i am thanking God for linking me up for this channel, about 4 years ago, i had a heart failure, later had a stroke eventually got a heart trsnsplant because my heart was functioning at less than 15%, i could not walk, could not hold a cup of tea, i was fed and was on the diapers, because of incontinence. I had panic attacks, gastro problem. As a mater of fact, the profesors said that i would not have s chance even at 99.9% but i told him that i believed in miracles. God used the remaining 1% chance that the doctors left and used it to give me a miracle heart. In march of this year i became unwell, and to the hospital, o was in coma for 10 days, the doctors later told me that they thought that they would loose me, but i came home 8 weeks ago and i cant believe how well that i am doing. All i wanted to do was to worship God, so i serched for a worship radio station and then i found you.
Praise God, I am from Oman sent a prayer request regarding our immigration to Canada. A call came from the agent saying that they will try again as the things are getting back to normalcy after Covid. Requesting for the prayer request to continue.
Praising God as I tuned into Worship247 at the same time I was hearing “ there is nothing that our God can’t do” after which my prayer request was read. Praise God!!
Life is changing after hearing Worship247.
Praise God,the boat I bought has a trailer and the lights work.
Thank you Lord for answered prayers,I can look around me and see so many answered prayers. My truck,shop,boat,so many.
You are good
I recently asked for prayer that the company I am temping for would offer me a permanent position. Today, I am very excited to send praise to God, they offered me a permanent position. I am so thankful. Thank you Lord for your provision. Thank you everyone who prayed for me.
My ex husband and I divorced 1 half ago I didn’t want it he still hang hurt iam still very in love with him after seeing 10 months go I pray and pray then god has him call me but he still got lot hurt was saying hurtful things that where not true I have vision of us back together god send me and if anything wrong or bad on him I can sense then woke me up out sound sleep he was trying tell me he was in relationship I knew he was lying because nothing bad on it he was trying hurt me
I found a nice boat. I could afford
Pray I can get it regisgered without any problems
Praise God Almighty for His Fatherly love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, faithfulness to His promises, power, provisions, protection & ever presence. God, we need you more than ever before! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💕
PRAISE GOD!!!! I had a prayer request back July 31 about my son's heart to be open for marriage reconciliation. He is back home with his wife and boys. They are both seeking counseling for their marriage and healing for each other as well. The boys are ecstatic to have their daddy back home and both Joey and Krista are happy as well.
Please help me that they find out why liver count is high.
Please pray that firefighters stay safe this fire season and no new fires start. Also pray that my asthma doesn’t get out of hand like it has done in the past during fire season. Thanks.

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