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I am a single Mom and now work in the schools full time and it is a very stressful environment and I like the job but my health is being compromised due to the chaos (and vaccine injury from the spring compounding any immune compromise). I have already been sick for a 1.5/5 weeks in school. The chaos does not appear legal nor is everyone working together well..I don’t haveenough time to rest and spend with Jesus or much leftover to do anything. Is this life? I have been a stay at home mom working part time for the last 13 years and was the sole caretaker responsible for all my childrens schooling during quarantine and the entire upbringing all three with special needs since they were born. Their Dad and I do not communicate well but he sees them on his weekends and I have to take him to court to keep him from taking my other two to get the vaccine against my agreement like he did my first. I need help, I am writing my letter of resignation now to submit when Jesus says.
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