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Please pray for me as I have been struggling with anxiety. I’m constantly worried about finances, my health and just anything and everything. I pray I will let go and give my all to the lord. God please reveal yourself to me . I know I’m not alone, I know you have a plan for my life. Just help me to open my heart and truly know that you are the lord of my life. I can’t do this on my own.
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Please pray for my best friend T. She went through a divorce a few years ago and is still recovering from that. She now has just broken up with her live in boyfriend after almost a year. He is not a believer and she chose him over her families/friends approval and advice. Her relationships/friendships have been very strained since she has been living in a compromising situation for a while now with little to no support or encouragement, but rather judgment. Please pray for healing in her heart, for revelation of the Fathers'love and hope restored. Pray for salvation for her now ex and healing in her relationship with her ex-husband as well especially considering that they have a 5 year old son together. Thanks for prayers!
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Pray for my friend Ann she went in for knee surgery and had to have her leg amputation because she got an infection. It's been several months and she keeps getting more infections and she is very discouraged. When she got her leg amputated she was in good spirits , she knew God was with her, but she has had so many infections since Christmas that it is getting to her. Thank you for your prayers!
7 prayers
Please pray for travel mercies for my daughter and her boyfriend as they fly to Mexico for a friends wedding. Safety flying home and during this weekend. Thank you
14 prayers
One of our amazing listeners and donors called today and asked for prayer for Elly. Elly is 40 years old and has been recently diagnosed with tongue cancer. The doctors have mentioned the possibility of amputation of her tongue. Please pray for healing for Elly and that the amputation will NOT be necessary.
27 prayers
Robert is a friend of Arizona Shine who needs our upmost prayers as life is not going the way he has expected. Please pray for miracles in his life and that God's peace, contentment, and ultimate joy would fill his days. Thank you for praying.
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Dear father,
Thank you for giving all the things I need, I ask you that you can take care of my grandma that’s in heaven. I praise you for dying on the cross for me.
25 prayers
My Greatest King Jesus ,
In your mighty & powerful name .
I ask you to completely Bless Amir with your Everlasting Presence .
Speak Deep into Amir’s heart .
As I take Amir to the Iranian Church Today.
Thank You Jesus .
All praises of my heart, glorify you, my Greatest King Jesus.
- Salvation Prayer
31 prayers
One of our precious listeners called to ask for prayers that he find the right relationship in his life. Please join us in praying for David.
27 prayers
JESUS speak YOUR LOVE to Masoud's heart, JESUS SHINE yourself upon his eyes. REVEAL, your BEAUTIFUL PRESENCE to Masouds Mother. Speak EVERLASTING LIFE into to her heart. JESUS reach out to Amir, pour out YOUR SPIRIT, show Amir, how much YOU LOVE HIM. And HOLY SPIRIT, use me, speak through me, bless me in ways that will draw these hearts CLOSER in your POWERFUL NAME JESUS. I pray, that ALL BARRIERS, to break down, and be CRUSHED INTO ASHES in the mighty name of JESUS. SHINE YOUR MAGNIFICENT LIGHT OVER Masoud, Masoud's Mother, and Amir, TODAY. All that is taking place at this very moment, the power of the HOLY SPIRIT is moving STRONG. I glorify you KING JESUS.
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