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I received an invitation for an interview for PA school! Please Lord, I would like to get into Stephens College for PA school.!
Thank you God & to all those who prayed for me to get pregnant. I now have a healthy 2 month old baby boy. God is great! Ty for the many prayers! Praying I get pregnant with a boy again soon so my baby will have a little brother to play with!
Our Gracious Father was watching over me last night. I had to be out of town and I drove to my destination. The tire pressure light kept coming on and my phone was not working. God guided me back home safely and I never got a flat tire. I do need a new phone, but praise God for keeping me safe and getting me home! Thank You!
I talked to Jesus and told Him everything.
Deep rest in my heart.

I know that God loves me.

Thank you for loving me by praying for me.
Thanks for all your prayers praise god my step daughter and baby are doing fine
Rocky start but I have faith that God will redeem it!
I called in a prayer request during Share-A-Thon for a friend having surgery. My friend made it through surgery. To God I give all the glory!!
You Are Obstructing My Prayer Request please knock it off !
I see my relationship with my son slowly improving. Praise God!!!
Thank you Lord for your mercy. Thank you for my husband's kindness in helping to pay for a sidewalk and rail for my elderly father.

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