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Please pray for my husband Frank that he may reach salvation, that he may have a change of heart. And for my pregnancy
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Please pray for Nicole as her husband unexpectedly passed on Wednesday after slipping into a coma after a routine surgery two weeks ago. Chris was only 34 years old and Nicole is in shock that this has happened. Please pray for Nicole for peace, comfort, and for loving support from all who surround her. Please also pray for financial favor, blessings, and support. Thank You!
17 prayers
Please pray for a Roberta Lynn for healing as she is having a double mastectomy. Pray that the lord would guide her surgeon's hands and heal her. That Jesus would strengthen her by the holy spirit to be strong. She also needs housing . Also a prayer for Dwayne who is currently in jail would be appreciated , and for all of the women and men in jail globally for salvation for the lost . I plead the blood of Jesus over this in Jesus name.
15 prayers
My daughter Autumn has been smoking pot and it has given her many side effects, like memory loss, panic attacks, paranoia and she doesn't believe that this is the cause of it. Have taken her to get a MRI and a psychiatrist and they say their is noting wrong with her. I try to explain what's happening to her but she won't listen. She needs the Lord in her life and new friends.
29 prayers
Our dear friend Chris went in for a minor surgery on his leg to clean up an infection. He coded on the table during the surgery, thankfully the doctors were able to bring him back. Unfortunately, he lost oxygen to his brain and fell into a coma. The doctors are now saying that his brain stem is dying and they are suggesting his wife take him off of life support. Chris is merely 34 years old and his sweet wife of 7 years has been just stunned and shattered by all of this. Please pray that God does a huge miracle, that Chris comes to, and God gets all the glory for his recovery! Also please lift up Nicole for strength and peace. Thank you!
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Salvation of Leslie B and a reconciliation with me if its Gods will. Amen
30 prayers
One of our amazing Arizona Shine friends called to ask for prayer for her Uncle Roy. He fell and has bleeding on the brain, had a stroke and is now facing surgery and possible life support. Please pray for God's peace for Roy and for his family and for complete healing so that he can make it to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary in December.
33 prayers
One of our dear listeners called to ask for prayer for her son and his girlfriend. They are burdened with drug addiction and need God's divine intervention.
27 prayers
Please pray for healing. This gentleman has heart issues - only 30% function. He has no family and no friends. He's never been married and has no children. He feels like God has forsaken him. He is 42 years old.
24 prayers
Hi, I am asking for prayer for my husband to stop fighting and allow the Lord to work in his life and also that he world have the desire again to attend church. Thank you
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