I’ve been struggling with Atrial Fibrillation and a racing heart rate for over two years! I’ve had two Ablations and one Cardioversion! I keep going back into Afib. My job requires me to have a Medical Certification if I’m on blood pressure medicine or have any heart disease! It has been fine and I’ve never had any issues until last Friday. My Medical Examiner only approved me for a short period of time and I feel like my job is in jeopardy!!! After talking to my Cardiologist they want to do another Cardioversion and Ablation!!! It’s been very difficult for me to stay on a heart health diet and away from any alcohol! I really need God’s healing touch, strength and forgiveness. Thank you for your prayers
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I just want more of God
To be more like Him and to be closer to him ..
1 prayers
pray that wife and I draw closer together. communicate better
4 prayers
In a country I cannot say, there are believers who are being persecuted greatly. The lives of children are at steak. Please. Please pray. Our God is a mighty God. Our God is in control, and He hears and answers the prayers of His people.
3 prayers
Auburn Indiana
My 14 yeah old daughter Haley is living with her mom every other week and is beginning to get into trouble while there. Her recent trouble has turned criminal and charges are pending. Please pray for her peace and to help guide her to God and to make good decisions while she is with her mom. Pray that Jesus will guide her to change her friends and choose friends who will help her make better choices and stare away from devilish acts.
3 prayers
Albuquerque, NM 87114
Thanking Our God for His Grace every day that I continue to be like Him and pray for His Love to shine through me each and every moment of the day so I can be an example for others. Amen and Amen....!
3 prayers
I had a major panic attack today due to events that are happening at work.. I need prayers to help me have peace of mind to make this anxiety go away.
5 prayers
Please pray for God to make a way for me financially. My business has been effected through covid. I am thinking of going to work in the UK but only in the will of God or if I am meant to stay in South Africa for God to open doors for me in business or for a job. I am hanging on to my home by the grace of God and I pray not to loose it that God will sustain me to pay the mortgage. If I am meant to sell the property I pray God too will show me . Please pray for God to make a way for me. Thank you. I love your radio station. Listen to you in my home and on the roads while driving in South Africa. God bless you all.
9 prayers
Pray that my friend Simone gets better and gets a liver transplant and does not die, she's an awesome young lady
9 prayers
Single and so tired of feeling alone-holidays, birthdays going by year after year with no-one to share them with. Expecting to become a dynamic duo for the Kingdom of God and to accomplish more for You together than we ever could apart. You see my heart, Abba. You hear my every prayer, see my every tear. Even when I can't see it You're working. Siempre estas- siempre estas obrando. Oye, oh Dios, mi clamor; atiende a mi corazon. Isaias 61:3
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