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Praise Jesus! Scott is again looking through old pictures, remembering another version of himself. Please Lord, give Scott the courage to believe he is a male. Praise Jesus! Anne is missing her brother as he was and asking questions about the Lord and salvation. Please Lord, give Anne a desire to know who you are and why following you leads to life.
My Husband left home since four months ago without even a call from him.I have cried for help but all that heard my cry kept on collecting my money without doing anything.A friend introduced me to LORD JUMA because he has helped her own sister in bringing back her lover.I contacted him, i cried so much by and he heard my cried and he said he is for real and not like others.I want to confirm to you people that the following morning after he has started the work, my lover emailed me and also sent his friends to beg me not to be angry that should he come home? He is hungry and love to be with me. My lover is back and how do you expect me not to talk about LORD JUMA ? How on earth do you expect me to forget about him. if you have any problem contact him now on this email: mercyfullsolutionhome@yahoo. com or text him on +1 (859)-203-2241
thank you for praying for my wife in April. she became very sick from food poisoning and God healed her and provided the funds for her medicine. Praise God for His Goodness and His Mercy!
Thank You Jesus, You are oh so good. Everything You do is good and I trust You. Thank You for being faithful and loving even though I'm not. I can't say it enough, thank You Jesus!!
It took 13 Years of steady prayers, and oh so many mistakes in my part, but God answered the prayer for my family to be reunited once again.
Thank you, Lord Jesus ❤️
I praise and thank God, time and time again HE has provided for our needs right on time. Thank you, Lord.
Thank you for those 7 people who prayed for Michael today at Hillsdale court. The worst charge was dropped that would have delivered a prison sentence. He will have 2 charges that are lower that could mean some jail time or probation. His bail was lowered to $ 200.00 dollars, so he can leave, I am not sure about his job as he had a good job due to staying at his grandparents home which is about a hour and a half from his work. He has been in jail for a week but the job called his dad and said they would take him back. (please pray this is possible so he can pay his grandparents back and have an income). He will have to go back to court at a set date to see what his actual sentence will be, so please continue to pray for him. Thank you!
Thank you dear Lord you provided a means of rest for my husband so that he can still provide for our family. Thank you dear Lord for the chance to reorder our family in your design.
Regardless of the hurricane Harvey like storm (divorce) I am going through I want to give thx to God for always having my back and never abandoning my family and I!!! That I have a good job and 4 healthy kids who have what they need and have a good roof over their heads!!!! 🙏🙏🙏
Thank You Jesus for grabbing hold of our hearts, thank You for being so kind, faithful, and forgiving, even when I doubt and sin. Thank You for never letting go of me and my husband.

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