My life is in tatters. I have followed Christ for 40 years, not perfectly, but well enough to not fear facing His judgement. He won't say I was the best, and my heart stings as I think of the mistakes I've made, but my faith is in HIS CHARACTER and not in myself. He said as far as the east is from the west he would place my transgressions from His awareness. By this my savior is able to speak with me. All that said, I am currently under threat both physically and spiritually in the places I am forced to live without a roof. More and more cities and states are passing laws that criminalize houselessness. Thing is, As Jesus is Lord, and in addition My personal Lord, I don't want to sleep outside. I have been trying for years to get the help I need to once again be a productive citizen, but the system is overrun and underfunded. Yes, there are a few lazy and/or dishonest homeless people, but I would also state that there are a handful of dishonest Hedge Fund managers. Please pray.
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Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Father God grant me this rest, revival and restoration in Jesus name I pray amen.
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Please pray for the Lord's healing of my digestive, endocrine and nervous systems. Pray for balanced hormone levels, freedom from disease and the related pain I am experiencing.
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Thank you to those who prayed by my nephew's baby Barrett who had open heart surgery today. He did well in surgery. Pray for his complete healing please. Thank you, Lori
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I am a VERY "weary traveler"!!! After 2 recent all night trips to the ER and a cardiologist appointment, Landen has been diagnosed with POTS. Basically his resting heart rate is too high! And my plan for him to take high school classes at the local community college has backfired! Now praying for immediate Godly guidance for his education this year, especially since he accomplished nothing academically last year! Your prayers mean more than I can express!!! Thank you! Tracy A
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Pray for Cheryl. She's sick with what seems to be an ear infection but could possibly be Covid. Thank you for praying. Sharon
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Would you please pray for my cousin Carlene? She suffered a fall and had several surgeries several months ago but still needs complete healing. Thank you! Thank Sharon
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Please pray for my friend Briana who is being cared for by doctors. She asked for prayer that she would forgive those who hurt her. Please also pray she would be established in her faith.
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Our good friend and neighbor, Martin, had a heart attack last week and had to have a heart catheterization. Now he has pneumonia and is having to be admitted to the hospital again. Please pray for God's mercy and healing to be upon Martin and that He will choose to strengthen his body and make him healthy again. In Jesus name!
Thank you for your prayers!
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I’m in desperate need of healing. I’ve had 12 serious health problems that have accumulated to the severity of I unable to accomplish the basics of living . I’ve handed everything over to God Almighty as best as humanly possible. I’m learning that it’s the Lords will not mine be done. I’m trying to pray that I will be able to trust Christ in His timing for what He has planned for me.
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