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as a child & never told anyone because he was afraid,-now he is in his sixty's had a severe heart attack,has fits of anger in private say,s god lied to him, is Disceased Mother's, only surviving son, name is Robert Faulkner Teifenbrun-is German Jew-after the flesh-has been single 4 a very long time,says he will never trust God ever again has love hate for Jesus,wants to slowly torture Satan,over & over & over !Say,s god has failed him has or had a website at Maverick58 -heart is at 30% After Electro cardio ghram, Dr,s Gave Him 7 - 10:years to live three years ago his mother's will was , kept from him by Stepfather who Allso Stold Saftey Deposit Boxx Key From his room in 95,Took Life insurance policy believes Stepfather took him & sister 4 between-$ 350,000 to$500,000 Bank closed & moved afterward,four years later went back to old house their where all of these Occulltic Talismans Strung All Over Old House Chimney, mentioned it to neighbor who told real estate agent who removed them.
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Saturday night she will be praying before and introducing the group Sidewalk Prophets onstage at an outdoor concert in Arlington S D before approximate 3000 people. She's been a pastor now for not quite 2 months. Please pray that the Holy Spirit speak through her for this event. She is new to the town when transferred there through Church and needs a boost of self confidence. Then she will be in the prayer room tent praying for those in need. Please God be with her, send the Holy Spirit to speak through her.
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Just found out that what I suspected about my sisters' relationship with BOYFRIEND was right on , He was abusing her. Thankfully God had a young man intervene and he left. My sister needs healing and provision and God's mercies as the boyfriend took everything from her ! She has nothing, is broke, has car problems, & nowhere to go. She was also was bitten by a black widow spider and has heart problems, I'm Concerned. Her name is Roberta in Payson Arizona, I plead the holy blood for her ....
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I am extremely burnt out , I don't have much will to live, I need Jesus to help me. I am 60 and had a severe heart attack. Electrocardiogram said ticker was at 30%. Then after 2 months of riding a bike 2nd one said 40% then someone stole my bike. Got a 2nd bike and it was hit by car. Dr's gave me maybe -7- to 10 years three years ago. Please pray for healing in all areas of my life. Thank you
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Prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift my son in law, Joshua dale Watson’s mood..... josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 35 years old. Please keep him in your prayers.
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Dear AMEN prayer folks, I'm back again, and I thank so many of you for your prayers from my post on July 8. I shared previously that I will be a volunteer serving a Christian/Messianic ministry in southern Israel in the Fall. I will be in service from 29 September until 29 December and this is actually a trial position, that may lead me with an opportunity to serve for even a year starting some time in 2019. As I am writing this it is 4:50pm
and it is 2:50 am in Israel. Almost since dark, and all night up until now there have now been, not dozens but over 100 rockets and mortars fired in to southern Israel, and in the small town of Sderot, where I will be station 2 rockets hit targets and people were injured. Please, if the Holy Spirit lays prayers on your hearts for the people of the region, as well as me in the Fall, please let me know that you are praying. Shabbat (thank you/good bye)
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I am asking for prayer for my Marriage. Please god help heal our distance and bring love and reconciliation in your name.
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I am a christian and am struggling with alcohol. Please pray that I can be delivered. Thank you In Jesus, Debbie
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It's time for me to ask YOU to pray for me once again. This year has been difficult for me. I've always spoken to the Lord saying that as long as I have both health and ability that I would serve Him faithfully doing outreaches in Israel. Well, in two months and two days I'm scheduled to be in Israel for just days under 3 months. I'm dealing with my 3rd time with sciatica and believing for healing. I also am scheduled do be a humanitarian volunteer in Sderot, southern Israel for 9 weeks. So, also praying for the balance of needed funding to come in. Sderot is a small town in the shadow of Gaza and is vulnerable to mortar and rocket attacks, but the needs there are great. I just want to be well and healthy enough to make a difference. And, please know that I am both blessed and grateful for your thoughts and prayers.
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My friend, Dan needs funds for a deposit for an apartment. He feels led by the Lord to move over 3000 miles away from his family and friends to attend Shadow Mountain Church as well as volunteer at an organization that feeds families that deal with many illnesses including HIV and cancer. During this venture that he believes God put him on, he lost his major source of income. He needs to move out of his apartment by June 30th and even though God has blessed him the funds for a new apartment, he needs $1030 for a deposit. Dan knows that God did not move him all that way for him to have to move back. He knows that God wants him to stay where he is at. Please pray that he finds the funds this coming week, in Jesus' Precious name, Amen.
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