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Clean water , clean food , places for your poor to have shelter ! -&- clean clothes , some are blessed with relationships - while - some are not only prohibited from relationships or intimacy but kept poor - on purpose ! - witch in itself reveals an unofficial satanic assignment purposely targeting fmr wounded xtians .... So obvious...
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Prayer -4- Dewey cook Jr, presscot valley az ( jail) Dewey cook sr, mayer az - grandfather 2 Dewey jr- -&- 4 Darren and amber cook-&- children - in cordes lakes az ( multiple needs) & 4 Roberta cook and Dwayne amick (homeless -&- Roberta has cancer -&- Dwayne has legal problems ) and a Robert Faulkner Tiefanbrun - Current banning Ca, has multiple needs and issues -&- ( 1st , stage congestive heart failure risk or chfr -) after two separate electro cardio ghrams ( one 30% and one 40% ) was given ten to eleven year,s roughly 6 years ago ! - is discussed mothers only son has no heirs & has been targgetted by oculltist,s (crown king az - four- satanic alters - verified -) needs multiple healing in multiple areas , phys 3 herniated disc,s in back 2 shattered knees as well as , emotional (including early childhood trauma - abuse etc -) & spiritual, soulish , circumstantial , situations , as well as financial , thank you ....
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I am asking for prayer for my marriage . My husband and I are needing help communicating, we go to counseling and groups. He seems not willing to forgive and be open to fresh starts.
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Please pray for Grant J.'s soul to be deeply healed, the idols in his life and veils from his eyes are removed, so his spiritual sight is free from bondage and for God's goodness to lead him to repentance, so he can take back his destiny & inheritances in this life. And for creative healing of his ankle.

Praise God that Grant is now a new creation in Christ Jesus!
9 prayers
We moved for husband job and now we’re stuck in motel. It not lack of funds. It seems as though no wants to work us.
19 prayers
Please pray for my family. We need healing, financial stability, salvation and support. We can't do anything without God.
16 prayers
35 with 3 & 1 year old children. Diagnosed with stage 3 fast-growing breast cancer. Will need chemo and surgery. Daughter is special needs.
18 prayers
Open heart triple bypass surgery Monday afternoon. Diabetes may make recovery more difficult.
17 prayers
Please pray for me. My job hours have been cut back, no benefits and bad working conditions. Please pray that the Lord would open the door for a good full time job with benefits and day hours. Pray that the Lord will lead me to the right job and direction. I am desperate and fighting depression! Pray for define healing of depression and a miracle job.! Thanks John
17 prayers
Please pray for my daughter Jamie who is having surgery soon for thyroid cancer. Thank you.
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