Gary could use prayers for his dementia. He is really struggling. Asking it stays stable. The medication helps him
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I keep having reoccurring A-fib episodes (abnormal heart rhythms ). Doctors have been trying for years to find something that will prevent / cure it. Would you please pray for healing? I am hoping my heats stays in normal rhythm Thanks for your prayers
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Karen-I pray for God to help me financially to pay for my education and to help me to renew my mind with his Holy Spirit.
1 prayers
Lord thank you for all my blessings I need to ask you for one more you know what's been going on in the fert department I've been working back in gm department and I really like it and they want me to stay I ask you to release me from fert department let them let me go lord im so much happier in gm no drama and it's easier on my body lord I work 2 full-time jobs I just need a break and lord dont let me have to take a pay cut go before me lay it on everyone's hearts involved in the decision and give me favor lord I've been there in that building almost 24 years I have put in my time and earned my pay work it out for me lord
2 prayers
Pray to Break Generational curses. High cholesterol, Alzheimer's run in my family. Please Stand in Agreement with me. God is in control 🙏🙏🙏
3 prayers
Eternal God-
Thank U,
4 given Ma peace & A place 2 stay!
Hold us fast
Pls continue 2 surround her w/
UR peace,grace, & mercies
Mightily use our lives
Send us UR love,Spirit,& Joy
Love us us(unlovables)w/out limits
Bless us w/UR great bless'n,
b'yond blessed
I need UR heal'n mind,body,& soul
UR Knowledge,Understand'n,
& Wisdom n all things
UR Protection,Provision,& Presence w/me
UR Will,Word,& Ways(Always)done by me
UR Promises,Plans,& Purposes come 2 me
'Coz(all)our hearts & minds 2b stayed on U,
So we may have UR perfect peace;
N the midst of our Spiritual warfare
We'd b saved
We'd b Urs
We' d b Changed
We'd b daily Spirit filled,led,& fed
B our heart,hope,hero,happiness,holiness,
healer,helper,& heavenly home
Satify our hunger & thirst 4 God
Give us victory over 2nd death,Satan,our besett'n sins,God's righteous anger,
This old sinful world system,& our wicked selves
SamJonesBowSkitaShubbiPeggiRachR ubi
JaniDaleJoJonesBG GoobiTinaTomcat DennisMikeAnni EstelDukeBobbyJasmineSteve daughters
Kareem daughter,Yoseph daugter,Pages
Jim Nan Jada FefeLelePapMariKimKaleel
CurtisKaylaQuinnMarcelInfantResee KevAntRobKaylaKaleahKamonteRobEbLexieEthanRavenTerenceTerronValJanineMiangelEricLouEjEli
Give us-
Patience,love,faith,obedience 2 God
*'Coz me ,melvin,& other;2 fully understand,Hi spd trains
Safely maintain,trouble shoot,inspect,
operate,Service,recover,& make repairs as needful
We'd b given/ allowed thumb drives & very detailed drawings,schematics/pictorials/block & flow diagrams
Cathy's eye sight restored
Mariann find a house
Woodi delivered from drugs/alcohol addiction
1 prayers
praying for Odell
2 prayers
I am still struggling with finding a job. I have been working the last 18 months towards gastric bypass surgery; it's happening on Oct. 5, 2022, I thought I was going to have a good friend come up and be with me, but she has backed out. I am so scared and feel so alone. This is when I wish I still had my mom. My kids still won't talk to me. I know when its over, my health will be better, but the last 4 days of prep have been challenging, and have 5 more days of prep than surgery. Please pray that I will be fine at home by myself when I get discharged on the Friday after surgery. Thank you
6 prayers
Praying for and thankful in advance for solving this week’s case study and finishing my paper articulately and ahead of time. Thank you and amen 🙏 🙏 🙏
4 prayers
Pray Wa Governor, officials to take swift action on Western Wa. State Housing Authorities, Organizations
They're paying some peoples rent for many years, It's wrong, criminal needs to stop immediately Actually moved some women to top of the waiting list for housing,It's ridiculous. Flying others out of state to purchase vehicles. This goes beyond getting a little help. WA state has a huge problem also with human Trafficking. Pray wisdom, discernment WA Governor
officials.. This is election year. Please keep praying.
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