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Please pray for my daughter Jamie who is having surgery soon for thyroid cancer. Thank you.
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Heavenly Father,
Praying for approval to get my apartment in Gulfport Ms. I found an income based one since i am on disability. Praying my dogs will pass the pet interview. Lead us to a good spirit filled church in the Name of Jesus. My friend Mary has an unspoken prayer Request. Cover her prayers and Intercessors in the blood of Jesus. Thank you for reconciling Brad and i. Prayers for our relationship to strengthen and no weapon the enemy forms against us shall prosper. Cover our love for each other in the blood of Jesus. Send Godly people to minister to Brad, while he is working in Wyoming. Praying for his salvation, deliverance from any strongholds, and mercy upon his soul. I love him so much and thank you for him. I don’t know what new strains me moving to Gulfport will have on my relationship with Brad. Casting my cares upon you Lord Jesus. Give me knowledge, wisdom, and, Guidance. Deliver my mom from oppression and demonic attacks. Please heal my relationship with my oldest son.
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Thank you so much for praying for our daughter and her need for a job in New York City. The Lord is so faithful, loving and praise worthy all the time!
Our daughter has been in New York for 6 years and the Lord has taken care of her all this time and with employment as well even though at times like all of us, she doesn't deserve it. She has gotten the job, is there right now! She is praying that what they show her and the duties she will need to do, that she be able to preform these duties and that what she is being taught today would soak in and retain in her mind. The Lord has taken her this far that she would have faith that He can take care of her if she would trust Him and take everything to Him in prayer. Thank you so very much.
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A friend who is 88 years young is going to have major heart surgery scheduled for Tuesday, July 16. I am seeking prayer for his successful surgery, rapid recuperation and return to his normal life. Please pray the Lord will bless all involved in this procedure. We know the Lord is the great physician and will give all comfort and support. I will post a comment in the PRAISE section regarding his status. Thank you.
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Today, I need to sign paperwork for my severance pay. My concern is the people involved are not trustworthy and I am afraid they are going to pull a fast one on me and not keep their end of the deal. All, I would really like is for everything to go smoothly so all can move on . Please Pray things go well until the end.

Thank you!
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Please pray for my daughter. She is in court today for judgement. Needs the Lord's guidance, protection and strength--a miracle. Due to poor choices due to she was charged with assault. Needs a miracle.
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Dear Friends at Radio Shine,

Thank you for your ministry and your prayers. Our only son and his family need Jesus and a home. Brandon was raised a believer but has turned away from the Lord and has suffered tremendously due to the choices he’s made. He lost a wife to suicide. He was drug addicted, now off the drugs but he has a girlfriend and two precious young children, 4 and 2. They’re all currently homeless and on many waiting lists for shelter. They’ve been living in the forest and sleeping in their car. We pray for Brandon, Jessica, Skylar and Lily for immediate shelter, jobs, Christian guidance and counsel for all, so the family can grow in God’s will. We pray for jobs and healthy lifestyle choices for all.

Thank you for your prayers.
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I need pray for my marriage. My husband says I don’t know he is there. I really do. He is in pain and at last minute he said he will meet me at worship service. I am here in the parking lot. Going to Sunday school. If I try to help him or talk about his pain he will get upset, if I don’t talk about he gets upset. We need God’s guidance and healing amen
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Please pray for my friend David. He is a new believer and battles with drug addiction/sobriety as well as anxiety. He's starting to go downhill again and needs God's rescuing!
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Greetings and hello. I pray for Jesus to please send me a perfect mate. And I pray for God to move me to a new home. I pray God send me financial blessings for life, in Jesus name. My testimony: I had a stroke back in May 2006. I was going to have open heart surgery, but it was blood clots in my lungs that caused my stroke. I am doing well now. Jesus is a doctor in the sick room. I am blessed and I pray God heal me from this. I pray for God's peace and protection and safety for me and my whole family, in Jesus name. I pray God honors and answers my prayer requests here in Jesus name. God bless.
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