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Hello All, Please pray for my Friend and also someone who I care and feel in love with, Gary Puente. This past NOV he had lost his father to cancer. He struggled with this sickness earlier in 2019. The time me and Gary crossed paths was in June of that year..I got to knew who he was before he had unfortunately lost himself after his dad died and now everything is different. Gary was very close to him, he said he told him everything, he taught him everything from trucks, to baseball, and advice in life. He was someone that he had when he had no one. He was a “ daddy’s boy” he also has a twin brother and an older sister although this is more hard for him. Gary said he feels lost, short tempered, lack of interest and is tying to “ find himself” he also distant himself with everything including me. He needs Gods Love, healing, peace and direction. Please Pray for him. And Please Pray God will give me the right words or things to say or do for him. I’m trying to hold on. As he is too.
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Praying for a positive breakthrough for emotional healing, inner peace and unspeakable joy to be upon Kelsey. Praying for restoration of inner peace and happiness to flood her spirit and soul in the new year.
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Pray for a job, needed in the worst of ways( child support) owed
Felony prevents me from obtaining employment!!
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Lord God where is the true shift. I’m asking for a Devine encounter. I’m asking that this be real and true. Father I ask that you show me life changing. I ask that your presence manifest. I don’t feel settled in my soul. I don’t know how Job felt but I imagine it’s along the same lines.
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I have been a widow going on 10 years now. times sure flys by. I go back and fourth yes i want to get married again no i don't want to. I don't pick the right guy it has to be God to pick him i have been miss treated by all 3 of my husbands almost died. first husband shot me. 2nd and 3rd husbands clam to be born again Christians they did not act like believers at times. some times i want copanyship and to be loved by a human. the right one. who do you trust? please pray for me thank you God bless you.
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Please pray for all the needs of my family. Employment, school, relationships. Thank you for the prayers.
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Our family to move alright and my aunt and uncle.
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a story about a woman who was sleeping and in her dream she saw Christ coming back. She was taken to heaven and she saw wrapped up gifts, she asked are these gifts for me? The Angel told her these are your prayers you did not ask for when you were on earth. They were your gifts
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Need prayers for my husband and his brother.....healing prayers. Thank you all so much. God Bless you all
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