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It's time for me to ask YOU to pray for me once again. This year has been difficult for me. I've always spoken to the Lord saying that as long as I have both health and ability that I would serve Him faithfully doing outreaches in Israel. Well, in two months and two days I'm scheduled to be in Israel for just days under 3 months. I'm dealing with my 3rd time with sciatica and believing for healing. I also am scheduled do be a humanitarian volunteer in Sderot, southern Israel for 9 weeks. So, also praying for the balance of needed funding to come in. Sderot is a small town in the shadow of Gaza and is vulnerable to mortar and rocket attacks, but the needs there are great. I just want to be well and healthy enough to make a difference. And, please know that I am both blessed and grateful for your thoughts and prayers.
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My friend, Dan needs funds for a deposit for an apartment. He feels led by the Lord to move over 3000 miles away from his family and friends to attend Shadow Mountain Church as well as volunteer at an organization that feeds families that deal with many illnesses including HIV and cancer. During this venture that he believes God put him on, he lost his major source of income. He needs to move out of his apartment by June 30th and even though God has blessed him the funds for a new apartment, he needs $1030 for a deposit. Dan knows that God did not move him all that way for him to have to move back. He knows that God wants him to stay where he is at. Please pray that he finds the funds this coming week, in Jesus' Precious name, Amen.
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Please pray for our marriage. I am not going anywhere, there is no plan b, but I am exhausted by the demands on me to do all the real work in our relationship. He seems to just want his needs and wants met and doesn't seem to care about me. I am not complaining, but I feel like he loves what I do for him and the kids and not me. He shows me regularly through his actions (not necessarily his words) that I am not appreciated and never does anything romantic for me. I seriously have no expectations of him at all anymore and I'm just trying to go with the flow or plan things for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries etc., instead of facing great disappointment again. I regularly go to events on my own, I feel alone, and I am soooooo tired. Please pray for strength and continued grace that I can continue loving him without condition. Also pray that his heart would change and that he would realize that time, care, and attention are so vital. Thank you for praying.
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Please pray that Dan who just recently renewed his faith in God, is being challenged with his faith. He received very bad news this past week and asked me to pray for strength and to trust God. In Jesus' Precious name, Amen
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I am a mom of five who just completed nursing school. Now, I am studying to pass my N-Clex and wanting a job as a registered nurse! Thank you to all that prayed for me as I finished my last semester of nursing school! Please pray for focus and for me to also balance the needs of my family as I finish this last step to complete the goal I believe God asked me to go after 7 years ago, when I started pre-reqs! Thank you and God bless you! :)
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Need prayers for my husband to decide whether he can work with me and wants to continue with our marriage or not. He does not think I listen to him or value him. I am very lost. Amen
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Please pray for a gentleman named Edward. He had a stroke and then a head-on accident. He is in the hospital with a blood clot in his brain, a broken femur, and broken ribs. He had a second stroke during surgery and still has low blood pressure.
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Please pray for me as I have been struggling with anxiety. I’m constantly worried about finances, my health and just anything and everything. I pray I will let go and give my all to the lord. God please reveal yourself to me . I know I’m not alone, I know you have a plan for my life. Just help me to open my heart and truly know that you are the lord of my life. I can’t do this on my own.
27 prayers
Please pray for my best friend T. She went through a divorce a few years ago and is still recovering from that. She now has just broken up with her live in boyfriend after almost a year. He is not a believer and she chose him over her families/friends approval and advice. Her relationships/friendships have been very strained since she has been living in a compromising situation for a while now with little to no support or encouragement, but rather judgment. Please pray for healing in her heart, for revelation of the Fathers'love and hope restored. Pray for salvation for her now ex and healing in her relationship with her ex-husband as well especially considering that they have a 5 year old son together. Thanks for prayers!
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Pray for my friend Ann she went in for knee surgery and had to have her leg amputation because she got an infection. It's been several months and she keeps getting more infections and she is very discouraged. When she got her leg amputated she was in good spirits , she knew God was with her, but she has had so many infections since Christmas that it is getting to her. Thank you for your prayers!
16 prayers

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