that ruptured. The doctor tried to get my parents to turn the life support off because he didn't think i would ever come out of it and thankfully my mom wouldn't let them because I wouldn't have been able to see my first grandson. I am a true walking testament to the goodness of God's grace.
Thank you all for the prayers! They were heard and our prayers were answered! Praise the Lord!

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