I have a praise report. I ask for prayer for my cat Amber and after 6 days she is now home. Thank you everyone who prayed for her safe return❤️
Asking AGAIN because I am weary in my body, YET my mind is FIXED on whom...



Because my Mama ALSO suffered ~ oh, so much! In spite of how she was tormented, FOR 19 yrs...

Born ~ Louise ANN M..... She 9ffered an astounding testomony in the last 52 days of her life.

ICU nurses & all STAFF including surgeons involved 8n her 9bsu4geries...

Louise had no time, while 7nd3r seiGe all those years ~~~ to teach 'me' HOW to bow---> to GOD ALMIGHTY, in her last days she showed EVERYON3 ELSE, as she had shown me 4 decades.. GRACE & how deep her love of 5he LORD JESUS taught us 3 girls
Guess what awesome stuff happens here on the bus 😆🤗💓

First, before I got onto the bus, there was some conflict with opinions of my parents on the way there (with their car)

Once I got on the bus, it went well at first, then someone behind me calls some Flixbus service because of the toilet.
Only he exaggerated greatly. And as far as I know, about half of what he said sounded like lies. (while I lacked knowledge about many things).
Then I prayed to God and He said He will arrange it.
Finally I got wisdom from Him to check if the toilet really didn't work.
There was no paper. Ok,
finally my frustration with that man turned into peace.
After a while I finally went to watch a movie via the Flixbus wifi which is unlimited and watched about 60/90min.
Then I got a bit of a bad feeling every now and then because of the film and there was another bus stop in Magdeburg. Then I took off my headphones and heard in someone's earplugs the song "Your goodness is running after me" 🔥❤‍🔥

As a result, an idea suddenly came to life, which I googled
“Jesus music without ads".
Finally after about 4 YT vids and 6 links, the 7th link was your live broadcast which I almost clicked away. (The 6th was your website tho)
which I’m now listening to around 2 pm GMT+1 😆
Finally I also expressed my happiness to these women that I heard this song and briefly told that I am on my way to a Christian event 😁💓💞 I say like this:
"Now I finally understand why I like you so much!"

The fun and amazing thing was the following!: I was literally looking for a long time for simply praise music without commercials etc Only they "operate" purely through gifts ❤‍🔥
And I mentioned this last Friday/Saturday during a meeting with the loveliest friends I could’ve ever wished for!
God finally starts turning those wheels very visibly ❤️‍🔥 My gratefulness is so amazing!
Ps, I also prayed before these things that I wished to become more grateful / thankful, since most of what I did the past years was cry about every little issue… (“you are so ungrateful” people said numerous times) < me being picky and complaining about everything that didn’t go my way…

Legit, especially since the weekend of “MaC” 18-20 Nov 2022 God awoke a whole new characteristic in me ~<3 Starting with Love! Followed up by Gratefulness! Alltogether with miracle after miracle and heard prayer after heard prayer! (Which actually already started months before that during another event!) “Heartbeat Core”

And this development of my heart started 2 years ago when I moved 🌹 which was also a prayer God heard, but I didn’t realize till after 10 months!

Now… I believe God gave me a “Word”/“Prophecy” which nobody ever verified.
But He did trough following up with actions on every prayer I did concerning this topic…

Which was at the event of Soul Survivor, where I asked Him to show me my future wife, since I was desiring this ever since the age of 14/15, due to the lack of being able to accept love, or to let go of hate/pain/issues (which now finally is resolved since the MaC weekend of 18-20 Nov 2022)

I haven’t even told you my testimony of 2013! >~<! (Soul Survivor also)

At some point I was in the prayer tent, where a man first had a word of God for me (the same who was there at my first turning to Christ & repentance of sin)

He said “I believe God wants me to say to you you’ll be a great father, since God is your Father”
On which I replied “Does that mean I’ll have a wife?!”
After a little pause he replied “Yes”.

As the conversation ended he would sleep in the corner of the tent.

I went and sat on a bench left of me, which I was moving to before he came to me.
Not even a minute later a girl walked past me, which had a Holy presence / aura around her.
As she walked past me I only saw up to her hips, since I was looking at the floor.
Then as she sat with a gap for 1 pers. left of me a voice said “You have seen her”.

Indicating it was her!

Then I asked God for verification: “Is this really you?! Please make something happen so we get into a conversation as proof I’m not just imagining things again”

After quite a bit of thinking & being scared to talk the worship band stopped playing, walked to her, talked to her, followed by a man who came sitting inbetween asking me if I wanted to pray with them for her!
My answer: “Yes”

I was afraid to say something though, so I whispered this into his ear, also saying I have “something” I wanted to say.

After the prayer ended he asked aloud if I had a word of God or something, at which point I was already surprised he asked, followed by me only telling the “holy presence/aura” I saw spiritually.

She lit up brightly after that, followed by them ending up talking about a campfire+guitar where someone found their way to Christ!
Followed by me being inspired & asking God wether to tell or not, to tell her my testimony of how I found Christ.

1) I’m in bed, listening to song: “Land of Make Belief - CCS AMV”
2) Mom calls me “Do you want to come to church with me?”
3) I surprisingly said “yes” and felt like it and felt no fear for my dad, who was the reason I was afraid to go to church at the time. (Nowadays he accepts it, tho doesn’t claim to believe) < Tho I secretly feel like he does.
4) I snuck out with my mom’s help & went to church
5) as I entered the gym (which is where church was at) I saw a boy across the room, but didn’t pay attention to him, then walked diagonally to the right.
Followed by him meeting me by walking the same to his left. (TRIANGLE! God guided it! > Proven by a convo we had years later)
6) We talked about electronics
7) he came to my house every Sunday asking to come to church
8) He invited me to come to Christian Events, which I accepted after denying the first few.
9) I found Christ trough the first event I went to! (Soul Survivor 2013)
10) He had a desire to lead someone to Christ I learned afterwards & he prayed for it apparently.

Back to the 2019 Soul Survivor with the girl “potential future wife”
As I finished telling my testimony to her we stood facing eachother and I looked her straight into her eyes (which usually never happens) and I saw them sparkle & shine so brightly with joy and enthusiastic amazement! 🤩

I knew instantly: “She is with God! She knows Him! No doubt!”

I wanted to tell her how beautiful her eyes were, but couldn’t find the opportunity.

So I asked God after several failed attempts to talk to her to give me an opportunity to tell her, which He did.

Later I saw her again, in the prayer tent as she was singing with a small worship band as replacement for the band that had to cancel their task to sing.

I saw she has potential, but she wasn’t sure of what to do, since nobody took the lead.

And I wanted to encourage her and tell her she can do it (because I knew & noticed she could) < Ofc God helps too without me realizing ~<3
But I again couldn’t find an opportunity, so I prayed for it and could tell her.

Then we departed ways with her saying “we’ll most likely see each other again”

Then the final moment: During the final big celebration after an extremely powerful prayer in which parents & youth leaders prayed for their little ones, which was inspired by a cryout of a heart who begged with fire and flames to God to keep the people with Him, so they won’t fall!, I saw her again as she prayed for someone (she was in the prayer team).

I felt like I should go to her and say “if God tells you something, simply trust Him”, as I saw the troubled look on her face, unlike every face I’ve seen of her, usually filled with joy / amazement / enthusiasm.

I did do this, without interrupting the prayer, then saw her face being lit up.

Now…. I’m still waiting on this “prophecy” which was verified to me by actions of the time, to be fulfilled…
Please pray that I will follow God in every single possible way when this time comes.
So that it may happen if it’s truly His Will!

Note: God has filled me anew in many ways the past 2 years.
two weeks ago I submitted prayer for my son who had been diagnosed with melanoma. Praise God! Jesus healed him. the surgery was successful. thank you all who prayed. My God bless you abundantly.

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