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i am asking for prayer. My husband job is still worse and he asks for help, no one is listening or helping. I ask for prayers for him and his job situation. He thinks god is punishing him and I know that is not it, he is so unhappy. I ask for peace,faith,hope and joy for god to overcome him now and always. Thank you
17 prayers
Of off Fith st and Nicolet Talking About Murdering A Robert Faulkner of Of Nicolet St ,
7 prayers
My wife has been in the Prescott hospital on a ventilator since Feb 6. On the 28th they moved her to Phoenix. We live in Chino Valley and I don't have a car that will make it down there to be with her. I was with her every day in Prescott and it is killing me to not be with her down there.
42 prayers
I have been diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. I know God can heal . Family support from husband is how it's affecting him. He's upset that I can't work any more. Last time God wanted to get his attention, God took our son. I've always taken care of everyone. I know my God heals just not sure He will heal me. Thank you for the prayers. I stand on Phil4:13. My motto stamina strength energy endurance grace mercy and favor. Dignity honor integrity and respect at all cost.
43 prayers
Please pray healing for me. I believe in healing. diagnosed with early onset alzhieimers at age 64. MRI showed my brain is already at the age of a 74 year old. the disease is on both side of my family. I also know the effect of prayer in my framly's life and my own life. I believe in Jesus
Will for healing and that He has a gift for me in this life. I can not work due to this and and waiting for SSI. No advice please. Have contacted the services needed already.
Thank you and bless you prayer warriors.
41 prayers
Lord hear my cries for my son Rocky as he has mental health issues that impairs his social interaction skills. My tears are of sadness for Rockys difficult journey in life. Please Lord I ask You to bless him with Your guidance helping him interact more effectively especially with those he lives with. Place him in the hands of caring advocates who will work for his needs. Keep him safe from all harm & keep him healthy.
53 prayers
Prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift my son in law, Joshua dale Watson’s mood and health.... josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 36 years old.
54 prayers
Lord hear my prayers for my son Rocky as he suffers mental health issues that impedes his ability to interact effectively with others. I cry out to You to bless Rocky with Your divine guidance towards better social interactions with those he lives with. Help him to adhere to the given rules of the Group Home & be successful in his participation there. Place him in the hands of capable caring advocates who will work for his needs. Embrace Rocky in Your loving arms of protection keeping him safe & healthy.
23 prayers
Can you pray for me (Jamal) that God will put a repentent spirit in me and for me to be delivered from all spiritual attacks of Satan in my mind; I’m asking in Jesus name. Amen
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