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Praise be to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Praise be to His Holy Name! For He has heard our prayers - mine and all of yours, my brothers & sisters. Since my request a couple of weeks ago my son is doing so well! He has begun to mimic new words and has even started say two word sentences. My heart swells with love and gratitude for all of you for helping me pray for my little one. God IS alive, He IS real! He is good and faithful to His promises. We just have to have faith. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Lots of love in Christ to all! :)
I am praying and asking to greatest LORD of the Jesus hears my voices. I am deaf and my boyfriend isn't deaf by the way, Me and my boyfriend been together for one year and 7 month. We decided taking a break for a while because he was stressed, frustrated and overthinking with negative come his own little situation with his financial with hoildays. I would like to you give my boyfriend a heal and take out of negative and all of them in his emotional system and mindful. I want him to be normal again to be positive vibes. I want us stay together to get improvement with more effort to communicate and talk. I am always fighting for the man I love never give up. I'm asking the GOD give us amazingly miracles and fate come to us to get back together ASAP. I want us have a healthy, happy and positive relationship after holidays to start over and try again on Jan 1st 2019. I need your blessings coming in my way and his way. I am very believer in power LOVE & faith in GOD!

Pray for me
Last April I asked for prayers for "A sixteen year long prayer". Many of you have prayed for me. The Lord has given us a miracle, and prayers were answered! Please join me in praising His holy name!! He has been blessing me with everything my family and I need. My Lord you are truly amazing! Bless your holy name.
I believe God can do all things. Please give me peace and comfort in my mind. Please send a financial miracle now. I work 7 days a week and I am tired. Heal my body. Thank You God. Amen
Pray for protection for my pregnancy. I have a chance of being food poisoned after being served raw food. It's effects the pregnancy sometimes, I ask that God protects my pregnancy from this
Wrote in a prayer request this morning concerning a truck repair and praying it would be under warranty. Well let me tell you not only was it under warranty but the deductible was also waived. God is an awesome God; He does and will answer prayer! It may not happen right away but keep trusting and believing! I will continue to
check in and keep my Amen family in prayer! Thank you for praying with and for me! God's continuous mercy and grace towards all of you ! Amen
Praise to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am safe and sound nestled in a perfect little home with my family. God has restored my family and I am so grateful. Thank you Lord Jesus. All glory to You!
I want to praise God. He always answers my prayers. Even small ones like when i lose things and need to find them! Every time!!!
I prayed for healing many times from a very specific thing that i did not mention. By the mercy and grace of God I am so much better and I thank everyone for their prayers and praise Jesus
Got word today that it got apple and ill be coming home to Tyler!

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