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God had done so much for me this past month. I went through a difficult situation and he has surrounded me with so much love and support. I’m so thankful that he has reclaimed his place number one in my heart. He has forgiven me of all my sins. And he continues to be very present in my daily life. I’m grateful that I can turn to him any hour and he speaks to me with so much love and patience. He has helped me get plugged into communities to help me through a lot of trauma and pain. I have enjoyed a program called Celebrate Recovery to face my traumas and pain as a Adult Child in Dysfunctional Families. I’m around many other women who suffered as well. I’m thankful for the program having child care. And I’m thankful I don’t have to live in shame for what I survived. I have been attending daily zoom meetings for recovery support as well. I am blessed and I’m beyond thankful for this community and many more. Thank you Lord.
Tamara - Praise God that my mom Marlene is improving after she received antibody infusion this week for Covid 19
Julie - I'm calling this a praise report! My last MRI showed no significant changes to my diagnosis of DCIS - so I'm calling it a blessing -and will continue on with nutritional therapy, supplements and juicing. Thanks in advance for all the prayers sent to heaven on my behalf!
Amanda - Praise God! I got the job! I made this move and left a job because I felt God was telling me to trust him. Things are falling into place. I'm finally feeling like I can breath again!
Prayers work. Been praying for almost 2 months that stacy restart making payments to me on loan i gave him. An he is paying me back finaly.
I have provided my tithe and You have provided an increase as promised. You, my Lord are true to You're Word. Thank You Father for the raise! Praise You Father God Jehovah! You are truly Jehovah Jireh, My Provider!
Praise You Father God for providing just the short cut I needed at work. It has releaved a lot of my stress and enabled me to meet and exceed my required goals easily. You are a good, good Father. Praise You El Shaddai!
DM - Thank you Matthew for how much you and your music helped me in my recovery and my journey getting closer to God. God bless you and your family.
Bea - I had breast cancer. I just was told that I am in remission. I had a very good doctor and a few people turned up in my life. Thank you Lord!
I have been set free of self destruction.
Addiction, gone.
Homelessness, gone.
Homelessness, gone.
I walk in my freedom, because who the Son sets free is free indeed. My testimony is that I had no hope, but I found the Source of All Hope. Jesus saved me and resurrected me.
I surrendered toJesus at a discipleship home in Alto, Texas. I recommend it to any and all. I once was lost, but now I'm found.

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