My wife took a fall on a cement patio and bruised her knee, which is now causing her pain. Please pray for healing for her injury and that the Lord will remove the pain. Thank you!
5 prayers
I want to leave a prayer request for my sister and her husband. They have been together for almost 13years and now have alot of fights and just do not get along, please pray for them in Jesus name and mah God let them find a way to find eachother again and learn.
Pray for my husbands family because they have alot of hurt in their heart and i see alot of walls between all of them. I hope they find Jesus. My husband is not a believer and i pray and hope you pray too that he would let Jesus in his heart. Thank you for praying and reading my request, whoever you are. Have amazing life with Jesus Christ the one and only way and may you be blessed with Holy Spirit and Guidance in your life.
8 prayers
I've struggled with depression for most of my life. I have no real self esteem. Suffer from PTSD due to abuse. I'm a Christian. I know that God loves me. But I don't feel worthy of that love. I don't feel like anyone could love me because of the things that I have been forced to do by people who were supposed to love me. I guess I struggle to forgive myself even though I know God already has. I'm asking for prayer for these feelings to go away. For the enemy to stop using these thoughts and feelings against me. To stop living in fear. To be able to thrive in my faith and to strengthen my relationship with God. To accept myself as a forgiven child of God instead of an unclean, broken man.
7 prayers
3 request. 2 co-workers lost their parent recently so they need some spiritual support and another co-worker has a new diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer. She also has 2 little girls she needs to raise. Thanks for being here, guys, and God Bless.
12 prayers
Please pray for me, my daughter and her 2yr old son we recently found out that he was sexually molested
We’re praying for Gods peace in all this
We are in the last part of intake and will begin therapy next week
It’s been hard lots of anger, frustration, and guilt we let him down
But praise God He revealed and we acted on it.
So now he’s safe and healing can begin
Thank you for your prayers
10 prayers
I began chemotherapy for TNBC tomorrow , please pray for God's perfect peace as this fight begins for me. Thank you all so much , to anyone seeing only the mountain , keep your eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. His salvation blood has sealed you with his promise. Love to all
10 prayers
Agree in prayer that my brother is completely healed!
9 prayers
For friends ~ Jeffery & Sara ~ who are stranded, in a hostile town, in their NOW broken down motorhome. They are believers and in need of miracles. They had been in that spot for 3 days and too far out of town to walk to a store. Likely with no resources this late in the month anyway.

I gave them food and said I will be back in the morning. I've got nothing to offer except encouragement, the offer of prayers and that I will be bringing more food.

Jeffery was looking so despondent, and it seemed as if his once STRONG FAITH had all but disappeared. My heart aches for them and their two tiny dogs. I do not have the means to alter their DESPERATE SITUATION.
It prompted me to ask for prayer.

To clarify, I was prompted, by God, several hours ago, to go search for them, knowing they had hinted they were trying to get away from those that have been trying to destroy their motorhome.

I had literally just gotten away from a very dangerous person/place myself. There are those of us who are existing on the outer edges of society, some of us have just barely habitable motorhomes, some live in cars and then there are those who have tents but many do not even have that...

The unhoused, in my town and every other town, city and state, are desperately in need of God's Mercy AND some compassion from our fellow man ~ rather than being harassed, persecuted and, as in my friend's case, many have been attacked, sabotaged and some are being targeted by local authorities, so much so that it's to the point we feel hunted and some feel hopeless.

We are believers (my friends and I) and are asking to be granted mercy, some of us need to be rescued, we all need the Holy Spirit to come to comfort and help.

I know God is doing a work in me thru all this, I pray that my friends stay safe and that I can make it back to them after the new day begins. I pray also that I get to sleep for awhile myself...

It's cold.
8 prayers
My grandfather is in the ER for an unknown reason to me right now and has been battling depression for the last year, I ask that you pray that he is alright and that God may help him mentally and emotionally.
10 prayers
Our Youth Pastor and wife were told a month ago their one-year old Down Syndrome son, Lucas has Leukemia. They immediately started chemotherapy, but he is now back in the hospital with a fever. Please pray for this precious child and family.
14 prayers

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