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Please pray for a special needs man in a facility. He needs protection and to be safe fro sexual deviants. Please pray he wins his appeal and is returned to the care of his mother.
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am in need of - Prayer for sister who has cancer and is homeless her name is roberta cook and her boyfriends named is dwayne amick they are somewhere in arizona - need a home as are both in homeless situation- as well as for healing mercys - i am in need of multiple healing and deliverance from adversary -program- against me have been celibate for roughly 40 years am disceased mothers only son am franch irish german jew after the flesh ! / i plead the blood of jesus over evrything involved ! robert faulkner tiefenbrun -aka- Maverick five eight dot com -
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I need a miracle. Got laid off from my job as an architect right before Christmas. Managed to hang in there to now with a bit of work designing a house. I need a real architectural position paying full market worth or a bunch more design commissions with good fees and deposits to break. NOW. I need deliverance. The devil is real and has been ragging on me for so long. (decades) Running on fumes and vapors, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Worn out. Hope is extinguished. Why Try?
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need holy spirit miracles and mercy's am currently in an eclectic / predominantly - occulltic / catholic - neighborhood - have endured to mutch - Iregardless - of - occultic /masonic - false - justifications - I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB - YESHUA - JESUS AGAINST ALL ENEMY FORCES - &- COVENS OR Demonic spirit entity's - 4 ; all in need and All Who have been repetively - unjustly- targgetted ! - ijnipb- also - miracles - 4 - Roberta cook / Dwayne amick / Dewey cook Sr, & Jr / the Sherrill family / the crowder family / all family's -who are strugelling -/ and all widows or fmr , Orphans -&- all targeted xtians -&- a Robert Faulkner tiefenbrun -&- Maverick58 - dot com - thank you ! ....
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I am very thankful for all of you . I have asked for prayer a few times for my husband and his health and his job situation. I am needing to ask for more prayer. He is still not able to sleep no matter what he tries. He had seen drs and it is not helping. His boss is still giving him more work that everyone else on his team and said this in front of all off them. He really believes his boss is wanting him to fail. Whatever I say is of no comfort. We read the Bible and pray together 2x day together and separately. He needs help, he needs prayer ! Thank you
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I've been at my current place of employment for 11 years. I'm tired. I'm good at what I do, but I am tired of fighting, tired of coordinating, just tired. Recently an opportunity has come up for a completely different career change. I have an interview this Friday. I need prayers because I am TERRIFIED I am making a wrong decision in wanting to leave a 'secure' job. But I am also afraid of not venturing out of my comfort zone. I need Prayers for Clarity and guidance. I read in my devotional today, that there is power in group prayer. So, if any of you have gone through this I'd appreciate any prayers you can send my way. Thank you.
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as a relative has bone cancer -and is homeless- name is Roberta cook/amick-&- 4 - a dywane amick as well and for some one at - maverick58 - dot com -
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i am asking for prayer. My husband job is still worse and he asks for help, no one is listening or helping. I ask for prayers for him and his job situation. He thinks god is punishing him and I know that is not it, he is so unhappy. I ask for peace,faith,hope and joy for god to overcome him now and always. Thank you
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My wife has been in the Prescott hospital on a ventilator since Feb 6. On the 28th they moved her to Phoenix. We live in Chino Valley and I don't have a car that will make it down there to be with her. I was with her every day in Prescott and it is killing me to not be with her down there.
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