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Thank you Lord for all the blessings you continually bestow upon us. Though it is dark right now, I still see Your Light and Love.
I passed my drivers test today! Praise God! Thank you for praying for me.
I am so grateful for my current job. For the past 20 years, God has opened and closed doors that have guided my career. I can see so many things that point to God's hand in my life and how he has setup my career. Even when I was laid off twice in 2008 and took a pay cut, God provided another job quickly and put me in the company where I have been working for 11.5 years. I have held 4 jobs in 2 states over the past 11.5 years with this company. And, when I quit this last year in order to follow God's lead and my husband's desire to move back to Idaho, God opened the door for me to stay with the company and work remotely for locations that are 1,200 miles away. I love the work I am doing and the ability to work from home has allowed me to be there for my family like a stay-at-home mom, but I still get to have my career and earn a paycheck. I can't say enough how grateful I am for this job that God provided. I am also grateful for this prayer community who prayed with me about moving &
Father God, Thank you being at work in my life. Thank you so much for the job I have!!! Thank you for being at work in my marriage and with our finances! Even though we still have obstacles to overcome, I know You are there and You are taking care of me. To You I give the glory. Amen.
Praise the Lord over and over. Scott has returned from a trip to San Francisco safe. He also now wants more people in his life after staying in a group hostel. Please pray the Lord will grow this desire in Scott to be around more people and to feel comfortable around people outside of his partner.
Pray for all the children caught in the crossfire of addiction and the friends and family who dare to live them. I pray for miracles with faith in him who is mighty to deliver. God is good
Praise Jesus that he is who he says he is. That he loved us to keep going that he learned who we were each individually so he could minister. I’m so grateful that he lives and is close to those who draw near with arms always extended saying come follow me. Hallelujah thanks you. See I’m a sinner who needs you with everything and you have spoke peace to a distraught soul so may times. You are my friend redeemer God. Thank you
Praise Jesus. Thank you for praying for Scott to have courage. He spent a few hours away from his partner to visit with a girl he knew growing up. She is lovely and lost in many ways, too. Please pray the faith roots planted in both of them will grow again, and that they may be a comfort for each other. They both have hurt so much and yet want to believe in a loving God again.
My son had a very rare condition called William's syndrome. As a family of faith we were praying when we found out he needed urgent open heart surgery. He was transferred across the state to University of Michigan hospital. God was already at work and had trained the entire unit on my son's syndrome 1 week before he arrived due to another patient they had there. The nurse's told us that all syndromes ALWAYS go to Mott's Children's hospital( that is adjacent to U of M). All the medical staff said "you are so lucky that our unit was recently trained" !! I in turned told them about the mighty God I serve that had His hand on our situation !!! What an awesome God we serve !!!
Thank you for prayers! Gary is doing great!! Follow up with doctors Friday - praying they let him go home!

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