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Sent a prayer request earlier today. The couple made enough to have somewhere to stay for the night and some extra. Thank you for your prayers.
Thank You Jesus for giving me the courage to stand for You, for giving me this opportunity to walk through a difficult situation for You. Thank You for loving me, for living us all, for Your kind, kind ways. Amen! 🙏👏
Praise the Lord, I got a 95 on my math test today. Hope he hate me through the rest of algebra 2, he has so far. THANKS GOD!!! 😀
Shout out to my Lord and Savior, thank you for today. Amen
I want to praise God for having solutions to challenges I haven't even had yet... especially the circumstance I'm currently facing. I know that even though I currently don't see the way that He has the right people, connections, and business lined up. Praise God! Victory through Jesus Christ who strengthens us!
I want to praise God for a answering my prayers. I got approved for social security as well as a credit card that I thought I would not get approved for but I did.
God I see you working in my mother's life and I thank you so much for your unfathomable perfect love. In Jesus name. Amen
Ok praise going out to the prayer warriors. Thanks to all the amazing prayers sent up. I spoke to Ms.Bennett, she is kicking cancers butt!!
In August I was to be awarded a $10,000 scholarship that would be reduced to $5000 (per semester), enough for me to graduate. The $2000 scholarship that I applied for would not be awarded to me; that was ok. God was providing.
Late September/early October, I learned that I would be awarded the $2000 Scholarship, and that I would not receive the $5000. I cried. I prayed and I put on my Armor of God to battle in spiritual warfare. In battling, I prayed, fasted, emailed the president of the school, and prayed some more. I heard nothing back but stood on faith that God would make a way. The giver of the $5000 scholarship appeared at my school. I resisted the urge of control and did not go to meet him. I waited. Then I emailed the president again after a few weeks’ time.
The president finally answered with no hope towards my situation, dismissing my complaint. I wanted to give up and lost hope in disappointment. Then I thought to myself, “No, this is an error that needs to be corrected.” So I emailed her back about my situation, explaining details. She emailed me back with an award of $5000 dollars!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

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