Please pray for my friend who has cancer in her spine, lungs and brain. Treatment has kept the cancer from growing, but recent scans have shown more tumors on her brain. Please pray for full healing.
6 prayers
Please pray that the Lord will break my wife Lorilee and bring her to the end of herself. Plus that he will take away whatever he needs to take away and remove whatever he needs to remove from her life to bring her back to him for her salvation. Also that he will open her eyes to what the enemy is doing in her life and the sin that is all around her.
Thank you
1 prayers
I ask for prayer, Wednesday 2/17/21 I had blood done because I was poked at a nail salon, my dr is testing me for - hiv, hep B, C. I ask please let me results come back negative, let God heal me, I have really really bad anxiety, and it’s been horrible. I just ask for healing all around and a clean drs report.
7 prayers
Since my beautiful wife of 45+ years, Lindsey, passed away almost 2 years ago, "life" has been hard to maneuver. The change has been harsh. So, after a LOT of prayer & confirmation, I will be moving from So. California to Tucson, AZ. I am leaving this morning to scope out the Tucson area for my forever home. My dear sister lives there and will be joining me as I search. I am asking for direction and clarity to direct to JUST the home HE wants for me that will fit financially etc. Thank you brothers & sisters in advance for your prayers on my behalf!
8 prayers
Hi my fellow prayer partners . Please pray for everyone in Texas that has been suffering without power and water due to the blackout Texas got hit with on the power grid. So many people without power and water. I have even being going through the power outage. Lets all band together in prayer and get through this awful crisis in Texas.
8 prayers
Please pray for my Son Samuel who has been under sever demonic mental attack. I believe in a God who gave his Saints the Power to cast out demons in the Mighty name of Christ Jesus. I have already begun to see break through and believe that God is at work. Thank you Saints!
9 prayers
Please continue to pray for me that my faith will stay strong while I am going through treatments and healing will occur for the very rare neuro muscular disease I have. God is faithful and in control of my journey, as Jesus prayed for Peter's faith to not fail in Luke 22. There is no cure for this disease, though possible reduction of my muscle pain and improvement in my weakness and ability to walk is possible. So far even with aggressive medications there has not been any improvement. My specialist is seeking approval to add another Chemotherapy medication in hopes of stopping progression with the possibility of improvement. Thank you!
9 prayers
pray that the business my wife is taking over from our late daughter will prosper.
8 prayers
Please pray for my wife Lorilee, that the Lord will soften her heart toward him and the other people that have hurt her in life. Plus that he will heal her hurting heart and help her to forgive the people that she feels have wronged her. Also that the Lord will open up her eyes to everything that he has done in her life. Plus that he will convict her of her sin and bring her to a place of repentance. Thank you, Tom
8 prayers
Please pray for me as I have been having some health issues this past year and please pray for strength that I can overcome a addiction that I have been struggling with most of my life. I believe in God and also that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and am grateful for platforms such as this that we all can come together and pray for each other. Jesus said where two or more people are gathered together in my name I am with them. I do believe there is power in prayer . As a community it is great to come together in belief and prayer. God Bless you all
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