Praise God partner doing better.
Out of hospital.
On a heart monitor
Thanking My Heavenly Father for the small victories. But today was a huge victory! Day 20 in ICU due to covid pneumonia. It’s been two days since they stopped the paralytics. Ventilation reduced to 30%. Started breathing trials and his blood gases are great! If all goes well might be able to get off ventilator by Friday. Continue to pray for his blood pressures. When he get agitated then blood pressure goes way up. Thank you for all your continued prayers!
God continues to show up, provide, protect and bless us in the most amazing ways! Praise God through whom ALL blessings flow!!
I just had open heart surgery (prayer request 6/15). I am home and have started the recovery process. THANK YOU to those that lifted me in prayer, I know God heard and answered! I AM A GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL MAN whom my Lord has been gracious toward. PRAY AND TRUST IN HIM AND HIS PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE!
Praise God through whom ALL blessings flow! God has been so amazing to me and my family. I can express how much I love and appreciate God for all He is and all He does! He is such a good good Father, provider, protector, redeemer, & friend. I don’t deserve Him and all His blessings but am so very thankful He loves me in spite of my transgressions. Thank God for God’s love! 💕
Praise God for answered prayers! I have a nice house , shop , 2 cars.
Let me not take it for granted
Thank God for a customer. Ive been praying about it for years.
Now I just want to let the Lord lead.
I had to bring in the bosses to get the co worker who had confessed to me to leave me alone. A few days later he asks out another woman. And from what I hear both are moving along in the relationship super fast.

I had feeling he was rushing me because he wanted touchy feely relationship ( and sex) and it was not something I was willing to do.. So I wish those two the best of luck

and I'm going to get a new purity ring to renew my vow to remain pure till the day I get married. I know God was telling me to get away from the guy and I am glad I listened. God is good all the time. All the time God is good~
Almighty God You have been so faithful to Your word! The love, kindness, forgiveness, grace, restoration, provisions, protection, answered prayers, and guidance you have shown to my family is truly inspiring and amazing. Lord You rock! (Actually, You are the rock and shelter in the storm!). I love and appreciate You so much! 💕
Praise God ,I repair wheelbarrows on the side today I just got a new customer
Thank you Lord for prayers answered

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