So I can have a little extra money right now for my car tires. God bless you
3 prayers
Struggling w his memory and comprehension. It stays stable. Also the oil will help and he takes it.
3 prayers
He has fun camping w friends. Makes Godly choices, safe around the water. Helps the family out where needed.
6 prayers
Just pray that God will be with me, I have to have him be here for me because have low resources. Please pray that he will hear my prayers
7 prayers
In ALL areas for my life
7 prayers
Ephesians 5:25, 6:1-3, 13-17 (more claimed scripture at bottom)
We lift up to God our prayers for my son and daughter: Christian & Brittany, along with their cousins, to be protected & blessed with travel mercies, healing power, great health, diet and fitness, His perfect love, wisdom, healthy boundaries & communities, blessings that overflow of all kinds-including: jobs, school, income, peace, our sons dating/marrying a loving, suitable woman, our daughters dating/marrying a loving, suitable man both in holy matrimony. We lift up these requests to God including our own specific requests for the needs for our own families, sons & daughters, nieces & nephews in the name of Jesus.
Heb 4:16 Phil 4:7-8,19 Luke 6:17-19 Prov 3:24, 13:20a, 16:3,9, 18:22, 31:1-2, 16-17,1 Cor 10:31, 11 Col 3:14-15
Psalm 3:3, 32:8, 37:3-4, 91, 147:3 Jeremiah 29:5-6, 11, 31:33b, 33:6
9 prayers
Our family has a piece of property we would like to sell. As we all need the money. Its very complicated as the neighbor is doing everything from that happening. It's on a river. We think there family uses it and does not want to give it up. So asking the lord puts the right person heart to buy it.
9 prayers
God I really need you help here my husband had a blowout last night and not sure why and mad at me about the past I get that but it’s the past. His mom has been acting strange and stuff she’s never acted this way before and worried there to. My son is acting up all the time please calm him down so he behaves better. I’m praying my mother in law just goes back to the way she was. She wasn’t saying certian things and I’m actually very shocked she said some things here. God please place hedge of protection and there are no issues please help God. Please hear my prayer things just got really crazy please help amen
8 prayers
Please, sweet Lord, stop the fires in the Amazon rainforest permanently, now. Bless all of the life you created there with your riches blessings, now and forever. IJNA Thank you, thank you, my sweet Lord.
7 prayers
Please pray for me this morning. I have such a heavy heart.

I’m praying fervently and standing on faith for God to restore my broken relationship with Pete. But all through the night and into this morning, the enemy has been whispering hurtful words of discouragement into my heart. I’m fighting back by professing His Word, but it’s a struggle today.

Please also join me in asking the Lord to transform and renew Pete’s heart and free him from the strongholds of addiction/depression and lead him home to pursue reconciliation with me.

I know He is working, even now.

Thank you for your prayers. 💜
5 prayers

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