Lord Jesus Heavenly Father I beg you to cure the clot on my Mom's knee/leg after the knee surgery also I beg you keep her body vitals normal and also I beg you to eliminate her being unconsicious situations; Lord Jesus I beg you to cure my Mom with your precious blood Lord Jesus Psalm 91, Psalm 23, Psalm 70, Psalm 121 Psalm 41 , Psalm 59, Luke 1:37 Isaiah 53:5, Exodus 15:26, Psalm 3:3 In Jesus Precious name I pray Amen Blessed Mother St Joseph St Michael St Gabriel St Rapahel and all Archangels All Aphostle Saints All beloved Saints I beg you to aid my Mom and intercede for my Mom
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Please help! I keep feeling like I'm not doing enough for God and there are too many people with expectations of me! I cannot find peace in my spirit and my dreams are often tormenting me.
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Please pray for Gary and his dementia. He struggling w confusion, hullicuating, sundowners, not sleeping well, afraid of getting kicked out of his Adult family home. It's really bad late afternoon through late evening.
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A great day filled with calm rest love no conflicts but abundant blessings for me and my family here that everything works out for us to get along and thank you for your prayers
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We have a Spiritual Camp at 08.09.2024. There comes Alcoholics and Drug addicts. That Jesus saves them and that them comes free.
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I pray to you God, that all the contractors that I hired will start working and doing a good job & they will do it the right way & they will all get along & the one contractor will stop hitting on me & stop grabbing me & act respectful. In Jesus name.
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Please pray that I’m healed spiritually physically mentally from the prior abusive relationships and heal my anxious attachment style and help me heal from this recent break up and heal my heart and soul from the torment of my past relationships where I feel unworthy of love. That I’m blessed with a Kingdom marriage partner. I become whole knowing God loves me. Heal my daughter as well from all of the above and my children find a partner from God to marry. In Jesus Name, Amen
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I desire to be married and start a family. Please pray that my husband will find me soon. And pray that God prepares me to be a Proverbs 31 wife!
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Please pray for wisdom as to whether I should move. And that I could find a rental that is affordable and suited to my family's needs.
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