I pray today that my ex Sean stops getting sick
and get healthy from all his sickness and to live healthy from years to come
I found Worship 24/7 a few months ago and I've been on board every day since then. I love, love, love being able to worship Jesus through the music that I find on your station. There are far too many things I could list here that could weigh my heart down and drag me into a depression, instead I choose to praise the Lord and rest in the assurance that He and He alone will see me through and give to me all I will ever need. Thank you to ALL who are a part of this ministry. In the world we live in, we NEED to stay focused on Jesus because He is worthy to be praised. Thank you so much for helping all of us who listen, be a part of something that is so much grater than all of our needs put together. May God RICHLY BLESS all of the team at Worship 24/7!!!
My Wifes imaging went well. They ordered a few more test to be safe but it doesn't appear to be cancer. Thank you for all the prayers. Praise God.
HOLY HOLY HOLY is the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, who was, and is, and is to come. Rev 4:8

To HIM who sits on the throne & to the LAMB be PRAISE, HONOR, GLORY AND POWER for ever and ever!!! Rev 5:13

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