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Health and happiness and protection for my very old parents, Carol and Jack, I pray they have someone take them to so something fun, I pray they get reliable transportation without feeling like a burden, I pray their lives, minds, bodies, peace, marriage and souls are blessed and protected, deliver them and my siblings/families & me and my family/loved ones from every evil, and lead them/us not into temptation, in Jesus Name, Amen.
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God please let Beau and Sarah get married to each other on earth and in heaven, hallelujah, break every curse and ungodly contract now, hallelujah, Jesus dont let anyone, nor anything, influence them any other way, (especially remove all influence from E.B., R., A and C.) In Jesus Name, Lord protect them and their budding relationship please, I decree and declare it in Jesus Mighty Name, no weapon formed against them shall prosper, Jesus protect their health, lives and relationship together, deliver them from evil, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Hallelujah!
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Pray Ashley and CS stop hitting each other and fighting, pray God renews their hearts and minds and puts a right spirit in them & also protects them in every way shape and form, pre God delivers them from every evil spirit and removes all ungodly things from their lives, no weapon formed against them shall prosper, grant them self-control and understanding and wisdom, let them live in happiness and Harmony in their new apartment and God bless them and let them prosper in Jesus name amen
6 prayers
Reiter and AVPPKRR families
Travel mercies and great health and protection for me and my whole family, for my husband and my two daughters and their significant others, and Future Families, I pray this over all of us for generations to come, may the Lord grant us these three things, travel mercies and great health and protection, by your grace and mercy I cover Us in the Blood of Jesus, I also include my extended family and their families as well, for this prayer, Hallelujah, in Jesus Mighty Name we pray, and give thanks, Amen!
7 prayers
Pray for my relationship with Doris , Pray that God glorifys in our relationship and facilitate our way together , Pray that the Lord lead us together in deep harmony and understanding in the spirit and in all aspects , Pray that the Lord bless our steps towards marriage and make it something glorious and blessing in the kingdom of God , I pray that and more in the mighty name of Jesus Christ ,
8 prayers
For protection from the Grapevine & Racetrack fires. Both are close to our community. May Jesus protect all the people, animals and homes from harm. Please bring rain tonight to help the fire fighters distinguish the fires!
6 prayers
Vanessa Herder
Pray for my daughter Summer her daughter, Kharma, her daughters father Austin and Austin's mom Priscilla. Salvation peace justice respect joy protection safety.
17 prayers
I would like to ask for prayer for my family and myself. The enemy has been hard at work in our lives. Attacks from all angles and from all areas in our lives. We have suffered many deaths, many trials and many disappointments. I know that this life isn't supposed to be easy when you're a child of God, and that when we all pull together and pray for each other, God moves in Mighty ways, so please if you could keep us in your prayers as we endure all these attacks, it would greatly be appreciated.
26 prayers
sometimes when you are screaming you can't help but use all capps - so AM sorry oh Lord I have let you down and AM unable to go on without your help !, evrything restored 7 fold I Plead the blood of yeshua / iesous - Jesus - 7 fold restoration in Jesus name for r-f-t
21 prayers
Pray for Gerry. My friend has a mass on his lung and they are doing tests.
Pray for healing and salvation.
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