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I moved here from Cottonwood almost two years ago to take on a new teaching job. It turned out to be a rough experience for me because it was a new job and a new move. Now, I am trying to find a new job and not having any luck. I feel like just giving up. :(
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Please pray for a dear friend, Mary, who is dealing with the struggle to forgive, and it is pressing against her faith. She has had so many direct hits from the enemy that her overall state of mind is getting to the breaking point. Please pray the the Lord will continue to hold Mary close and show her that His perfect plan is at work in her life.
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I am asking for prayer for Robert who suffered a heart attack heart at age 30. He needs healing in every aspect of his life; right now he has nothing and is in need of transportation too. Prayers are appreciated.
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Prayers please. Feeling so heartbroken. My husband cheated after only being married a little over a year with one of his soldiers. He left me after getting depressed and anxious when I found out and on top of that I found I was pregnant. I recently had my baby & she is beautiful. I thought thru her God would soften up his heart but it didn’t. The divorce has been set for 3.7.18. I feel so lost, confused and heartbroken. I thought we were happy but in the end he started saying he wasn’t happy with me, that I cheated (which I didn’t), that he couldn’t trust me, that I was a liar. Everything was my fault. I recently found out he is looking for apartments once the girl gets back from deployment to move in together. Please pray she goes back to her husband and her 2 children, as they are both in the military. In the end he did abandon my baby & me and I don’t know what to do or feel. Prayers please.
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Please pray for my sister, Dena. A cancerous mass on her lower vertebrae has been found to be the cause of months of pain in her back and hip. She will be having a CAT scan on Tuesday, January 2 to determine how widespread this cancer is. Please pray that this mass and any other cancer will be miraculously and completely irradicated from her body. In the holy and precious name of Jesus!
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Please thank God for His protection over my daughter who survived a terrible car accident tonight. Prayers that God touches her with His healing hands and powers to restore her physical health and internal injuries and that she be able to return to work in her previous capacity and live a healthy life free of pain.
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Two years ago my father was diagnosed with Renal failure and went into the hospital right before the holidays. He was very sick, and with help was succesfully becoming well until recently. Two days ago he had some blood work done and was told that he is now back at stage three renal failure. We almost lost hime last time in the hospital. Please pray that God give him the strength to heal and to do all things possible to rid his body of any toxic diseases or sickness. My boyfriend and I of 5 years are working on getting engaged and I really want my Father to be in my wedding as well. I have struggled knowing he may not be due to his health and age. Please send prayer for comfort during this time. Thank you.
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Need prayer for a person named Robert and his family for restoration, deliverance and mercy. I plead the holy blood of Jesus over him .....
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Please pray for clarity for one of our listeners who has some important life decisions to make. He has been praying fervently, but still does not know which direction he should take.
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Please pray for me and my family. We are facing some really serious stuff and we are feeling overwhelmed with grief, shame, guilt and hopelessness. I especially want to lift my kids in prayer, they are dealing with some pretty serious adult problems. It's tough for my husband and I never mind them. My heart is just shattered and this isn't just gonna go away. Please pray for emotional healing and strength.
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