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Robert needs our prayers. He is a man with many physical issues, including pain in his knees and back, a recent heart attack and ongoing cardiac problems. He suffers from financial difficulties as well and has nothing, including having no home. He is angry at God and needs prayer for peace, for a healing of his body and his spirit. He has a sister who suffers both physically and emotionally as well and she needs prayer.
10 prayers
Hi I am asking for prayers for my household situation. I am asking that my husband and son find a relationship where they can get along. I am caught in the middle and don’t know what to do. But as always my children always come first. Help me be strong if I have to make that decision. Thank you
8 prayers
Chelsee has been struggling the last 4-5 months with various complications to Lupus, and heart failure, in and out of hospital. Today she was transferred into ICU, and is unresponsive. Believing GOD has a plan and praying to push Satan away.
19 prayers
Lord. I know Andrew has been struggling to become financially stable since his hardships during the past few years. May 2018 be blessed for him with better financially security allowing him to have basic items such as a car and bed. It pains me to see him without these things. May he be blessed with new opportunists to become a leader in his career, may he have compassion in his job search and new compassion for others. Fill his heart with hope and may he not be discouraged along the way. May we together have better financial security
29 prayers
Tomorrow I return to work after being out for 2 weeks and ask for all to go smoothly and well from getting there to clocking in and through out the day. Secure this employment. Also for my imminent move by March 1st, looking for room rental or roommate asap, have a limited income, will be going to see a couple of places next Thursday on my day off. I am a mature female and it's very hard to secure a rental, along with other reasons. But am alone and have no one, have never felt so afraid of not finding a place in time in my life, so afraid, having anxiety attacks and not sleeping. Must find something for at least a year, or what ever God has planned for me. Just not sleeping on a park bench! God come through for me and allow me to secure something by next week. There is also a second job medical office that is offering me a few days of work, if it's Your will, allow it Lord I need those hours and additional paycheck.
48 prayers
I wanted to thank all of you for your prayers for my son's recovery and to ask for prayer that his father would help to pay off the loan I had to get to save his life. The Lord saved his life through your prayers!
58 prayers
Radio Shine family I ask for your prayers as it pertains to my spouse's decision to seek a separation and divorce. We have two wonderful children who are quietly suffering in addition to myself. The unanswered questions and unknown are affecting the three of us greatly. We ask that you pray for a relatively seamless transition if not a reconciliation. We want her home with us. The holidays were inordinately hard on us. Our children need two parents. We need to be a family unit, that is how we functioned the best. Please pray for our healing and understanding during this difficult time. Help us to move forward and use us as your instruments to navigate these choppy waters. Please pray for my children so that they understand how precious they are and that they were not responsible for her decision. They are loved and coveted. No child should be subject to this. Thanks to everyone, your prayers are appreciated.
58 prayers
AJ is 11 years old and recently contracted the flu. Now the strep bacteria has invaded his entire body and he is in the hospital in very serious condition. He is losing his kidney function and his liver is affected. His feet have turned black from poor circulation and may need to be amputated. This little man lost his dad two years ago and really needs all of our prayers to get through this terrible time.
40 prayers
I moved here from Cottonwood almost two years ago to take on a new teaching job. It turned out to be a rough experience for me because it was a new job and a new move. Now, I am trying to find a new job and not having any luck. I feel like just giving up. :(
43 prayers
Please pray for a dear friend, Mary, who is dealing with the struggle to forgive, and it is pressing against her faith. She has had so many direct hits from the enemy that her overall state of mind is getting to the breaking point. Please pray the the Lord will continue to hold Mary close and show her that His perfect plan is at work in her life.
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