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Amen is designed so you can simply post a prayer request anonymously and receive a notification every time someone prays for you. At anytime, from anywhere, you can give and receive hope, support and encouragement when you or someone else may need it most.

Amen gives you a simple and easy prayer app in the palm of your hands. Besides posting a prayer below, or praying for someone, you can also Download the App from the App Store.

I am thankful for the ministries that are broadcast on Bott Radio Network in the Midwest. I have learned so much with all the various Bible teachings and I have grown tremendously in my faith. I also and thankful for this ministry to pray online with the help of others.

Our Lord is great and I pray that he uses me for his purpose!

God Bless, AMEN
Thank you so much for your prayers for Thomas. He is doing much better in the rehab facility since your prayers. He is
Receiving the care necessary for his recovery. Continue to pray for healing and deliverance! Thank you
It is outstanding how much of a blessing KSWP/KAVX have been in my life lately. I used to drive an hour to go to school at Angelina College. That was when I started listening. Now I can't barely listen to any other station on the dial! Think I have a Praise God Listening Addiction! Praise God because thats what our focus should be on anyway. Our life only goes right when it revolves around His Will. PRAISE MY GOD FOREVER!
"I wanted to share how I feel tonight. My family might be unusual, but maybe not, we listen and give to both kavx and kswp monthly. Together we pray when paying bills. We always have to think about the money And where it's spent for most anything…. If you're a listener, know I gave more tonight than I every have, ever. This time it was the easiest money we have ever given. God always blesses our efforts to give to "Him!" We praise God!!" ~ Terry, Tom & the "Little Ones"
Thank you to all who participated in the circle of prayer around Peg and Jim. There were people and churches around the country at prayer with you. How awesome to see God's church rise to a call for help and anointing over this couple in need. To God be the Glory. Thank you Jesus for doing what only you could do, and teaching us the privilege of power in prayer.
I submitted a prayer request for my 97 year old grandma who had angioplasty on her leg last week to remove a blockage. The lord answered our prayers and my Grammy made it thru the surgery, the surgery was a success they removed the blockage and she is now getting circulation back to her foot! She stayed one night at the hospital and came home! She is out of pain and walking again. My Gram is Blessed in many ways and we are very grateful! Thank you Lord and for all who joined in and said prayers.
Thanks God because I feel you when I'm worshiping. You love. Thanks Lord also for this app.
Praise to everyone who supports this great mission. Christian FM's music is a beautiful ministry. Please support and spread the word.
Thank you Father for answering my prayers regarding John and his DWI charge and our 10 year relationship. Happy to say we are back together, things are working out just fine and we are both sober. Thank you for showing us that "We can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us". Thank you all for praying for us too.
God, I just want to say thank you so much for helping me get this new job! I am so excited to see where it will take me! I know it might be challenging at times, but I also know You will help me along the way. This new opportunity will help be grow as a person, make many new friendships, and help me become the best version of myself! Thank you so much God!
Love, Sarah
God is good :)

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